Lip plumpers that give fuller lips without filler

Lip plumpers that give fuller lips without filler

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Although lump lips are very fashionable, not everyone is blessed with a pillowy pout.

The popularity of injectables that replicate Kylie Jenner’s signature large lips led to an increase in the cost and pain involved. Lip fillers were the most searched cosmetic procedure online in the UK as of January 2022 with 40.5 000 monthly searches.

What if we said that you could get fuller lips with no need for filler? The lip plumper is a subtle, painless and sometimes even instant solution to plump lips.

Since long, lip plumpers have been a popular item on beauty shelves. We were restricted to fiery glosses with irritant ingredients like ginger, peppermint and cinnamon that caused a burning sensation to increase blood flow.

There are now lighter formulas on the market that plump your lips and do your skin a favor. You can add lip plumpers to any part of your skincare regimen, from soothing creams and cooling creams to glowing glosses or brilliant balms.

How do these newer generation lip plumpers work? Dr Simon Zokaie is a Cosmetic Dermatologist at Linia Skin Clinic. He explains that some lip plumpers deliver absorbed fragments of moisturising, hyaluronic acids to the lips. Others use peptides to plump the skin by building collagen. Dr Zokaie emphasizes the need to be patient and realistic about the results, as they are only good for so long.

These two types of lip plumper have humectants, which are special moisturising agents that attract and retain water molecules. Hyaluronic acid, a natural substance that helps keep skin soft and hydrated, is the hydration powerhouse. The hydrating effect of hyaluronic acid gives lips a fuller appearance once it is absorbed into the lips. Dr Zokaie says that when using hyaluronic-based lips plumpers, it is important to ensure that your lips are hydrated and to drink lots of water.

Peptides are a string of amino acids that promote cell growth and collagen production. These miracle peptides are usually found in creams or serums. They can be used to reduce wrinkles and fine lines around the lips. Dr Zokaie warns that peptide-containing lip plumpers must be used as directed as the results may be slower.

The nostalgic tingly glosses can be used for quick results. Even after application, the instant volumizing effect can last for several hours. They should not be used too often. They can crack your lips if you use them in a regular fashion. Over time, they will lose their effectiveness as your lips become more sensitive to the active ingredients.

Stop searching the internet for cosmetic clinics. You can save yourself the pain and expense of filler, and instead opt for these lip plumping products.

ARK Skincare Advanced Lip Cream for Action Plumping

This British brand was founded in 2009 and prides itself on using natural bioactive substances. This lip plumping cream is suitable for all ages and contains plumping Peptides, Macadamia Lipids, and Aloe Vera. It helps to hydrate and increase the volume of your lips while also decreasing fine lines. You can use it overnight to treat your lips or throughout the day to maintain your softness.

This cream is also great for primers, especially when used under matte lipsticks which tend to dry out. You only need a small amount of this product, so don’t be discouraged by the high price. The pump ensures that the product is not wasted. This cream contains soothing anti-irritant alantoin which is ideal for sensitive skin.

Clarins Natural Lip Perfector

Clarins, a French cosmetic brand, has been a stronghold in the beauty world for more than 60 years. Its natural lip perfectionor is a clear example of why. The velvety texture of this lip plumper is somewhere between a gloss or a cream. It leaves lips feeling smoother, more shiny, and naturally fuller, thanks to the wonder ingredients Shea butter, vitamin F, and vitamin E.

This formula is non-sticky and provides a sheerer coverage than the other contenders. It works well as a moisturizing seal over your regular gloss or lippy. The subtle finish gives lips a natural lift in volume, colour, and shine when worn alone. This is why the Duchess Of Cambridge is a loyal fan. It’s easy to apply evenly with the angled felt applicator. There are six subtle shades available and a mild vanilla scent.


This lip serum from ESHO is described on their website by a ‘no-needle solution’ to improve lip shape. The tingling sensation of application instantly plumps the lips without making them too hot.

This serum contains hydrating squalane and soothing Shea butter, as well as cooling menthyl lactate. The nozzle is made of flat plastic and has holes on both sides. This allows the lightweight formula to glide easily over the top and bottom lips. For an additional boost, pair with the PAUSE peptide-based lips treatment for extra power.

Barry M That’s Swell! XXL Extreme lip plumper

Barry M, a London-based beauty brand, is well-known for its plumping pundits. That’s Swell! The range includes everything from the original plumper to a more fiery formulation, as well as primers and fruity flavors.

Lips will appear plumper and firmer in no time thanks to peptides that stimulate skin’s natural collagen production and tingly ginger root extract to increase blood circulation. Barry M suggests exfoliating your lips prior to applying the gloss for a more lasting effect. This gloss is more tingling than other options on the list. The XXXL version of their gloss is not for the faint-hearted.

Dior Addict Lip Maximiser Serum

The Dior Addict Lip Maximizer line is a classic in the world lip plumpers. This plumping serum is a gloss-like formula that gives you all the volume benefits of gloss, but it’s a clear and nourishing one. Dior’s lip enhancer serum was designed with skincare in mind. It has intense hydrating effects that last up to 24 hours.

The hydrating formula is lightly scented with sweet vanilla. It also contains hyaluronic and squalane acid, which provide a long-term boost. A gentle tingling sensation provides immediate plumping effects. This colourless serum can be used as a primer for makeup to instantly plump up your pout or as a treatment overnight to nourish your lips. It is best to apply the colourless serum in front of a mirror as it can be a bit tacky and takes some time to penetrate the skin.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Lip Cream Crystal Elixir

It was first introduced in 2020 and has been praised by make-up experts. The metal roller ball applicator, which simultaneously cools and soothes the lips, makes it glide effortlessly across the skin.

It is packed with promising ingredients, including sqisandryl to give your lips plumper appearances, hyaluronic to moisturize and swertian leaves extract to reduce fine lines around the mouth. Tilbury’s natural antioxidant plant extracts are also included in the lip oil elixir to boost your lips’ youthful glow.

It is non-greasy, leaves lips soft and smooth and has a slight glossy look. Although the oil’s plumping effects don’t immediately show up, it’s worth waiting for them to notice.

e.l.f Lip plumping Gloss

The glossy plumper will give you a soft, plump pout. It gives your lips a slight tingle, which instantly makes them look fuller. The active ingredient, menthol, also provides a soothing sensation. Vitamin E and coconut oil are other key ingredients that help to nourish and moisturize the skin.

You can choose from 10 different shades, so there are no limits to your choices. This gloss is free from phthalates and parabens, and has a gentle formula that you can apply throughout the day. This gloss is a little bit stickier than others. If you don’t mind having hairs trapped in your mouth, avoid using it in windy weather.