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Even though our summer sweaty calves may tell us otherwise, it may still be the time to wear shorts in some parts of the world. If you wear shorts, paired with a matching preppy jacket over a shirt & tie, you run the risk of looking like you’re in primary school. You risk looking like a talent-show reject in 2000 if you go below the knee.

There are many rules about when and how to pull your knee-caps out. Fashion is catching up to our need for ventilation and there’s an temptation to show off some legs before the summer ends. If you have the chance, resist temptation. The weather can change and the azure sky you see when you leave home will likely to bruise by the time that you get on the bus.

It’s simple to get rid of layers when you’re overcommitting. It’s much harder to add layers you haven’t brought. Phil Green, Farfetch’s global senior operations manager, advises not to jump in too soon.


Shorts have become shorter over the past decade. The blame is usually laid at Daniel Craig’s overexposed legs ever since his Ursula Andress-esque leap from the sea in Casino Royale. He was wearing a pair La Perla shorts that took their names a little too literally. What’s appropriate for James Bond on a Caribbean shore doesn’t translate to a Colchester barbecue.

Dan May, a stylist who has worked with Eddie Redmayne and David Beckham, says that the best length is one that touches the bottom of your thigh. It flatters every body type and doesn’t cut off the knee. May also recommends a cuff at bottom. “It gives the illusion of shorter without showing too much flesh.”

Even if you want to hide your legs, the sweet spot at the low-thigh is crucial. Like your upper body, acres of fabric will only draw attention to the object you want to distract from.

Even big men should choose a slight taper at the knee. Your shorts should not extend beyond your hip width. Otherwise, you risk making your calves look small. You can easily solve the problem of having to carry things by getting a bag.

Shorts for Every Occasion

In winter, it’s simple to wear a pair of dark, slim jeans. As the sun begins to shine, your bottoms will begin to creep up above your knees, creating fashion faux pas. These shorts are perfect for any occasion. Here’s how to style them. Mountain boots are not necessary unless you are a wildlife documentarian.


Chinos are the perfect choice for picnics, barbecues, and balmy nights on the Med. They can be worn as a fallback style or you can dress up to make it more casual. “Chino shorts can be worn up or down depending on the door policy,” Kasia Katner, Thread’s lead stylist, says. “The best cut is one to two inches above the knee.”

Pair your cotton chino pants with a classic Breton shirt, a navy jacket and loafers. You are invited to an exclusive rooftop party.


This is the style you should wear Monday through Friday when the office temperature is rising. For a more sophisticated look, combine a pair with a crisply ironed shirt, polished Derbies, and a light cotton or linen-blend jacket. This combination will work well for a date night or al fresco dining at a fine restaurant.

Katner suggests that you opt for minimalist styles in muted, pared-back colours. She stresses the importance of finding a style that falls just above your knee. Avoid any sports-oriented detailing, such as zip pockets or flap pockets.


It’s worth investing in a pair of tough, durable shorts that can withstand several washes as you spend more time in the pub’s beer garden. You might even get cigarette smoke ash. The best option is to opt for knee-length denim. Denim shorts can be worn all day, even though they are not as breathable than their linen and cotton counterparts. A dark color will conceal most stains and can be worn with a shirt at sundown.

If styled incorrectly, denim shorts can look untidy. Don’t wear a string vest with your denim shorts. Instead, pair them with care. Layer a slim-fitting tee and a sweatshirt or jumper underneath. This will prevent your teeth from becoming irritated by the sun.

Also, be careful. It’s not acceptable to wear jeans shorts and flip-flops. You can also have trouble running trainers, so make sure you don’t wear them with flip-flops.


If you don’t have a sleeping bag between the leg press or the running machine, you will likely wear your gym shorts outside. Athleisure has made it much easier to be fashionable. You can choose a simple pair of sweat pants (think logo-free jersey), in a variety of colours like navy, grey, or black. You can also opt for a streetwear look that is heavily branded with the likes Nike and Champion.

You can keep the rest of your outfit in line by wearing a crew neck T, bomber jacket, or luxe hoodie. The same goes for neutral colors, but you can spice up this casual look by adding a tee, jacket, or jacket to the mix.


There are a lot of options for beach and poolside shorts for men in a small market. Block colours and fabrics with quick drying are the easiest to wear, making them ideal for a post-dive lunch. Cropped retro swimmers with a shorter leg are in fashion over the past couple of years. However, you should approach this situation with caution and have a few legs day sessions under your belt. Bright, coruscating patterns are a good example. Be sure to keep your boldness below the waistline.

May says, “Make sure that whatever you do on the top is easy. Otherwise you might look a little sloppy.” To make the transition seamless, make sure your clothes are dry. Wear a polo top with them.



This stylish British destination bridges the gap between high-end and high-street fashion. It is well-known for its timeless, design-led fashion. This brand is a pioneer in the Cuban collar shirt and has a great selection of shorts to match this summer staple. Reiss offers a line of linen shorts, which is a better option for those who experience high temperatures.


Although it sounds like a lost Spanish conquistador this is actually the largest name in luxury swimwear. These shorts can be muddy in chlorinated water, but they are just as well tailored as suit trousers. They come in a variety of prints that you will want to hang on your walls. The British brand has recently expanded to include some stylish cotton shorts.

  • GAP

The world’s most popular chinos has a wide range of shorts. You can select how much of your thighs you want to show and the length of the inseam. There are also many colours. Look out for affordable and reliable denim styles that are casual yet stylish.


Along with Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren, US fashion was revived in the 1970s with a variety of preppy staples (knitwears, chinos, polos), which were moved from campus to the beach at Cannes. Lauren describes his fashion style as an American vision of Europe in 1930s America. If you were allowed to show a little knee, think of what F. Scott Fitzgerald would wear.

Ralph Lauren offers the most extensive selection of shorts on the high-street, with a variety of styles (relaxed and classic, slim fit, stretched slim, and bold colours and patterns).


This high-street monolith is known for its ability to anticipate the latest catwalk looks without having to raid a bank to buy new clothes. They have the largest selection of shorts. This is a great place to find niche trends and not spend a lot.


A perma-tanned and fabulously flamboyant European designer that makes the most elegant tailored swim shorts anywhere on the Atlantic coast. It’s actually two British stockbrokers, who thanks to some major DNA mix-up at the fashion laboratory, are able to create luxury beachwear that captures Rio de Janeiro’s carnival spirit. It doesn’t matter where it came, you just have to appreciate the intricate mosaic patterns and precise tailoring.


The grand old duke of British high street still makes more than just a few pairs dad-friendly cargo shorts or a couple of three-quarter-length. However, the vast range of shorts includes some great gems. The tailored chino styles it offers are among the most affordable.


Ernest Hemingway’s favorite tipple, we hope he would also enjoy the Dutch brand of the exact same name. The label is known for its progressive style. Its shorts are slightly looser than the more tailored, buttoned-up names on this list. They also have hippy-ish designs that would be great for a more up-market gap year.

This brand is often not seen and therefore has little chance of being noticed.


Sunspel’s philosophy is simple: create exceptional everyday clothing using beautiful fabrics. The British heritage brand produces pure, lightweight cotton shorts with a garment dye. Instead of sewing together pre-dyed fabrics, the whole garment is soaked in colour. This gives the shorts a more lived-in look and softens them. This is not Gucci or Orlebar brown in colour and pattern, but a Sunspel top will do the trick for a British gentleman abroad who wants to be understated.


Oliver Spencer is the definition of relaxed formalwear. His eponymous brand was established a little more than 15 years ago. It has since risen to the top in British menswear with its quality tailoring and lack of stuffiness.


Ted Baker is the King of Surprise. You think you are getting chino shorts? You’ll be amazed to see the paisley trim beneath. This is the Ted way, a classic shape with a great fit that conceals a wonderful peacocking finishing touch. The chino style is playful and has a shorter range. It also features a more preppy taper that other chino styles.


Selected Homme is a Danish clothing company Bestseller that offers a minimalist Scandinavian approach to menswear. The brand’s printed shorts, which are available at Topman and ASOS, as well as John Lewis, are minimalist and tasteful. However, most of the range is mostly block-coloured, with a few striped pieces appearing. 100 percent cotton available at affordable prices. This will allow you to take a last-minute vacation.

Shorts can be very revealing by their very nature. You should make sure that what you show is worth it. While you don’t have to be Chris Hoy to look great in shorts, muscle definition can boost your confidence and allow you to try more styles. May says that a toned body allows you to experiment with your shorts, so both sports-inspired and tailored looks can work well.