12 Best Sport Brands Worldwide

12 Best Sport Brands Worldwide

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Modern sportswear proves that fashion has entered a new era. It was originally designed for track and field but you can now find it in bars, restaurants, shops, and even at work. It’s important to know who is making the best sportswear. Sportswear is integrally interwoven with everyday attire. We’ve compiled a list of the top sportswear brands in the world and explained why they are worth keeping on your radar.

  • NIKE

There isn’t a better sportswear brand than Nike. The Oregonian brand is the world’s largest supplier of athletic footwear and apparel. This position has been earned over decades of smart marketing, technical innovation, and great design. Some of the most iconic shoes in history are made by Nike’s legendary design team. The Air Jordan 1, Tailwind, and Air Max 1 were hugely influential. They introduced the world to ‘Air sole technology’ and, in Jordan’s case, the idea of ‘pro-model’ sneakers that are endorsed by athletes. The label was able to invent sneaker culture, and it remains at the forefront of footwear technology.


Adidas is a must-have on any list of the most prestigious sportswear brands, or just of the best brands overall. The German sporting giant has been producing some of the most elite athletic gear the world has ever seen for more than half a century. The iconic Trefoil logo of the label has been adopted by hip hop pioneers as a badge to honour mods, terrace fashion lovers, and Madchester hedonists. It’s hard to find a sportswear brand that is so closely tied with music and sub-cultural movements as Adidas. And this is before we get to the amazing sneakers. Adidas is known for creating simple, timeless classics. The Stan Smith, Superstar, and Gazelle are all examples of Adidas’s ability to create classics. These shoes have established the Three Stripes’ status as one of the most respected sneaker brands in the world. The Kanye West-endorsed Yeezy collection keeps the hype alive and there are queues for Adidas kicks all over the globe.


Bolton might seem unlikely to be the birthplace of a global sportswear phenomenon, but it’s where Reebok was born. Although the Lancashire-based label has been producing sneakers and sports apparel since 1958, it wasn’t until the 1980s that things really took off. The Workout, the first shoe specifically designed for women, was released by the brand and saw record sales. Reebok is a legend in retro sportswear design since its founding. Reebok has become the place to go for nostalgic kicks, ’90s throwback vibrancy, and unusual design motifs.

  • PUMA

Family disputes are not uncommon. It is not common for them to reach the same level as the one that gave Puma its chance at greatness. Rudolf Dassler and Adolf Dassler started a sportswear label. However, their relationship ended and it was split into Adidas and Puma. Both had great success but Adidas was the most well-known. Rudi Dassler’s Puma does what it does well. It is well-known for its retro-tinted athletic wear and timeless trainers such as the Suede Classic. It has become the unofficial king among chunky trainers in recent years thanks to a growing trend. The RS-X and Thunder Spectra are two of the most fashionable and trend-driven sneakers of recent history. They’re also some of the most versatile and wearable.


ASICS stands for “Anima Sana in Corpore Sano”, a Latin expression that means “You should pray for a health mind and a healthy body”. ASICS is a brand that promotes wellness through sport. The Japanese brand, originally founded in 1949 as Onitsuka Co., quickly gained popularity for its high-quality athletic shoes. ASICS’ first products were basketball shoes. However, ASICS quickly gained popularity for its running shoes. ASICS is today a leading global manufacturer of performance footwear. They also make nostalgic-rich retro running shoes under the Onitsuka Tiger brand.


New Balance is the best in quality running gear. New Balance, a Bostonian brand, was first in the spotlight in 1906. Sportswear has never been the same since. The label’s core product is made up of running gear, casualwear, and sneakerhead-baiting footwear thanks to its ‘Made In England’ and ‘Made In The USA’ lines. This is what gives NB its edge in menswear. Shoes like the 990 or the 991 have gained cult status with the fashion elite. Hoodies, joggers, and other athletic staples are prominently featured, with bold branding and quality fabrication, street-friendly styling, and high-end styling.


French brand Salomon has established itself as a leader in sportswear. They cater to everyone, from freestyle skiers to ultra runners. It has been able to gain a new audience recently thanks to one the most unusual fashion trends in recent times. Salomon’s trail running shoes are hot and the latest trend in fashion. Fashion insiders have long loved the brand’s Speedcross 4 in black and S/LAB series. In fact, Salomon made its first forays into this particular market by hiring a Veilance lifestyle footwear manager and creating its first fashion sneaker, the S/LAB XT-6. This isn’t just a fashion trend. Fashion’s obsession to adopt performance gear has led to the mainstream status of garments such as the tracksuit, hoodie and performance outerwear.


Although it may not have the same industry-leading status and cutting-edge status like Adidas or Nike, Champion is still a leader in heritage. In 2019, the American brand celebrated its 100th anniversary. It still makes rugged, no-frills sportswear and is well-known for this. Here you won’t find ultra-lightweight clothing or innovative fabrics. You will however find timeless, sturdy gear with a touch of retro charm. Champion remains one of the most popular brands in the world, thanks to its streetwear sensibility and occasional high-profile collaborations.


American sportswear legend Converse needs no introduction. Converse is the label that created the most loved sneaker and has not changed its design in over 100 years. Converse All Stars was the first celebrity-endorsed shoe in sportswear, opening the door to many more big-name partnerships. Many people can trace the roots and origins of sneaker culture back the Air Jordan shoes, but Converse is the real source. But it’s not just Chuck Taylor All Stars. Converse has expanded its range of casualwear and loungewear to include everything from running to skating.

  • FILA

Nothing screams ’90s revival like FILA. The Disruptor II, the iconic bulky sneaker, was introduced for the first time in 1996. Its reemergence can only be explained by one thing: People still love bulky, ugly sneakers. FILA was founded by two brothers from Italy in 1911. It is now based in South Korea. The brand’s thoughtful design and high-quality materials earned it glowing endorsements from Bjorn Bing, a tennis player, who helped propel it into the spotlight. It became a staple for hip-hop artists in the ’90s and early 2000s. It became a well-known brand among streetwear enthusiasts and hype beasts in the middle of 2010. FILA offers everything you need, from their iconic logo to heritage apparel and tracksuits.


LULULEMON is for people who love to sweat and work out. There are nine patent fabrics that they have developed for different activities and needs. Lululemon was founded in 1998 as a design studio and a yoga studio at night. It quickly became an international phenomenon. Lululemon’s success is also tied to the rise of athleisure. Workout clothes have become a part of everyday life. Lululemon’s collection of joggers for women, hoodies and sport shorts is no longer just for soccer moms.


Columbia sportswear is a brand you have probably heard of if you have ever played golf, climbed the sides of mountains, or taken up skiing. Columbia was founded in Portland, Oregon by Jewish immigrants fleeing Nazi Germany in 1938. It started as a distributor of hats before expanding in 1960 to become a sportswear company. Columbia has been a fixture in outdoor life throughout its history. In 2001, Columbia was the #1 seller of ski equipment. Columbia sportswear offers a wide range of products, including denim, outerwear and athletic gear. They also sell camping supplies and ski gear. Columbia is a well-known brand for its sportswear, having more than 10,000 retail outlets around the world, as well as being a supplier to the winter olympics and sponsoring teams.