The best vegan, ethical and eco-friendly trainers

The best vegan, ethical and eco-friendly trainers

27.04.2022 Off By manager_1

woman in black pants wearing red and black nike sneakers

The trendiest sustainable footwear is now a reality – from apple-leather trainers to vegan Stan Smith’s versions, these are the most stylish and fashionable.

There is no greater love than that of a woman’s trainers. A pair of your favorite sneaks can be worn with every outfit, striking the perfect balance between casual chic and trendy. There are many trainers that can be worn with every outfit, from Converse with floral dresses to Stan Smiths with slouchy suits and chunky dad-style trainers featuring slouchy soles to Stan Smiths with everything.

Fashion-forward sustainable brands have given your favorite shoe a makeover that is more environmentally friendly. You can now enjoy stylish, vegan, solvent-free trainers made from recycled and vegan materials.

It’s hard to beat that fresh, box-fresh feel. However, as we think about the environmental impact of trainers, we are looking for products that minimize their impact on the environment. Next-generation sustainable footwear designers are breaking new ground and using ethical manufacturing methods. It’s possible to shop smarter and make a difference for our planet.

The latest fabric innovations allow you to get the same luxurious designs as you love, while also supporting eco-conscious brands.

You want to update your wardrobe while also making sure your trainers are stylish and durable. Our selection of the most sustainable and vegan trainers is updated daily.

  • Superdry Basket trainers

Superdry’s first steps into vegan footwear was part of its autumn/winter 2020 collection. Each pair of shoes is made without animal products and comes in both high- and low-top styles.

  • Loci vegan trainers

Loci’s unisex sneakers are available in 13 color options. This is the ultimate sustainable trainer design. It’s made from 100% recycled and vegan materials.

  • Allbirds Tree Dasher trainers

Allbirds’ sustainable values are truly innovative. All-natural shoes by the brand are made of merino wool and eucalyptus fibres, as well as sugar cane and recycled plastic bottles. They are stylish and incredibly soft. They are the perfect guilt-free buy.

  • Rens Original coffee trainers

Rens Original, a Finnish brand that makes trainers from recycled plastic and coffee waste, is located in Finland. These waterproof, vegan sneakers are lightweight and extremely breathable.

  • Good News Palm trainers

Good News reinvents the iconic pump with organic cotton uppers and recycled rubber soles. Available in pastel colors and multi-coloured woven fabrics. This versatile shoe is made in patterned gingham.

  • Adidas by Stella McCartney Solarglide trainers

Adidas by Stella McCartney, the iconic conscious collaboration, is easy to find. It’s brimming over eco wares.

  • Veja Impala trainers

Veja, a sustainable powerhouse, is well-known for its V-10 model. It is likely in your closet right now. The new Impala model is an alternative style. Its upper is made from conscious mesh, its soles are made from sugarcane, and its laces are made from recycled polyester.

  • Trainers by New Balance 574v2

This new improved version meets New Balance’s “Green Leaf Standard” based on the label’s signature design and fashion-favourite model 574. The upper is 50% recycled and the supportive leather are responsibly made.

  • Novesta Itoh trainers

Novesta’s mission is simple: “Bring to the world a product which is sustainable in every possible way throughout the supply chain.” The sneaks are made of naturally durable rubber and feel like walking on the clouds.