8 best watch brands everyone can afford

8 best watch brands everyone can afford

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When it came to affordable watches brands, quality and value was a matter of “you get what your pay for.” You’d not only get a good mechanic, but you would also earn brownie points in the boardroom for wearing a well-respected brand on your wrist.

Blame the Japanese for flooding markets with timepieces that were inexpensive and battery-powered during The Quartz Crisis of 1970s and 1980s. But anything below £1000 was once treated with contempt or derision. This is no longer true (at least for your bank account).

It doesn’t matter if quartz became trendy or watch brands for men realized that not everyone who was interested in horology could afford it, there have been some amazing things happening in the lower price ranges. You need to be able to find affordable watches brands and know where to look. But if you do, you might have the chance to get your entire watch collection for half of the price of an Omega Speedmaster.

We’re not talking about quartz watches made by fashion houses, although there are some really cool ones. Timepieces made from genuine Swiss automatics and timepieces with real design cachet are what we’re referring to. These hidden gems won’t be found by you scouring the internet for bargain basement prices. You can find our guide to the top watch brands for men in the affordable market.

Here we’ve compiled a list of the top affordable watches for men.


This Swatch Group alumnus has a reputation for being the best when it comes both to choice and value. This affordable watch brand, which has been innovating since 1853 means you can assemble your entire watch collection from its £300 collections.

Do you want a dress watch? Check out its Tradition range. Are you looking for an oversized chronograph model? The ChronoXL line is the best choice. An automatic powered by the Swissmatic, an entirely machine-made movement from Swatch Group, is also available. You don’t have to compromise on quality.


This Japanese watch brand prides itself in making all its watches in-house. This price point is where Seiko excels.

Japanese movements are more affordable than Swiss ones, so you can get stylish automatics in steel for less than £200. The kinetic technology also means that your quartz watch will never need a new battery. It is also made robustly with an aesthetic sense that goes beyond its price, making it one the most affordable watches on the market.

3. AVI-8

When you think of pilot’s watches, the first names that come to mind are Breitling, Bremont and Ross& Ross. AVI-8 is an affordable watch brand that offers aviation inspiration without the high price tag.

Five collections are available, all named after aircrafts. They have everything you need from this type of timepiece. The Hawker Hurricane has sub dials and tachymeter scales. The superior construction is rugged and durable. All ranges feature vintage-looking straps. Stylistically, AVI-8 is a great pilot and receives a British salute.


Casio is perhaps best known for its digital bracelet watch in gold plating. This was for a time the wrist ornament of every Hackney fixie-bike-riding, flat-white-drinking Hackney resident worth their E9 credentials. It is easy to underestimate the value of this affordable watch brand if you limit it to one signature.

Retro nostalgia is still available in the Retro collection. But you can also find world timers, Bluetooth hybrids, and styles that are suitable for scuba diving. The brand is a one-stop shop for all your watch needs, digital or otherwise.


Although Casio’s muscular model has been around for over 30 years, its charm has not diminished. It was originally created by Casio engineer Kikuo Ibe. It had a 10-year battery, water resistance to 10 bar (100m), and could withstand a 10m drop onto a hard surface. (Ibe tested this by dropping 200 prototypes off third-story windows or rooftops).

This design is still durable, three decades later. It now comes with a variety of additional features, including world time, alarms and automatic calendars. But it also has more specific options such as moon data displays or yacht timers.


Timex is known as the Allman of watches. It is known for its all-American dependability. George Bush Jr. wore one to distract from his upper-class background. However, it has recently gained a retro-cool look. It collaborated with Mr Porter to produce a limited edition of three special editions in 2017. Models such as the Weekender and Easy Reader were worn by interestingly dressed men from London to Tokyo.

Timex’s elegant Milanese bracelet Fairfield is a classic example of Timex’s nostalgic design language.


It was designed to be the most affordable watch brand on the market. The name is a combination of ‘Swiss and ‘watch’, not the best for long-lasting success. It’s incredible how far Swatch has managed to get from some injection-molded plastic.

Swatch’s motto seems to be “if you can think it, we can make it”. Swatch has worked with fashion designers and artists, and it is a leader in youth culture – sponsoring the first Breakdance World Championships – and even managed to automate a movement made by robots into a watch that can be used as a change for the PS110 and SISTEM51.


Skagen, an underground watch brand that shamelessly milks the Scandinavian thing, could be dismissed as easy. It is made in America, and now under Fossil. A deeper look at the collections shows some fascinating models. They show a flair for watch design and a sense of humor about how it’s supposed to be done. The regulator-style Signatur is another option. The Holst with its striking sub dial configuration. Hagen hybrid watch, which is very stylish and impressive in appearance and action.

The range has a minimalistic feel to it, and the quality of the build is evident.