The boot with the over-the knee is the item of the week (yes, even in July!)

The boot with the over-the knee is the item of the week (yes, even in July!)

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It is what it is

Although the over-the-knee boots are essentially the same as their name, they can also be worn below the knee. However, there are many interpretations. Although the style is associated with femininity and sex appeal, it has its roots in men’s riding boots from the 15th century.

The footwear was only rediscovered as a fashion option for women at the end of 20th century. They are a fashionable choice for colder months because of their bold appearance. Popularity of this shoe style is also due to celebrity endorsement. Many dramatic versions have been seen on Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, and the Kardashians.

It’s why you’ll love it

For shoppers who want to add some dramatic flair to their outfits, the over-the-knee boots are the ideal footwear option. This boot is especially popular in autumn/winter. It’s a fashionable yet comfortable footwear option that is fashion-forward and stylish. The boot style was a major feature of AW22. It is a potential top-seller and will continue to be a key part of seasons to come. It will be a prominent feature on the runways in the coming months. However, the boot design is always back in fashion.

We’ve seen it everywhere

Many designers took on the over-the-knee boots for the AW22 season. Some of them elevated the silhouette of the shoe. The looser fit boot was a prominent design choice. Leather-like materials can often appear sagging. This style was adopted by Isabel Marant and Brandon Maxwell as well as Bottega Veneta and Courreges, who all boast dramatic, high-heeled looks.

Prabal Gurung and Coperni, however, chose to wear more form-fitting silhouettes. They also used leather-look materials in their simple designs. Chanel and Roberto Cavalli, on the other hand, went in a completely different direction with their over-the knees. The former featured a wellington-inspired silhouette, while the latter added floral embellishments to the design.

How to style it

The over-the-knee boots are often considered a nightwear piece. However, they can be worn daily with simple, easy to wear clothes that don’t make the shoe look too complicated. For a more sophisticated day look, pair the boots with slim-fit jeans and basic t-shirts. To take the look into winter, layer it with a long-line jacket and simple accessories. A mini skirt and an oversized jacket with a blouse or top are great for evening wear. When paired with an item that leaves some space between the boot’s top and the hem, the flattering qualities of the over-the-knee look are especially evident.

The over-the knee boot has many benefits. It is flattering, warm, and daring. New iterations of the boot are a great way to revive the style for younger shoppers. The dramatic footwear trend is back in fashion thanks to celebrity endorsements and designer adoption.