The Expert’s Guide To Creating a Routine Of Neck Care

The Expert’s Guide To Creating a Routine Of Neck Care

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Many of us are meticulous about our skincare routine and apply it consistently. At the same time, many of us neglect the neck, which can lead to a lackluster facial skincare routine. Dermatologists recommend that we give our neck as much attention as our faces, even if we don’t want to.

Mona Gohara M.D. is a Connecticut-based board certified dermatologist who is also a member of invisibobble’s task force. “Neck skin is exposed to the same external factors as the face such as UV light, environmental free radicals, and so it deserves attention starting at baseline.”

All of these factors make neck care as important as skin care for facial skin.

We asked Dr. Gohara and another expert about neck care to help us decide what products to use, what in-office treatments to include, and what we can do in our daily lives in order to maintain a healthy neck.

Start with the basics when creating a daily neck regimen

Shereene, M.D., a Manhattan-based dermatologist, says that the first thing she always recommends is sunscreen. Poikiloderma is a medical term that refers to sun-damaged skin, broken capillaries, and pigmentation around the neck’s edges. This is because it is the most exposed area where the sun shines and is often overlooked. Supergoop’s Play Every Day SPF50+ ($32 on is a great option, as it is fast-absorbing and sweat-resistant.

Dr. Gohara as well Dr. Idriss suggest that you incorporate retinol in your nighttime routine to increase collagen and reduce fine lines. Dr. Idriss warns that the neck can be very sensitive so it is important to take care. She says, “If you’re using retinol I recommend that you first buffer your skin with Vaseline and then apply the smallest amount of the most lightest over-the-counter form of retinol to the top.” L’Oreal Pressed Night Moisturizer with Retinol (36.99,, is her recommendation. It’s anti-aging and strengthens the skin barrier.

While moisturizing is important, Dr. Gohara suggests that you don’t need to spend more money on another neck cream. She says, “If someone doesn’t want to purchase a separate neck cream, I tell them to take their facial products a little south.”

Lastly, there are some actions that you can take during your neck routine without using expensive products. Dr. Gohara recommends keeping your phone at the eye level in order to avoid “tech neck.” To counter gravity, Dr. Gohara recommends that you apply your products in upward strokes while using your phone. She also suggests that tools such as the Gua Sha can be used to stimulate lymphatic drainage and circulation.