Experts’ Tips on How to Choose the Best Nail Shape For Your Hands

Experts’ Tips on How to Choose the Best Nail Shape For Your Hands

29.10.2021 Off By manager_1

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A manicure that is Instagram-worthy may be as simple as applying a coat of nail polish. But it all starts with solid nail shape. Knowing your correct shape is crucial for creating a flawlessly chiseled contour. Knowing the right nail shape for you hands will also help you to incite serious manicure envy. When choosing the perfect nail shape, there are many factors to consider: your finger shape, nail length, and nail bed. Here are the most popular nail shapes that manicurists use, along with their suitability.

#1 Round

Round nails have a contoured edge around the tip and a circular shape at the tip. Hannah Lee, professional manicurist and Sally Hansen ambassador, says that this shape is best for those with shorter fingers. It will make your fingers look longer. It’s great for active people, as a shorter, more rounded nail will not break as easily. You can achieve the desired look by filing from one side to another, following the natural shape and contour of your fingertip, making sure you round out the tip.

#2 Oval

An oval nail shape is universally flattering. Lee says that oval nails are elegant if you have long nails, and can be lengthened if your nails have a wider base. This rounded shape has corners that curve inward to form a semicircle. You can achieve an oval shape with any length of nail, but you can also pair it with lengths that are slightly longer than the finger. Lee says the shape is similar to an almond shape. To achieve this, file the nails in one direction and then round the tip.

#3 Almond

Have shorter fingers? A almond nail shape can be a great way to create length. Because of its modern, chic look, the almond nail shape is a popular choice on social media. It has slim sides and taper at the tip. Deborah Lippmann, celebrity manicurist, and brand founder, says that an almond-shaped nail is slightly longer and more slenderizing.

#4 Square

The square shape of a nail extends across the width of the nail. It has blunt sides and a blunt top. Lippmann suggests a square shape for people with long fingers and narrow nails, as it can make fingers look a little bit shorter.

#5 Squoval

A squoval nail shape is a cousin to the square shape, but with soft edges. Lippmann notes that the squoval nail shape is a great in-between shape for both square and oval and looks good on both long and short fingers. This shape is popular among nail enthusiasts because it’s easy to maintain and very similar to how the natural nail grows. Lippmann suggests that you create a squoval shape by first filing the edges of your nail at an angle like an oval shape. Then, file straight across to flatten the peak.

#6 Coffin

A coffin-shaped nail is very strong and not for the weak of heart. It’s essentially a square shape with tapered edges. Lippmann suggests that you achieve this look by aligning the edges of your nail towards the center, and then square off the tip. This is not the best nail shape for people who use their hands a lot, as it requires some length. However, it can be great for those with weak nails beds or short nails because acrylics are often used to protect them from breaking.

#7 Ballerina

Lee explains that the “Ballerina nails” are similar to coffin nails, but have slightly curved sides and a squared-off tip. They make the fingers look longer and allow you to be creative with your design. Lee suggests filing each side at a gentle angle to create the desired shape. Next, square off the tip with a straight line.

#8 Stiletto

The stiletto, on the other hand, is the “Libra of nail shapes”. It brings all the drama one finger at time. Lippmann says that stiletto nails look similar to almond shapes but have a more dramatic point. This shape is sure to make you stand out on the red carpet because of its bold, striking aesthetic and ability give the illusion that it’s long and slim. You will see it on acrylic or gel nails. It does require some maintenance to keep the shape. For the perfect look, file your nail from the sides to the center and taper the edges.