The Grand Adidas x Gucci Collab is Coming Next Month

The Grand Adidas x Gucci Collab is Coming Next Month

23.05.2022 Off By manager_1

shallow focus photography of unpaired gray adidas sports shoe

Last week Gucci and Adidas shared the first drop of their logomaniac collaboration via an Instagram post. The caption included a quote by Federico Fellini’s 8 1/2: “There are so much superfluous things already in the world.”

It’s difficult to disagree with that! It’s still nice to slip on a pair Guccididas sneakers in a fashion world filled with collabs. The partnership between the Italian luxury brand and the German sportswear company was first revealed in February to a crowd of celebrities in Milan. It featured a lot of logos and color along with a lot of brand symbols. The runway collection inspired this upcoming collection. It focuses on vintage sportswear from the ’70s & ’80s. This look is back in fashion, and it’s a great example of contemporary culture. It cycles from preppy to hip to back, much like the Bjorn Borg, Richie Tenenbaum, Tyler, the Creator pipeline.

The menswear offered by ESPN is truly diverse, with tennis-style polos and monogrammed golf bags, running tights and driving gloves, as well as monogrammed golf bags and driving gloves. The fingerless gloves A$AP Rocky wore at a Gucci show are not yet available, but they may be in the next release. You can also find more casual styles like short suits, wooden clogs and knit polos.

The logos of the two brands are what makes it really fun. Each company has its own lexicon. This includes the silhouettes and purposes of their clothes, as well as their recognizable symbols: Gucci’s iconic red and green logo with interlocking GG logo, Adidas trefoil emblem, and three stripes. Funny enough, both companies have a signature shoe that is inspired by a hooved creature–the Gucci horsebit loafer and the Adidas Gazelle sneaker. Adidas’s sans-serif logo appears on many Adidas x Gucci pieces. Gucci’s extravagant all-caps serif is also featured.

These kinds of collaborations make Instagram catnip. They combine visually striking clothes that not only reflect the brands’ sensibilities, but also appeal to customers. Fashion wants streetwear, and vice versa. Streetwear is trendy and affordable, while capital-F fashion is luxurious and coveted. As Gwen Stefani, my personal patron saint of the Adidas tracksuit, once said, “Everybody wants everyone else.”

The Guccididas Collection will be available in select Gucci stores and online starting June 7th this year.