6 Most Inspiring Male Disney Characters

6 Most Inspiring Male Disney Characters

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The transformation of the Disney princess, who used to conform to traditional gender stereotypes (Snow White and  Seven Dwarves is a good example), into a strong, independent leader (Mulan), comes partly from the fact that women are having the conversation about what it means to be female while men struggle to communicate. It would be natural that male Disney characters are transforming slower than their female counterparts. But we didn’t realize how terrible they were. It’s easy to see how Disney films were viewed in the pre-Mulan and post Mulan frames of mind. The female leads started to change, but the male characters remained largely unchanged until the 2000s, when they began to grow.

The writers of Disney movies have a realization when it comes writing male characters that aren’t flat, creepy or dependent on the worst gender tropes. For example, Prince Charming forgets Cinderella’s appearance, or that Belle is held hostage by Beast. These are heroes that young boys should be admiring. The question for young boys is: What are I supposed to learn here?

Many of the Disney films that have recently been released take inspiration from the development of their princesses, and offer new perspectives on masculinity to young boys who watch their films. Men should be able to accept loss and have the ability to understand the value of friendship. They also need to set an example of being a caring, invested father.

We can expand our Disney  world beyond the animation studio by adding Luke Skywalker. Luke learns that violence won’t save the day but compassion and understanding. What about Marvel films? Captain America, like other characters, has a healthy way of dealing with trauma and grief. He admits that his emotional strength is what keeps him going through any snaps.

Disney isn’t wrong for not having strong, healthy male characters. The conversation about what it means for a man to be strong and healthy is only beginning. Even the smallest changes can make a big difference. It’s important for companies to continue to grow in their female and male characters if they want to innovate in the world of impressionable kids.

Joe Gardner, Soul

Joe Gardner is the star of Soul, the latest Pixar movie. He has already been acclaimed as one of the most inspirational and liberating Disney characters ever. Gardner believed music was what made his life complete, but the truth is that living a happy life was the key to happiness. It’s important to dream (i.e. It’s important to have dreams (i.e., playing music professionally), but these dreams are not all that you are. You’ll quickly realize how unfulfilling your life can be if you continue living it that way.

Women and men often get stuck in a non-stop goal-focused mindset that makes it difficult to see the good parts of life. Take a deep breath during winter to fill your lungs with air. When a puppy is first brought home, the joy they see in their eyes. Your partner’s unconditional love. Gardner’s story doesn’t only revolve around music or finding your soul. It’s also about living the best life possible.

Marlin, Finding Nemo

Marlin, from Finding Nemo, immediately stood out as the greatest dads and most memorable male Disney characters. Growth is the key to life’s most beautiful moments. It’s difficult to argue that any Disney father figure grew beyond a fish afraid of the ocean. Marlin, an orange clownfish is the father of the title character Nemo.

We are introduced to Marlin’s backstory at the beginning of the movie. Coral, his wife and many of their fish eggs were destroyed in a barracuda attack that left only Nemo. Marlin is still traumatized by the loss of most of his family and is overprotective of Nemo. Marlin’s fatherly instincts kick into action when Nemo is taken by a group scuba divers. He must deal with his anxiety in order to save his son.

It is important to discuss Marlin’s personal growth first. Marlin is anxious and afraid of water at the beginning of the movie. But when circumstances forced him to work through his trauma, Marlin found a solution. Marlin, along with Dory, travels across the ocean to meet every nightmare-fueled fish. He discovers that pain has influenced his parenting style, and ultimately stopped him from becoming a mature adult.

The recession that Nemo experienced was caused by stagnation. Trust is the second benefit of Marlin’s growth. Marlin must trust himself but, more importantly, trust that Nemo will take care of him. This is no different from the first day of school, when your child gets off the curb and boards the school bus. It is important to let your child go without you.

Future fathers and fathers will find Marlin’s story about growth inspiring them. You must continue to grow as a man in order to be a strong father. Your personal growth does not stop once you have children. And your child will notice the effort you make to improve yourself. Show your child that success is not about being stuck in one place but about growing as a person.

Kristoff from Frozen

“Love Is an Open Door” is better that “Let It Go.” The fact that “Love is an Open Door”, its lead singers, are Anna (still great) and Hans (not so good), is part of what makes it a disaster. Hans sweeps Anna off her feet and tells what first-time viewers believe to be the most heartbreaking love story ever told. Hans is a dick and is not the most popular male Disney character.

Kristoff is a Disney male character who converses with his reindeer and was raised by trolls. For anyone not aware, troll-raised men always make great gentlemen. Ok, that last bit was a lie. It doesn’t matter. Kristoff, the true Disney Prince of Frozen, travels with Anna to bring Elsa back to Arendelle.

Anna is hit in the heart with an ice-laser bolt. Only true love can reverse this spell and she is unable to survive. Despite Kristoff’s feelings for Anna, he rushes Anna back to Arendelle to see her “prince”, Hans. He can’t save Anna.

Elsa is the only one capable of saving her sister. Olaf’s best advice for Kristoff is: “Love…is… putting another person’s needs above your own.” It’s true. Sometimes, loving your partner means putting your needs and wants above your own. Kristoff’s most important lesson for young men is vulnerability and growth. At the beginning, Kristoff is reserved and anxious about the world. He’s now open to new experiences, and eager to learn. To put it in terms that Too Hot to Handle fans can understand, Sharon had to remove his barriers in order to have a healthy and happy relationship with Rhonda. Kristoff needed to remove his barriers in order to make human connections.

Lightning McQueen, Cars

Can a car become gendered? Lightning McQueen in Cars: His transformation from an egotistical racecar to someone who understands the value friendship demonstrates so many of the best qualities of masculinity. His relationship with Mater shows how close male friendship can impact your mental health. Doc Hudson’s fatherly mentorship is a great example of how men can work together when they are able to communicate.

McQueen is one of the fastest-rising rookies at the track, but after falling off the tractor-trailer, McQueen must confront his greatest failure as a human. McQueen soon realizes that, despite all the praise and love he gets from his manager and on television, he doesn’t have any real male role models. McQueen’s agent informs him that he can invite 20 friends to the California final race. McQueen soon realizes this.

Close male friendships can make it less difficult for men to feel happy and secure, which will not lead them to be more reserved emotionally. McQueen began to develop as a person after Mater, a rusty truck voiced Larry “The Cable Guy” and the rest Radiator Springs showed him what companionship looks like.

McQueen and Doc Hudson, a former Piston Cup winner, is the other significant relationship. McQueen is often hostile to Hudson as he opens the film reserved and quiet. We learn that Hudson struggled to adjust to life after racing, because he believed he could do everything on his own. Both Hudson and McQueen became close friends. It was only then that they realized the importance of their father-son relationships. To understand the value of friendship, young men should look at McQueen’s relationships with Mater. But Hudson is the most important lesson. Hudson exemplifies the best example of a father: being there for his child when they are most in need. Hudson is always there for McQueen when he needs someone to help him or guide him through difficult lessons.

Buzz and Woody, Toy Story

Woody and Buzz demonstrate how friendship can be strengthened through constant work. Buzz Lightyear is reminded of Woody’s true identity by Woody, while Buzz is reminded of Woody. There’s also the ending of Toy Story 4. Woody and Buzz have a unique bromance. They aren’t afraid of being vulnerable with one another. Woody freely discusses his fears of being forgotten, while Buzz shares the realization that he isn’t a Space Ranger. These are the moments young men can learn from and observe. To live a happier and more fulfilling life, it is important to know how to make friends and how to keep them around for the long-term. We all have dreamed of having a Buzz to our Buzz. If they are willing to work hard, anyone can have a strong friendship.

Barley, Onward

Barley and Ian, both teenage elves, discover a magic spell from their father that will bring them back to life one day. Ian had never met his father so he made a list of all the things he wanted to do with him when he returns. He would play catch, talk about his life, and anything else that a teenager might want to do for 24 hours. Barley’s journey, however, is about saying goodbye and wishing he could have the chance to meet their father.

Although Ian’s story has plot, and there are plenty of positive examples of masculinity in his character’s characters, we were more interested in Barley’s. Barley is the awkward older brother. He loves fantasy and magic. Barley is portrayed as the embarrassing older brother, but he also has one of the greatest traits that an older brother can possess. He is a mentor. Barley doesn’t hesitate to respond when Ian talks about his emotions, even though he may not know his father. Barley is a great example to young people who are afraid to share their emotions and fears.

While the Disney princesses have undergone a number of major changes, their male characters still fall behind. Let’s all hope that the discussion about masculinity will encourage Disney to continue creating strong male role models.