How to buy Clothes That Fit Men’s Body

How to buy Clothes That Fit Men’s Body

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For most guys, fitting clothes means finding clothes that is ok. Men in flattering clothes are able to feel confident, look great, and have fun. A trimmed henley makes your pecs look objectively more attractive. More than that, the way a man feels about himself and acts when he wears something that flatters and fits his body is what makes it sexy.

It’s not just about finding clothes that fit properly.
…Obviously, right?

It’s all about being professional and sharp at work. It’s about your personal taste. About being able to look and feel like a sophisticated, smart dude in all situations.

We teamed up with Bonobos’ highly-skilled fit experts to give you a primer on how to fit. They know that no body is the same as yours. They have made their clothes to fit as many men as possible. They have more options for fit than any other brand and I am excited to share what that means.

Let’s get started, shall we? Now it’s time for you to get down to your skivvies and take out the measuring tape to find the perfect men’s clothing to fit your amazing body.


Alliteration aside, taking your measurements is the most important step in measuring your body and shopping for flattering clothes. You can’t pull out the yellow metal measuring tape from your toolbox and wrap it around your neck, chest and shoulders. has a great selection of cloth measuring tapes that are specifically made for clothing and bodies. These are some easy tips to help you measure your body and get back to us if you’ve never done it before.

Once you have all the information you need (like a Notes App doc), it’s time to shop for the right sizes. Bonobos’ dressier pieces (such as work pants, button-up shirts and suitings) offer multiple sizes so that you can find the right size.


Bonobos’ dressshirts, such as the Daily Grind Wrinkle Free shirt are first measured by the length of the neck and sleeves in inches. This is to ensure that the collar and sleeves are properly laid and comfortable, and that the cuffs of the sleeves reach the wrist. A too-short or long sleeve will indicate that you are not the right size.


Bonobos’ Jetsetter wool suit coats are sized according to chest measurements in inches. Then, follow by an R, S or L which stands for short, regular, and long. Short blazers have a 1.75 inch shorter body length and 1.5 inch shorter sleeves than regular blazers. Long blazers have a 2.25 inch longer body length and a 2 inch longer sleeve. These distinctions allow you to account for your height when looking for the perfect size.


The pants, such as the Stretch Weekday Warrior Dress Pants, are measured by your waist and length in inches. This allows for a more precise fit by taking into account your height.

Note about the measurements

Always size up if you feel you are in between sizes. You don’t want to wear too tight clothes. Your tailor can make minor adjustments. You don’t have to be a game show host… But… Wait, there’s more!

It’s not enough to measure yourself. It takes more than measuring. Fit can include things like trimming the waist or slimming the sleeves of jackets.

Does that sound overwhelming? Don’t panic. George McCracken is Bonobos’ Senior Fashion Manager. McCracken says that fit is both an art and science. McCracken says that while fit can be subjective and based on individual style, there are clear guidelines for what size you should take. From there, it becomes a mixture of taste, comfort, and science.

“Bonobos has been focused on creating better-fitting options for all male categories. This means that you can not only find something that fits well, but something that suits you based upon your personal style.”


They are not a band. But, they can be thought of as a group of guys with different personalities and needs. They are like One Direction but without a clear Harry Styles. Because we are all Harry Styles to you.


They’re not the only ones. You’ll see it often on British celebrities such as Dev, Eddie Redmayne and Andrew Garfield. Perhaps it’s a legacy from the Beatles?

McCracken says, “This is our slimmest fitting.” McCracken says that there is still room in the seat, thigh, and the hips, but the cut is closer to the leg. This look is not only for the willowy thespian, but anyone can do it. He says, “Don’t let tailored scare your,” “You’d be amazed at how many people can fit or prefer tailored clothing, even if it doesn’t seem like something that they would normally gravitate towards.”

This is the right shirt for you if your build is short and lean or if you wish to imitate these English gentlemen.


Although I wouldn’t call it “the golden child of fits”, it is. Armie Hammer is the golden child in Hollywood right now, right? He looks delicious in everything he wears. It’s flattering, I think. (I warned you guys that it would be difficult for me to stay out of the gutter!)

McCracken supports me on the matter of fit. “Slim fit is what our customers most often wear and what we recommend everyone do when trying to figure out the best fit in our product.”

Bonobos slim-fit pants are slim and straight through the seat, thigh, and then taper slightly below knee. (Didn’t you know that “seat” can also refer to butt when it comes to pants? It does.) The Slim Fit is a slim fit cut for jackets and shirting. It has a tapered waist and fits through the chest, shoulders, and back. The slimmest cut will work best for you, unless your build is more muscular or bulky.

This is the perfect fit for you if you’re the “Goldilocks” of clothing. You want something that isn’t too tight, not too loose, and that looks great.


Chris Pratt is the best actor I could think of to show off the athletic cut. He’s now a summer blockbuster star and has put on some muscle in his shoulders, arms and chest. If you are a Crossfit enthusiast or a former player of baseball (shout out my college boyfriend!) You may also find that an athletic cut is the best for you.

This fit works well if you have large chest, shoulders, or larger butt and thighs. McCracken says you can have all three! McCracken says that the taper will still be slimmer from the knee down, so it looks modern but doesn’t sacrifice space in the seat or thighs.

This is for you if: If you are a bit more bulky or muscular, but still want a more tailored and fitted look in your pants, shirts, and suits.


Clooney, like the standard or straight fit, is a true classic. This is a great choice for men with larger bods. McCracken says that standard fit jackets are more flattering for those with a larger waist. Standard shirts are more comfortable and flattering on the body, while maintaining a slim silhouette.

Standard fit pants are straight from the thigh to your leg opening. Perfect if you are looking for that Clooney-esque look. This is the look for you if you have a larger build or prefer a more traditional style.


Bonobos’ extensive measurement and fit options are a great advantage. You can mix and match sizes to find the right fit for you. McCracken says that it is common for men to have different sizes in their upper and lower halves. That’s why we sell our suit jackets separately.

He says that if you have a strong upper body you can get a jacket with an athletic fit, but you can still wear slim-fit trousers. I agree with that and encourage you to visit one of their shops to see how all these fit and size factors work together.

He adds that depending on your body type, a looser silhouette may look better. Pants that are too tight might make you look like you’re a lollipop if you have a larger upper body or a stocky frame. The athletic fit and easy-fitting crop pants have a loose thigh. However, the opening taper to a slimmer shape which is better for men with larger upper bodies.

It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself a Pratt, a Patel, a Mahershala or John Cho… or some very hunky, irresistible combination of them all. The takeaway is the same. It is not an exclusive gift to look great in your clothes. Everyone wants to feel like a million dollars when they’re dressed up and zipped in, before heading out each day.

Bonobos offers a variety of sizes, measurements, and fit options that make it possible. This is especially true for those who are looking to avoid the worst parts of shopping like having to spend a lot of time at the tailor or waiting in line at the post office just so they can return an unsatisfactory purchase.