The Haircuts You Should Never Get

The Haircuts You Should Never Get

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A new haircut can make your day better. It doesn’t matter how low-maintenance your lifestyle is. A good haircut changes you. A bad haircut can make you question everything. There is no one haircut that will look great on everyone. When creating the perfect look for you, a good stylist will take into consideration your hair type, face shape and lifestyle.

Alan Benfield Bush, owner of Your Haircare System, told us that for the best haircuts, it is important to have a consultation with a professional hairdresser. To get a haircut that is uniquely tailored to you, it’s important to share your desires, likes, and lifestyle with your hairdresser.

There are still some hairstyles that work for a lot of people, and some that aren’t so flattering on others. We spoke with top stylists about the best and worst haircuts. Here are the choices you should make and those you shouldn’t.

  • Use soft layers

Soft, easy layers are great for almost everyone. The number of layers you use will depend on the thickness and curlity of your hair, but gentle framing your face can be flattering.

Jenna Mast, hairdresser, said that softly layered haircuts are the best. They are easy to maintain, blend with your natural texture and look great in three months. The layers are adjusted to your hair’s density but do not have distinct lines. It appears natural and effortless. This is what I strive to deliver to my clients.

Natural-looking layers are the best! They don’t need to be trimmed every ten weeks.

  • Asymmetrical Bob

Victoria Beckham is the queen of the asymmetrical hairstyle. It’s easy and chic to style. It’s not surprising that Posh Spice was her nickname.

Total Beauty was told by James Williams, Canale Salon Head Stylist. The sophisticated cut is easy to style. Flat iron it and you’re good to go. This look is great for people who are easy to get up and do their daily chores.

  • Make your hair with long layers if you have curly hair

Summer is a hard time for many as a curly-haired gals. The humidity is too much for us. Curls can go from big and loose to frizzy and huge. Fortunately, we’ve discovered long layers. The hair is longer, which reduces frizz. However, the layers keep curls soft and bouncy.

Morgan Willhite, hairstylist at Allure said that the layers are thick in the front so there won’t be any problems with curls bouncing around your face. Talk to your stylist if your curls are out of control.

  • A bob is a good idea for round faces

Most people look at photos of celebrities when choosing a haircut. But the mirror is the best place to start. The right haircut can make a huge difference in how our faces look. Try a new haircut if your face is rounder.

Dylan Smith, Tiff’s Hair’s Creative Director, said that the best haircut is one that suits your face shape and hair structure. For girls with large eyes and round faces, it is best to go short. Discuss with your stylist the best look for you.

  • If your face is square, go long

Are you unsure of your face shape? Put a new lipstick on your lips and stand in front of the mirror. Draw a circle around your face and then look at the mirror to see what shape it takes. If you are drawing a square shape with your face, you will want to soften the edges by adding long hair.

Smith explained that if you have a square face with curly hair, the most unfavorable haircut is the one with the shortest length. To create the illusion of a smoother shape, go for a longer hairstyle.

  • Try a pixie if you are petite

Sometimes, it can be difficult to keep your hair short. A maxi dress is not something you can wear, nor can you reach the top of the grocery shelves. And now, long hair is impossible. You can wear your hair however you wish, but having long locks could make you look unattractive.

Bush stated, “If you’re a shorter person, you should avoid having long hair above your shoulders. It will make you appear shorter and make your neck visually disappear.” Go bold and try a pixie!

  • A blunt cut can be used to offset round faces

For round-faced women, sharp lines are another great option. A hairstyle that flatters your face shape is best. Sharp lines can make your face look smaller if you have a large face.

Marco Pelusi, a hairstylist told Total Beauty that a squarer haircut can soften the roundness of the face. You don’t want to increase the roundness.

  •  A “wannabe lob” that falls too often

Let’s now look at the worst haircuts. It’s crucial to consider your hair type and facial shape. There are certain styles that will never be flattering. First, the in-between cut. This is a medium-length haircut that’s both bobbed and long. It’s just a bob.

“I also see super-long hair and shoulder length wannabe-lobs.” Mast explained that girls grow tired of having shoulder-length hair and want angles or layers around their faces. The problem with short hair is density. You don’t want your hair to be full and beautiful if it’s not long enough. It will make your hair look old or too layered. Think about why you like this look and what you want to achieve. Your stylist will help you.

It is important to choose a lane. If you want to maintain length, it is not possible to wear fun, long layers in the back. Talk to your stylist about the looks that you like and how you can personalize them.

  • A “V” shape creates a tail

Too many layers can make your hair look wavy. If you have too many layers in front, it can create a “V” shape which isn’t flattering for anyone.

Mast admitted that the ‘V’ was his least favorite request. Mast said, “The tail is very short and doesn’t add much style. Cut it! You can cut your hair if you are unsure if your back hair looks like a tail.”

  • Super long

To keep your hair looking great, long hair requires layers. It only slows down the aging process if you have your hair long. This is especially true for those with a long hairstyle.

Total Beauty told that long straight hair and straight-across bangs were a bad choice for this face shape. “Why? It further lengthens the face. It doesn’t distract from the length of your face. To balance a long face, choose a shorter, soft cut.”

  • Avoid bangs if you have a broad face

We love bangs. They can be full and thick, or soft and swept to one side. They always look chic and fresh. If you have a larger face, it won’t work for you. Bush advised to avoid bangs if you have a broad face. Bangs can accentuate your face’s width. Choose soft layers that won’t make your face wider.

  • Talk to your stylist

The best haircut is the one that you choose. Haircuts are an individual thing. They don’t really fit everyone. Mast explained that there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration. “It’s not as easy as just replicating a picture.” Mast explained that a hairstylist must consider the client’s natural texture, hairline density, cowlicks, maintenance, and routine. The worst haircut is one that does not consider the client.

You should choose a simple style that you can change over time when changing your hairstyle. Bush explained that the best haircuts allow you to change your style by being able pull it back or swiping it sideways. “Always ask for subtle adjustments during your salon visits, and discuss potential short- and long-term options. You can request a completely different haircut or makeover. Make sure you take a photo to show your hairdresser.”

Your stylist and you are one team. So work together to create the perfect look for you!