The key fashion trends for summer 2022

The key fashion trends for summer 2022

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It’s finally sunny, so it’s time for you to take in the fashion trends of 2022. This season’s collection is full of bright summer colors, chic artisanal detailing and stunning accessories to help you relive the joy of dressing well.

We couldn’t be more happy that the sun is shining. It’s time to embrace fashion trends 2022. This season has something for everyone. You can instantly give your capsule wardrobe a new look by adding some of the season’s most-loved items, whether you’re out enjoying the sun in your yard or on vacation.

We’re going see lots of extreme length. It doesn’t matter if you want maxi or midi, metallics or bold colors or low waists. In 2022, it’s clear that “more is more”.

This summer’s trend-led pieces will help you feel stylish and relaxed, from the dopamine-boosting bright colors of dopamine dressing to discovering boho style,

The majority of styles that you will see in stores are filtered down from runways. Fashion trends 2022 can only best be described as a downpouring of maximalist looks.

From London to Paris: Whether you love Burberry clothing or Chanel clothing, the SS22 runways were full of bright and creative clothing that was a welcome change from the drab clothes we have been wearing for the past few years. After dressing down so much, the only question is: are we willing to wear them?

Paula says, “Remember that you don’t need to replicate the exact look on the models.” Paula says that fashion shows are meant to inspire you. Take pieces from your favorite looks and incorporate them into your current wardrobe.

This new trend of bold dressing is believed to have been triggered by the pandemic. Designers used this opportunity to show their creativity. These political, economic and social issues often lead to trends. Katie says that the bold and extravagant pieces you see on the runways for 2022 are likely a response to the restraints we have all experienced as a result the pandemic.

Designers are celebrating the bold, colorful, and all things sparkling, offering a form escapism that allows people to embrace positive things through their aesthetic.

Take the time to consider all options and make wise decisions about which items you purchase. We found that 83% want to purchase fewer items and higher quality products in an effort to be more conscious shoppers. This will help you to move away from the ‘wear once” culture and choose pieces that you’ll love and wear again and again, in different outfits and iterations. It is possible to find the most sustainable clothing brands that are conscious about fashion and have a lower impact on the environment. If you are looking to finance your new wardrobe, learn how to sell clothes online to swap the old for the new.

These are the top fashion trends you should be following in 2022.


The fashion trends for 2022 are not about being subtle or neutral. They are bold and vibrant. Versace and Christian Dior models were seen wearing bright, head-to-toe colors that made a bold statement. Paula Moore, woman&home fashion director, says that the Queen has been using color blocking for many years. Now it is time for us all, she said, to brighten our moods with bold colors. Start with bright accessories, such as shoes and bags, and make sure you have a look that you are comfortable in.

You will feel more confident from this point on, she says, “You can easily build up to a complete look.” Fuchsia pink, Kermit-the Frog green and Kermit the Frog green complement all skin tones. So why not get a suit that can take you effortlessly from day to night?

This summer, you can inject color into your wardrobe with bolder versions of the most popular blazers and the best pink dresses. Consider what color is most flattering for you and pay attention to the colors near your eyes. A block-colored look, or bright print, will reflect the joyful mood of the event, whether you are currently choosing what color to wear to a wedding or christening.

  1. Bold shoes and bags are a hot trend. Get in on the action with bold heels or eye-catching arm candy. These will instantly add color to a basic black dress or give life and style to jeans. You can also mix and match colors if you want to really go wild. You can mix and match blues, greens, or oranges with pinks. For more accessory inspiration, check out these top handbag trends in 2022.
  2. High-waisted, long-leg trousers that are wide in the leg and cinch at your waist will look great. They also skim your legs. A boxy blazer is all you need to create a stylish and powerful look.
  3. Smock frocks are easy to wear. You’ve already mastered the trend if you can find a smock-frock that is bright in color. You just need to put on your favorite sandals and you are good to go.


This fashion trend is bohemian in its use of crochet and tassels. It conjures up images of idyllic summer vacations with chunky sandals and fringed clothing that moves in the gentle ocean breeze. You can accessorize with these accessories. You only need a cocktail to accessorize!

It’s actually very easy to wear fringing, it’s flattering and fun. You can choose pieces that fringe over areas you are self-conscious about. It will easily glide over these areas and take your look to the next level.

This one was predicted by Saisangeeth Diewani, head, advisory, trends intelligence agency Stylus. She explains that digital is taking over our daily lives and we expect that fashion will continue to appeal to consumers’ desire for touch-and feel. “Tactile surfaces are key. They offer a new way for consumers and products to interact with them.”

You can wear fringing casually every day, but this one is great for party season. You can dance the night away with style thanks to the swish fringe detail.

  1. Maxi dresses: We love the long-line maxi dress. It is easy to wear and requires very little leg-shaving. It’s flattering, easy to wear up or down, and can be worn for various summer events. Styles with tassels that are in earthy tones will make your summer look stand out.
  2. Crochet tops: Open-knit tops will be big this season. Look for a style with extra fringing at your bottom so it falls over your hips. For a stylish look, pair it with a slim-fit midi skirt (or chinos) to show your style prowess.
  3. Beach bags: All the best beach bags and most spacious tote bags of this season were given a fringing makeover. Open crochet knits and OTT tassel embellishments will give your look a summery touch.


Sequins don’t have to be reserved for Christmas. You can sparkle any month of the calendar. Take inspiration from Chanel or Valentino to bring everyday sparkle to your wardrobe. This is the perfect summer outfit to wear to concerts. After a slow start to the year, it’s now time to party in style and glitter.

Summer sequins are a great way to celebrate the season, whether it’s a stunning dress or a stylish two-piece. However, sequins in summer are not the same as Christmas. Paula says, “I love sparkle. But the key is to keep accessories at a minimum.” Avoid wearing too many prints or jewelry if you have a standout piece. Let the clothes speak for themselves.

  1. Sequined Blazers: A blazer is the best way to incorporate shimmering fabrics. A smart jacket is timeless and can be dressed up or down with sequins.
  2. Wide-leg trousers. We are excited to see the trend for wider strides continue into 2022. They are a flattering fit and a smart way to downsize sequins. You can easily combine your favorite white shirt with black sequin pants to create a strong outfit for everyday wear.
  3. Slip dresses: A slip dress made in satin can feel a bit clingy. But, if you cover it in sequins, it will be much more wearable. You should look for midi dresses that can be worn with flats such as slides or ballet pumps. For a more defined silhouette, you can add the best shapewear.


For the past few years, the midi skirt has been the most popular. But, it’s been pushed from the top this season. As we stated at the beginning, the spring/summer fashion trends in 2022 are all about extremes.

It’s up to you to decide whether you are Team Mini or Team Maxi. (We’re sorry, but it’s the micro-mini that’s making its way into mainstream fashion). Although it is not easy to show a lot of leg, the mini-skirt can be a great companion if you have been struggling to put on knee-high boots.

If you are a more slouchy maxi woman, we recommend retro tube suits that reach the ankle. This is a far better option than the hippie-style A-line style we were used to in years past. You’ll notice a more slinky, full-length look than the bulky fabric. You don’t have to be constrained if you find this sounds too restrictive. A subtle split allows for more movement.

  1. Mini dresses – You don’t have to put it off immediately. There is no age limit for style. It’s all about how you choose to wear it. If you are concerned about showing too much skin, add boots to a mini-dress. You can also keep your neckline high to balance the shorter skirt hemlines. The micro dress is trendiest, but straight-to-market brands are well-versed in their customers, so there’s plenty of ‘just below the knee’ options if you prefer a shorter hem.
  2. Tube maxi skirts – Look for skirts that end at the ankle, but are more fitted. Design that reach the waist will lengthen your legs. To help your fabric move as you walk, try subtle splits that end at the knee. It will make it more comfortable.
  3. Fitted tops with ribbed sleeves – Ribbed tops with long-lined skirts will instantly give you an hourglass figure. This is the time to start wearing shapewear if you are used to wearing looser styles. Shapewear worn under a fitted top can smoothen your body, making it easy to look summer-ready.


This season, read between the lines and embrace bold, defined stripes. Tory Burch and Jil Sander did not show pinstripes on their runways. Here, large stripes dominated the fashion scene.

Paula says that the striped jumper was a huge hit in winter, and it will continue to be popular into 2022. Vertical stripes can slimmingly lengthen your body and can even be slimming. These pastel colors are great for spring. A classic Breton t-shirt is my go to all year.

To add some color, you can accessorize monochrome stripes with color.

  1. Matching co-ords – Three looks in one with a matching coord. You can wear the top and bottom together for a complete look or separate them for more versatility.
  2. Breton tops – Let’s face it, we all love Breton tops. The simple horizontal fisherman’s stripes is both stylish and easy to wear. Mix up your colors this season and get away from navy and white.
  3. Diagonal stripes – Experiment with your stripes’ direction. Vertical stripes can be slimming but horizontal stripes won’t make you appear wider. Layer pieces and experiment with different proportions by including diagonal stripes.


We know you’re rolling your eyes but we are here to help. Although cutting out sections of clothing can seem daunting, it is possible to do this subtle way. Promise!

Paula says, “It’s not necessary to avoid this trend completely.” Paula says that a little can go a long way. Even a tiny slash at the waist can give the fabric more movement and highlight your small parts.

This look was prominently featured in the 2022 swimwear trends, featuring subtle slashes at the shoulders and backs, as well as more racy midriff and thigh cut-out designs.

Are you still not convinced? This season, sheer fabrics were big so grab a top with transparent sleeves.

  1. Keyhole blouses: This is a less intimidating way to embrace cutouts. It doesn’t matter if it’s on the chest or the back, just a small circle that exposes a little skin can be done.
  2. Open-back dresses are a good choice if you don’t need a bra. However, there are many open back styles that end just above your bra strap. Try out new underwear, such as loose fittings and fun prints.
  3. Cotton pants: If you have a lot of flesh, a pair loose-fitted trousers can help to cover it. Cool, stylish cotton pants in black or tan can be as comfortable as they are stylish.

7. THE ’00S

Although it may feel like the Noughties have just occurred, it has been long enough for the turn of the century styles to make a comeback on the runway. We are turning to the past with double denim, satin-joggers and chokers. Yes, really.

Although it can be hard to accept trends from years past without feeling like you are playing dress-up, this season makes small nods to the decade and doesn’t wear it all.

Take the example of Justin Timberlake and Britney, and pair your blue jeans with tailored shirts. You can also swap out your favorite leggings for a pair of satin lounge pants.

  1. Faded denim: This trend is best executed by switching your jeans to a denim that has already looked worn for a long time. Darker shades are also acceptable, but stonewash or faded is the best. For extra points, pair it with a denim shirt, or your best denim jacket, to make it even more special.
  2. Slinky satin: You can use any satin, but for a more ’00s-inspired look, go for pink or other bold colors. Be careful with fabrics, as satin can look a bit cheap.
  3. 3/4-length boots


This larger-than life trend is a great way to go big. The trend for trapeze dresses has been rising in fashion ranks for some time now. This style is the complete opposite of bodycon and is both stylish and comfortable. It’s a statement look that only requires a pair simple gold hoops. We have compiled a list of the top jewelry brands to inspire you. You can also add sleek mules or white trainers.

This is not just a summer fashion trend. It’s also a great investment that you can wear for the next six months. Carolina Herrera spotted floor-sweeping maxi-skirts in flattering A line shapes. For a flattering hourglass shape, pair the voluminous silhouette with fitted tees or tucked-in tops that show off your waist.

  1. Trapeze dresses are oversized by nature, but there are some important aspects to be aware of. A trapeze dress should not be too big everywhere. The dress should fit properly from the neck to your shoulders, arms and back. This style is very comfortable and can hide your stomach. This style is great for summer, especially if you choose cotton or linen fabrics. It’s easy and breezy and makes a bold statement while looking casual. For petite figures who don’t want to be engulfed by a trapeze, choose shorter styles. Taller women can still wear maxi lengths.
  2. Carolina Herrera’s A-line Skirts: This style is a great fit and flare option for a 1950s-inspired silhouette. If a maxi length seems too overwhelming, reduce the hem length and opt for midi lengths. Stick to neutral colors. If you want to be ahead of the curve, pink is a good choice.
  3. Accessories that are pared-back: This trend is as attention-grabbing whether it’s a sandal or slip-on mule. Therefore, accessories should be simple and not distract from the main trend.


We know that animal print, in particular leopard print, is not a new trend. However, 2022 is no exception. Leopard print has been around for a while now, and is often seen in natural colors. However, it is still a popular trend. It can be worn with almost any outfit, so even though it’s not the most fashionable, it’s still a very versatile option. Animal print is a timeless trend that you will love to wear.

Take inspiration from Fall 2022’s catwalks, and make a fashion statement with eighties-inspired silhouettes. Mini skirts, shoulder pads and party-ready looks are all possible with mini skirts. To really elevate the style, you can try sequinned animal prints.

  1. Print co-ord: With an animal print coord, you can be bold or as subtle as you wish. You can wear it all together to make a statement or you can mix and match your wardrobe basics to create a more casual look. No matter what you do, there are endless outfit options.
  2. Neon accessories: Use leopard as a base layer. Treat it the same as your best black sweater. Directional accessories can add color, interest, and vibrancy to your outfit. For a glamorous evening look, a bright green bag or hot pink shoes will pop against leopard print.
  3. Sequins: Use the eighties style to add sequins and sparkles to your animal prints. You can make your own embellished prints if you don’t see any. You can layer a sequin jacket over a leopard print dress, or a skirt with a zebra print shirt.


Ruffles add a romantic, frivolous touch to any outfit. Ruffles are usually reserved for summer, but they made a comeback on the runways of Fall, where they were seen again.

“Ruffles, frills can add texture and interest even to the most basic of outfits. They can also be very flattering.” Paula says to be careful where you place your ruffles. “A frilly skirt can balance proportions, while a blouse with a ruffle can increase volume for smaller busts.”

Molly Goddard’s style tip: Pair a girly tulle skirt and chunky fairisle knits to make it suitable for cold weather.

  1. Ruffle blouse: This trend is easy to incorporate into your wardrobe. For a romantic weekend look, pair it with your favorite denim cut-offs or jeans in summer.
  2. Tulle skirts: The tulle skirt is feminine, flamboyant and will make you feel great. You can give it a rebellious, grown-up look by pairing it with a leather jacket or boots.
  3. You can make this look more day-friendly by wearing chunky knitwear. Pair frilly skirts and dresses with your favorite sweaters. For a winter look, think cable-knit cardigans or fair isle knits.


Sportswear is no longer fashionable. It has become a staple of our daily wardrobes. With its collaboration with Fila, an Italian clothing brand, Roksanda set the standard for sportswear with its puffed-up silhouettes as well as bold branding. Poster Girl, a newbie, showcased a runway show inspired by skiing with sporty sunglasses and knitted balaclavas.

This trend can be made more wearable by pairing ski-like bomber jackets and your basic wardrobe pieces with it. Paula suggests that sporty sunglasses can be used to ease you in.

To avoid suffocating your figure, play with your proportions. Wear your best fitted jeans or your most skinny jeans with oversized quilted silhouettes.

  1. Logos: This trend taps into the Y2K vibe. It’s time for you to show off your style, whether it is in sportswear or designer bags. Look out for logo sweaters or leggings.
  2. Puffer jackets: A classic winter coat, puffer jackets are getting a spring trend update with lighter layers of padding to keep you cool in the cooler months. You can also wear padded bags all summer long with quilted textures, as accessories are becoming more popular.
  3. Sporty sunglasses: It’s time to get some sporty sunglasses. This futuristic style is great with smarter clothing. Try pairing it with a blazer or leggings.