The Complete Man’s Guide to Manscaping

The Complete Man’s Guide to Manscaping

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Puberty is a normal part of life for most men. When it’s time to trim the caterpillar from their upper lip, this is when they first use a razor. Grooming their bodies is something that we don’t discuss. Some men love their chest hair while others are bothered by their pubic hair. Others are more conscious of hair and grooming than others.

When we speak about male friendship’s importance, we are referring to vulnerability. Even so, we have to admit that it is difficult to fit the question “Hello, how are you shaving your back?” into a conversation. Don’t worry. It’s important that there is a guide for manscaping that offers options. Perhaps even more important, tools of trade so that you don’t end-up nicking and slicing yourself.

What is manscaping, or male body grooming?

Before Tan, Jonathan and Bobby stole our hearts with their Netflix Netflix series “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy,” the original Fab Five was Ted, Kyan and Thom. These shows changed the way men see male grooming. They also opened up the door to many improvements in men’s self-care. Queer Eye for the Straight Guy’s original cast also used the term “Manscaping”, before it was commodified and made into a commercial tool for male grooming.

“Manscaping” is any grooming done below the neck. This guide will focus on this. This includes pubic hair, chest hair, and even some butt hair. It’s all the hard-to-reach or sensitive areas. Before television became popular, men’s grooming was done in secret by women using their bathrooms. It’s like a speakeasy, with hair on the ground and disposable razors.

Men’s grooming has seen a steady increase in popularity since the mid-2000s as more men are able to learn about and enjoy manscaping benefits.

Cosmopolitan found that 69% of men prefer to trim their pubic hair, while 17% prefer to shave it off completely. Surprisingly, 70% of women prefer that their men be trimmed.

Because manscaping is more widely accepted, men are more open to trying new things. However, asking questions can still be a shameful or embarrassing experience. This is why the Man’s Guide to Manscaping was created.

What is a grooming tool? Why can’t I use my trimmer instead?

Just No. Stop it. Stop using the electric trimmer for facial hair on your back, chest, or balls. Do you like nicks or cuts? You probably don’t want to cut and nick your skin, so specific body trimmers and razors are made for each area of your body. However, there is something more serious to be aware of when you think about manscaping. It’s bacteria.

Jason Tetro, a microbiologist, told Dollar Shave Club that the pubic area is home to its own independent microbial community. Although most bacteria is similar to those found in other parts of the body, introducing transient bacteria using a trimmer could alter the environment and cause skin problems.

One scenario could result in acne around the pubic area. The worst case scenario could lead to a staph infection. Take it seriously. Long-term consequences can be caused by mixing bacteria from different areas.

Blending in is crucial

A patchy beard can make it difficult to grow. This is also true for areas that you are tending to. It is important to learn how to blend your hair so that it matches up. This means that if you are going to shave your chest, you will need to trim your happy trails and pubic area. It is the same for those below. “The carpet should match the chest rug.” This is best done while you are using your trimmer. Your chest should have at least one trimmer longer than the trimmer that you use for your pubic area. This will ensure that you look professional after your manscaping sessions.

A Guide to Manscaping

We now know where manscaping originated and how it has become popularized in the last couple years. Now, let’s have some fun: finding the best way to manscape.


Aerodynamics is not the only reason to shave your chest. Researching clean-shaven chests will show you that there is no consensus about whether or not it will make you more attractive or more manly. Our opinion is that it doesn’t matter. It’s all about you and what you like. While it’s fine to listen to your partner, you must feel confident in your skin.

You should 100% trim your chest hair if this is your first time shaving. Men who have ever tried to trim a long beard with a razor understand the pain. Just imagine what it would feel like on your chest. You don’t have to be a masochist to use a pair of tweezers to pull one of the nagging hairs from your nipples.

You should trim your chest hair before you shave. The reason is that longer hairs can get caught in the blades and cause pain. A good trim will allow you to determine how much chest hair is necessary. Start by trimming your hair before you shower and feel how it feels.

You’re done trimming your hair and now you want to smoothen the shave. What should you do? You should start by getting in the shower. You will find it easier to shave your chest hair with the water. If you prefer to trim your first hair in the shower, some razors can even be used in there. After you have cleaned yourself up, apply shaving gel to your chest and you will be able to enjoy super smooth skin.

Make sure your razor has sharp blades. Use gentle, short strokes. You can reapply as much shaving gel as you want to ensure that each stroke is smooth.

Please don’t shave you nipples. They are very sensitive and will bleed to death if you cut or nick them.

After you have removed all shaving gel, apply moisturizer to your freshly shaved chest. A good moisturizer will prevent ingrown hairs from forming and can help you avoid those annoying breakouts that can ruin your shirtless beach vacation. You should remember that if you shave completely, it will take more effort to maintain your look. To maintain that smooth look, you will need to maintain a consistent shaving schedule.

Waxing is a great option if you want a 100% guarantee of bare chest. It’s going to be fucking painful. Brazilian waxes are not something women talk about, so expect nothing different when you get your chest waxed. Although you can buy wax at home, it is best to consult a professional. Otherwise, you will look more like a man-o’lantern than an extra on Magic Mike. It’s not the best option. Although it is painful, your chest will feel smoother than ever (and last longer) if you don’t shave.

How to shave your chest

Keep in mind that your chest hair should match your pubic area and happy trail. Decide how much chest hair to trim. It’s a good idea not to go completely bare-chested unless you have a plan. You will need to shower, regardless of what. This will allow you to clean your chest and, if you plan on using a razor to trim them, it will soften the hairs to make it less likely that they get caught in the blades. You can shave smoother and protect your chest with the shaving.  cream/gel. While shaving, you’ll want to be cautious around your nipples. This is especially important for those who want a closer shave. These can be very sensitive and could cause severe pain if they are shaved with your razor. Use gentle strokes and be gentle while cleaning between your blades frequently. After everything has been cleaned up, take some moisturizer and apply it to your chest. This will soften your skin, and prevent ingrown hairs.


It can be difficult enough to scratch a itch on your back. The man’s guide is here to help you trim your back hair. It is obvious that shaving your back will be the hardest part of any grooming task. There are many tips and tools that can make the task a lot easier. There is no one right way to shave your chest. A shaved head is no different from a tanned one.

Teamwork is the key to making dreams come true. Sometimes, we all need some assistance. To get the perfect angle for shaving, you’d need more mirrors that David Copperfield. A single, unattractive patch of back hair is all you need. Ask your partner if they would be willing to help you reach those difficult places. Although it takes some vulnerability, reaching out to loved ones can make your life easier.

It’s easy to get a mole or stray skin tag in your back without a clear line-of-sight. This can lead to pain, blood, or infection. Because you don’t know what’s in the dark or hard-to-reach areas, you need to be cautious. We recommend that you avoid these potentially dangerous areas on your back. You can shave around them. It won’t pay to risk a scrap or nick. A post-shave shower will make sure that your grooming session goes smoothly. Many men use a washcloth to clean their backs. After shaving your back, this is not going to work. To ensure that everything is clean and lathered up, you will need a back washer.

How to shave your back

Ask your partner or someone you trust to help you shave your back before you try to do it alone. It’s dangerous to do this alone, as The Legend of Zelda warns. There are still options if you don’t want to go alone. If you don’t have someone to help you, you can use gel or shaving cream to smoothen your hair. After you have finished your shower, dry off and apply shaving cream or gel to the back. It will be hard to reach every spot on your back so we recommend an extended applicator. Start shaving your back with either an electric Mangroomer, or a Bakblade. You will need a mirror that is steady and easy to read so you can clearly see what you are doing. You run the risk that you miss a spot or worse, cut open a pimple or mole. Take it easy and shave slowly. While you are back there, don’t forget to look over your shoulders. Keep things even and nice. After shaving, rinse your skin in the showers for a post-trim wash. You can scrub your own skin with a bathroom brush with an extended handle. You’ll be able to exfoliate and soothe your skin after shaving.


We’ve all been there. Just before we go to the shower, we decide that we need a trim down below. We reach for our countertop beard trimmer. It’s not worth it. Don’t use the same trimming tool on your face as you do for your balls.

It’s not intended to cut hair in your pubic area. This means that it is not gentle enough and can cause more cuts and nicks than you want. Due to the variety of bacteria in our bodies, the nicks and scratches can lead to a staph infections on your face. It’s not worth taking the chance to use the same equipment for your face and bush.

You can just buy a second trimmer. Take a shower. Ask any man who has shaved his pubic hair what it is like. Manscaped has many newspapers to put under your pubic hairs while you shave. Shower is the best place to trim down your jungle. It allows you to soften your hair at the pubes. This makes it easier to trim and cut. It doesn’t make a mess and all the hair goes down the sink. Warm water is a great way to clean your razor while you are shaving.

It’s great that many companies are aware of the benefits of trimming and have made their groomers waterproof. A good shower and waterproof groomer can make the difference between a messy and organized shave and a pleasant, relaxing trim.

Be careful. Take your time. You are more likely to be pulled or caught if you do it the other way. To create a flatter surface, make sure you keep your skin taut when trimming your testicles. Although it may seem nerve-wracking to shave your pubic hair at first, once you become comfortable with the process, you will soon forget about the fear.

Do a testicular cancer screening while you’re there. You’re already careful about shaving your testicles so it’s important that you take the time to examine them for signs and bumps. Birchbickler, founder of A Ballsy Sense of Tumor and host of The Dudecast, discussed the best way to do a testicular exam.

Self-examinations are best done after or during a shower to ensure that the scrotum is fully relaxed. This is a fast and effective way of catching testicular cancer early. Simply place your thumb and index fingers below the testicle. Gently, but firmly, gently roll the testicle between two fingers. A doctor should examine any unusual lumps or bumps immediately. Be sure to check for changes in the shape, color, and swelling after you get out of your shower.

Even if you don’t groom your pubes every month, it is worth checking the shower once per month to ensure everything is in order.

How to shave the pubic area

Before you attach the electric trimmer to your dong jungle, ensure that you have chosen the right length. Blending together is possible by selecting the same length as your chest hair, or one lower. Then trim. This can be done in the shower or outdoors. Make sure to plan for cleanup afterward. Nobody wants to see your genitals on the toilet chair. This is a reminder: after every trim of your pubic area, take a bath. This will clean out any unwanted hairs and, more importantly, it will exfoliate your skin. To create a flat surface, hold your skin taut. Use short, gentle strokes throughout. Follow the grain. After each stroke, rinse the blade with water. If you are using shaving cream, stay clear of the water. You’ll want to wash everything with a clean, gentle soap after you have finished shaving. Make sure to remove any hairs that are left behind on your pubic, testicles and shaft. After you get out of the shower, towel off and apply a moisturizer that is not scented. Ingrown hairs can quickly become infected and painful so you want to avoid them from appearing. Last, apply a little bit of deodorant to your testicles. This will help stop any chafing and combat any unpleasant smells from being active all day.


The man’s guide for manscaping offers some suggestions to help men who aren’t sure if they should begin body grooming. To improve your appearance and prevent bacteria or infections from spreading, it’s a good idea to have those unsightly hairs trimmed.