All your biggest questions about MoonSwatch answered

All your biggest questions about MoonSwatch answered

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round silver-colored Omega chronograph watch

The country was alerted to the existence of a new technology in its early days. While it was well-known to the IT community, it was not known to the mass market. This tech was called the “internetbot”. Google and other reputable companies use internet bots to quickly search the web in order to organize and catalogue large amounts of data into easily accessible, searchable pages.

In July 2020, Singapore Island Country Club discovered that some members had used these software programs to book highly sought-after times slots. SICC’s online booking system was compromised by some members using these scripted programs or bots to book popular timeslots.

Dead giveaways are often a sign that bookings speed and quantity far exceed human capabilities. SICC received millions of booking requests each day from scripted programs and automated bots. Over 50% of these bookings were complete within seconds. When Swatch attempted to release the MoonSwatch online, they encountered this problem.

Officially, we know that Swatch Group intended to release the MoonSwatch in limited quantities and then launch it online after the initial launch period. One of the biggest complaints has been that the Swiss watch conglomerate didn’t offer the watches in all their boutiques simultaneously. The corporate strategy launched was to make the MoonSwatches only available in retail locations that were shared with Omega, their brand partner.

MoonSwatch watches are not yet available online?

Augustman spoke to us under anonymity. We understand that MoonSwatches were briefly put online before the order button was grayed out. This was because Swatch Group had noticed unusually high traffic on the pages containing each “Mission MoonSwatch.” This isn’t unusual for a hyped watch (which witnessed a literal global stampede as evidenced by the numerous TikTok story videos), but what often catches IT professionals’ attention is the speed of operations and the clinical manner in which they were performed.

A human being will typically linger on a section of a webpage before clicking “operation”. This could be whether he clicks buy or goes to another product that interests him. However, the speed and manner in which interactions occur suggested that it was not a human conducting this bit of business online. Swatch pulled the plug to stop potential resellers and flippers from attempting to scalp watch enthusiasts and watch-lovers.

Why is there no official communication regarding restock schedules

Staff discovered that there were networks of enterprising people who formed and kept track of the time when staff arrived at stores. This would indicate a MoonSwatch restock. They would then contact their group to bring in more people to avoid the “one watch per customer” sales policy the company had established to discourage resellers and flippers.

To avoid tipping off unscrupulous buyers, Swatch instituted two steps to circumvent this policy. Swatch has now started silent drops. If you are a watch enthusiast who happens to pop into the store at the right moment, it is difficult to tell the difference between genuine buyers or opportunists. You’re in luck.

Swatch Ltd* warrants your SWATCH (r), watch for twenty-four (24) month from date of purchase, subject to the terms and conditions. International SWATCH warranty covers manufacturing and material defects that may have occurred at the time the SWATCH watch was delivered (“defects”)

Is it true that damaged MoonSwatches can’t be repaired by bioceramics and sustainability?

The devil is in your semantics. MoonSwatches can’t be repaired because they are monobloc bioceramics (a unique mixture of two-thirds clay and one-third castor oil).

Swatch will replace your watch if it is determined that the damage was caused by user error and not a factory defect. To avoid abuse by consumers, replacements are made on a case-by-case basis. Swatch does not consider the MoonSwatch to be “disposable”. Swatch’s core value of sustainability means that the batteries can be replaced in-store for a lifetime. Staff recommend that scratches on the hesalite glass be repaired so that they can make the crystal shine and make it new again.

What’s the deal with all the hype?

The Omega x Swatch MoonSwatch is a way to answer a crucial question: Does it have to be expensive to make “hype”? It’s not the most expensive of plastic, but it has the unique combination of cultural zeitgeist, brand provenance, and a timepiece that is a long-standing legend to make it a sensation.

It’s not the Omega Speedmaster. Anyone pretending that it is seriously deluded. MoonSwatches do not meet those standards. They would fail all of NASA’s tests that would make a timepiece a “MoonSwatch.” Instead, we have an unexpected, provocative, and visionary partnership between Omega and Swatch. This is the culmination a trend in collaborations between luxury brands and street brands to create innovative products that combine the best of both.

Yes, scalpers and flippers were a catalyst. But think about the Steinhart models that didn’t accurately reflect vintage Newman Daytona aesthetics. MoonSwatch is a master at this, and they don’t even attempt to copy it. The use of colours like pink (Mission to Venus), and pale blue (Mission to Uranus), gives strong clues that these watches are not the standard Omega Speedmaster watches. A dedicated Moonwatch fan will be hard-pressed to notice the differences in the overall design.

All the key Moonwatch design elements are present. The distinctive Speedmaster subdials and the asymmetrical case are all perfect. This watch is a more down-to-earth version of the watch that went on the moon. It perfectly reflects Swatch’s joy in life and innovation philosophy, “your second Watch or Swatch”.

The iconic design is now available to all fans with the clever Bioceramic MoonSwatch collection by Swatch. It works because it does.