Biggest Beauty News From June

Biggest Beauty News From June

21.06.2022 Off By manager_1

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The Ordinary has launched a brow and lash serum

The Ordinary has launched a new serum this week to help promote thicker, fuller and healthier eyebrows and eyelashes. The four peptide technologies, which include 11 active ingredients and natural extractions, are only used twice daily and nourish and protect those desirable facial features right at the root. The Ordinary Multi-Peptide & Lash is available at a modest $14.50. Brow Serum will be a popular addition to beauty routines across the country.

Alert to local brands: Montreal’s V*Gam Biome has a scientific purpose

We just received this local brand in our inbox. V*Gam Biome, headed by Dr. Mireille Vega, is a company that aims to make skincare easy and science-backed. They offer a three-step routine. The unisex facial cleanser and mineral serum for both men and women aim to provide a simple, effective solution that adapts to the changing skin needs.

Haus Labs by Lady Gaga produces a new beauty product

Haus Labs by Lady Gaga has been in development for two years. The rebranding of Haus Laboratories, Lady Gaga’s original cosmetics company, is complete. This time, she has tied it to an ethos that promotes clean artistry (meaning skin-loving ingredients that are kind to animals, people and the planet). Gaga discusses the importance of the rebrand and the intangible things that make her feel the most beautiful. You can shop the colorful assortment of products at and, as well as at 25 selected Sephora stores.

Estee Lauder Canada, in partnership with Vital Voices, launches the Emerging Leaders Fond.

The 75-year history of Estee Lauder tells the story about one visionary woman’s achievements. Estee Lauder has launched the Estee Lauder Emerging Leaders Fund (ELEL) to help a new generation women leaders. The fund, which has partnered with Vital Voices to be the first grantee of the program, created VV Visionaries, an immersive program that will give these women greater access to mentorship, training, and a wider network.

Miss Jones and Rebel Mama are destigmatizing marijuana use

Toronto will host an educational pop-up store on Thursday, June 23. Rebel Mama x Miss Jones offers a personalized and approachable shopping experience for women who want to incorporate cannabis into their lives. This is a must-see event.