15 proofs you’re not too old for long hair

15 proofs you’re not too old for long hair

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Once you reach a certain age, hairstylists and beauty magazines will advise you to cut your hair to a specific length. Your long, curly hair, playful up-dos and chest-skimming style are all expected to be replaced by more sensible styles. Many women love the chic look of a bob. However, others shouldn’t feel forced to do the same.

You don’t have to be a sassy woman to love long hair. Many women over 40 have refused to have their hair cut and kept their long, straight hair. You will find inspiration for everything from gray and wiry hair styled into braids to natural hair styles like dreadlocks to loose, windblown hair.

Sometimes, women have to cut their hair because they feel it is necessary. Hair texture changes as hormones and menopause hit. A shorter cut makes it easier to manage. The tresses become thinner, drier and more coarse. It also looks fuller and healthier. If you don’t feel that a bob is necessary, it is fine to keep your long hair! You will be inspired to grow your hair a few inches more by other women who feel the same way.

1. Loose Pigtail Braids

You can have fun with youthful hairstyles if you have long hair! You can go back to your hippie days by tying your hair in loose plaits. To make your hair look more grown-up, you can remove some tendrils from around your eyes. Bumble and Bumble’s surf spray ($27, Sephora) will give you a soft, smooth lift.

2. A Shoulder Braid

Long hair allows you to experiment with many different styles. A braid is one of the most simple to learn. You can use different techniques to create different looks. Try braiding your hair with Qhemet Biologics Aethiopika Hydrate & Twist Butter ($18 at Sephora). It’s great for braids!

3. Long hair with blond bangs

Add some style to your long, loose locks by adding straight, blunt bangs. This is a bold look that will make you fashion-forward. A hair density serum such as The Ordinary’s Multipeptidide Serum ($18 at Sephora) can make your bangs look fuller.

4. Middle-Parted Locks

Sometimes simplicity is the best. Let your hair fall down the middle and let it hang loosely down your back. Bumble uses a soft waxy hairstyler to manage flyaways in the middle. Bumble’s Sumotech Flexible cream ($29, Sephora).

5. Curls thrown to the side

For maximum volume, curl your hair and place it on one side of your head. This will create a playful and flirty look. You can get the best out of your curls by using lightweight, moisturizing creams like Briogeo’s Curl Charisma Leave In Defining Cream ($20 at Sephora).

6. Style for the back: Blown-back hairstyle

Use a round-barrel brush to blow dry your hair, giving it a windswept look. Because it lifts your hair by the roots, drying your hair back can also give your hair more volume. This is a great way to thin your hair.

7. Bent Waves

You can give your hair body by styling your hair into wavy waves. You can do this easily with a hair straightener. Wrap one-inch sections around the straightener and then curl your hair like you are curling a ribbon.

8. Loose & Wild

Let your long hair be loose and natural. However, you can give it structure by using wax or pomade. It will look more intentional to use wax on your hair.

9. Blown Out

A salon treatment and blowout can make your long hair silky smooth. Your hair becomes more coarse and brittle as you age. Smoothening your hair with a round brush or blow dryer can make it look better.

10. Chignon

You have long hair so you can play with updos. Try the elegant, easy-to-make chignon. You can make the style look less serious by removing your fringe or shorter layers to give it more body. Drybar’s Single Shot Blow Dryer Brush ($150, Sephora), combines a round brush and a hairdryer to create beautiful layers in just one step.

11. Long, loose curls

Curls are a great way to style your hair, especially if you have long hair. You can curl your hair all day with a curling iron. GHD’s Curve Soft Curl iron ($199, Sephora) is a favorite of ours. It produces soft, silky waves.

12. Accentuated with Layers

Layers can be added to your hair to give it more body. It will make styling your hair easier as it will frame your face naturally and give your look a bit more texture.

13. Pair with Wispy Bangs

These wispy bangs can be a great alternative to the traditional blunt fringe. These bangs fall on your forehead but can be pushed back and removed if you don’t like them.

14. Pin Straight

You can give your long hair a polished appearance by having it pin straightened with a hair dryer and glossed with a shine spray.

15. Make A Rope Braid

You don’t have to use the traditional French or Dutch braid. Instead, you can weave your strands into a chic rope-braid.