About cardigans for men

About cardigans for men

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man holding his gray cardigan

The majority of cardigans that menswear enthusiasts love fall under one of these two categories. The cardigan should be worn underneath a jacket. It is often sleeveless. This cardigan is usually quite thin and can be used as an extra layer of warmth. Although it can look old-fashioned, it works well under a jacket.

In its early years, Drake’s did a lot of to demonstrate how this style can be creatively and fun. This was especially true when it is loosely buttoned or in unusual colours.

The second is the shawl collar cardigan. This cardigan is not meant to be worn under a jacket. It can be used as a jacket replacement with its large collar and chunky knit. This style is flattering on slim men and has been enduringly popular. They are also worn by Daniel Craig every now and again.

It seems like one style is more popular than the other.

One reader commented that the oversized fit reminded her of the days when almost all cardigans were worn by OAPs. Another commentator said that the baggy cut was unflattering and bordering on ugly.

It’s fair enough. This cardigan is not as flattering as a Shawl-Collar, which can give us larger shoulders, and it isn’t fitted like an sleeveless or sleeveless cardigan. It is also flattering in concealing the waist, especially under a jacket.

It can also be very stylish. It’s easy to wear, comfortable, and even louche. It’s not fitted but drapes beautifully in the right fabric.

It is different from the cardigan that your grandfather may have worn. Here’s where we get into the subtle art and craft of knitting design. The other is the weight. The weight is often a factor. It never had enough fabric to drape well. It’s not just about the weight. The density, the ply, and the fiber are what determine how straight it falls and how likely it is to wrinkle or crease.

The cut is another important consideration. With a longer sleeve, a looser cardigan will look better. It should not be too large that you notice it, but sufficient to fit comfortably around the body and maintain a luxurious feel.

Connolly’s Art Cardi echoes this style with its straight cut front. Tailoring garments often have a kink just above the first button. The buttons are in a low position. The turn-back cuffs. The saddle shoulder creates a smooth transition from shoulder to sleeve.

This is how I enjoy learning about design. It’s subtle and less obvious than discussing cloth weights, patterns, or fibre. It is often difficult to see.

It’s not easy to price, as men with logical minds will often try. Lorraine Acornley, Connolly’s knitwear design specialist, deserves all the credit. Personally, I prefer this drapier look when the ensemble is straightened or cinched.

In one example, I am wearing tailored flannels with a belt in my usual mid-to high rise. An ordinary, low-rise trouser will look less professional than a tailored trouser. Both are highlighted by the belt, which creates a focal point and an appearance of particular neatness.

Connolly have done and will continue to do this cardigan in different colors. However, the cream suits me best because it can be paired with almost any type of tailoring, such as navy serge, olive flannel or brown linen. Although white is the most popular shirt colour, it can also be an oxford or poplin shirt.

It is not at its best, but I think this reduces its practicality. It doesn’t prevent it from being something I reach out for every day at home. It does require a shirt, but that is only for me. They can be worn with a T-shirt by others, but I find it too unflattering without a collar.

The mohair cardigan featured by The Real McCoy’s is the same. However, there are many other styles of mohair cardigans that have been in fashion recently. They can be worn with a T-shirt underneath. It always looked the best on Kurt, even though he wore it untucked with jeans. Connolly’s “knit waistcoat” (below) was also my purchase. The point about the loose, drapey appearance is the same.

It could look very similar to the classic sleeveless cardigan, but you may not have tried it on. Everything beyond the surface is different. The body shape, the ribbing tension and shoulder width, as well as the collar height, placket size and collar height are all different.

This is again the essence of design. The Connolly vest almost looks more like a workwear piece that a tailored cardigan. This vest is terrible under a jacket, but it’s great worn as a gilet over a shirt or under a chore jacket.

It is reminiscent of the waistcoats that I saw men wearing over their shalwar kameez in north Pakistan years ago. It was thick and straight-cut, but it was often worn loosely during the day. This was a stylish, practical and elegant look.

If you feel the need to, consider a slouchy sweater. You can make it elegant and beautiful, or even an alternative.

Given how common the tight, short, and stretchy-fabric look is in menswear I believe it’s important that we talk about how beautiful draped fabric can actually be.