Why Hardly Any Gucci Was Featured in ‘House Of Gucci’? Here is the answer

Why Hardly Any Gucci Was Featured in ‘House Of Gucci’? Here is the answer

13.12.2021 Off By manager_1

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Costuming can have a major impact on the film’s success. The costuming of a film is more than the clothes we see on the big screen. It tells a story about the past, present, and often future of the characters who are wearing it. Costuming is even more important in films like House Of Gucci. It’s about one of the most prestigious fashion houses in the entire world. It was therefore crucial that the person charged with the task could rise to the occasion. Janty Yates is well-known for her work on Gladiator and American Gangster. She also worked with Miami Vice and many other projects.

It would seem that Thanksgiving would be filled with the same brand that was the catalyst for the film. But, surprisingly, Yates tells us that this is not the case. Yates states that “essentially I was given full control.” Yates said that although we were making a film on Gucci, it wasn’t like we were in bed with Gucci when we came to costumes. In fact, She explained that it was difficult to secure the brand’s offerings. She continues, revealing that Lady Gaga was able try the costumes on in her role of Patrizia Reggiani. “They fit like gloves and we had to return them.” It was January, when Robert Triefus, Gucci’s founder and former Armani boss, intervened.

He said, “We must allow them to have them.” Yates claims that that was the most important collaboration production had with Gucci, with the exception of the retrieval of a few shoes.

Ironically, Reggiani didn’t wear much Gucci in her real life. Yates reveals that Reggiani loved Yves Saint Laurent. “So, we were far more keen on YSL Vintage than Gucci.” Reggiani was not a fan at the time of the brand’s more conservative aesthetic. She says that Gucci was described before Tom Ford arrived as “round and brown” prior to Ford’s arrival. “Everything was very angular, lacked color. There was lots of black, white, and every other color.” To our surprise, and Yates’s, Reggiani did indeed wear Gucci for the most important moment of her life. She says, “I did read that her wedding dress was Gucci.” “Now, for the film, we made that gown, but we also made one with lace.”

Yates, however, is adamant about the influence Gucci has had on the fashion industry. She says, “It’s so huge and so enormous.” “In my early research, it was likely in Sarah Harden’s, but it was claimed that Gucci gave Lawrence Harvey (a big movie star in those days), a burgundy snake-skin briefcase that opened into an open cabinet. It’s amazing! They were great at bags and shoes, as well as luggage. Tom Ford is the one who helped them get through their struggles in the field of design. It amazes everyone. Gucci is now, “just, you know. It’s fantastic.”

She is confident that Gucci is moving in the right direction. “Alessandro Michele is now on the throne, and his designs are so appealing to costumes. This logo is adorned with a costume that’s more retro, but it has a lot of other elements.”

Yates hopes that viewers will feel happier after watching the fashions in the film. She says, “I want them take away joy.” “I loved every day on set, and I’d run to set to ensure Ridley was happy. This is not only about Lady Gaga’s clothes. “I want Adam and Al to leave full of joy. The way they looked in their suits, jackets, or blazers. It’s a sad end, but it’s not.”

House Of Gucci currently plays in only a handful of theatres across the country.