Check Out This Sustainable Luggage Brand If You’re a Traveller

Check Out This Sustainable Luggage Brand If You’re a Traveller

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Horizn Studios takes things one step further. Horizn Studios is a luxury luggage brand that lives and breathes travel. It has a unique approach to designing bags and cases.

We are ready to pack again after years of restrictions on travel caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. To say that itchy feet is a common symptom of the Covid-19 pandemic is an understatement. Horizn Studios has a range of luggage to suit every type of travel and globetrotter, answering the call of the departure lounge. This includes backpacks and luggage accessories, as well as cases in every size.

These new travel companions are in tune with the next generation. Horizn’s collection of identikit bags is not like the majority you will see on baggage claim conveyor belts. It is smartly designed, urbane, and sustainable.

It created the Circle One last year. This range is billed as the most sustainable luxury luggage in the world, and it’s made entirely from plant-based, biodegradable materials. Horizn Studios has been around for 10 years, but its reputation is already one of innovation.

It was Europe’s first direct to-consumer travel brand when it launched in 2015. It has been a true disruptor in the market since then. It launched the first ever luggage that had a removable charging function in 2016. It collaborated with NASA astronaut Alyssa Carlson to create space luggage in 2019. Other collaborators include BMW, Beats By Dre, and the Soho House Group.

Horizn Studios products, including large-sized luggage and commuter backpacks are designed to “accommode you for the rest of your life”. They are made from durable but strong materials and come with useful features like hidden pockets, expandable sections and water-sealed compartments. These bags can also be used repeatedly and repaired, making them a true long-haul bag.

Below, we’ve compiled our top picks from the brand’s most popular offerings. They are ready for any adventure. Which direction will you take it?


Horizn’s classic cabin luggage is made to make your trip more manageable. The bag features a front pocket that is easy to access for your laptop, a compression pad to pack up to five days worth of clothes, and a removable charger so you can charge your devices while on the go.

The company’s production is also 100% waste-free and it’s made with a premium, PETA-approved, polycarbonate hardshell. You can choose from seven different color options or personalize the design using the brand’s personalized service, Horizn ID.


Horizn’s modern approach to design is evident in the M5 Neon series. Available in bright, colorful-pop options, you’ll never have to pick up luggage from a stranger again.

This is a more affordable version of the brand’s cabin luggage. It doesn’t include the detachable charging cable, but it does have many other design features, such as the front pocket to store essential travel accessories. The 360-degree spinner wheels allow for smooth transit through departure lounges and the lock is approved by TSA for your security.


The SoFo backpack is designed to be a backpack that you can pack like a suitcase. It features a back panel which opens up so you can maximize your internal space and organize it as you wish. This is the detail that sets Horizn Studios apart from other brands.

You can take your bag to work, but it will also be useful for longer trips and weekends away. It also features a padded back compartment for laptops and breathable padding on the shoulders. It also feels minimalistic despite having a lot of pockets.


The SoFo Weekender, another versatile and spacious design is an all-rounder. The SoFo Weekender is ideal for all occasions, including last-minute trips and trips to the gym.

This bag has a 32-liter storage capacity and two pockets for passports, keys or other necessities you might need in a hurry. The bag is made from water-sealed, recycled canvas and easy to clean.


This backpack is not minimalist in appearance. There’s plenty inside. You’ll find compartments that are well-placed for documents and small valuables, as well as a water-resistant cover (perfect for rainy commutes and hikes).

It is similar to many smaller Horizn bags and has a strap that can be attached securely to your suitcase’s handles.


A crossbody bag, fanny bag, bum bag or whatever else you call them, has been a must-have accessory for the past few years. This ultimate hand-free carryall keeps your valuables safe and close at your fingertips.

The Horizn Gion crossbody is as useful for daily journeys as it is for traveling. You can store your most valuable items in extra-secure compartments that have waterproof zippers and lining.


The Top Case is a simple, practical item that feels luxurious when used. It slips over your suitcase handle easily and allows you to access your essentials.

It’s large enough to store your headphones, a washbag, and other common items. It’s also made of extremely durable nylon.


Horizn’s Packing cubes should be nominated for the Nobel Prize in Storage Innovation. You won’t realize you need packing cubes until you use them.