The TikTok Viral “Kate Moss Contour” Hack will Change Your Life

The TikTok Viral “Kate Moss Contour” Hack will Change Your Life

27.07.2022 Off By manager_1

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One of the oldest beauty techniques is contouring. You can give a contoured look to certain areas of your face, especially the cheekbones, by using cream or powder. Remember to keep your face shape in mind when contouring. This is the key to their placement points.

It all boils down to your individual preferences. My personal routine was to apply cream bronzer at my highest point on my cheekbones. This was until I discovered a TikTok trick that changed the way I contour.

Ali Martin, a makeup artist, created the “Kate Moss contour” with her simple but effective contour placement. It was inspired by Kate Moss’s cheekbones. She begins by applying powder bronzer to the hollows of her cheekbones in her TikTok video. This is right next to where the smile lines are. After applying her bronzer to the area shown below, she blends it with her finger tip in an upward motion. This creates the illusion of a lifted cheekbone.

Martin mentioned to Aboutfash that Martin’s face is asymmetrical. This trait is one I also share. Asymmetry is something that we all have in common, which is completely okay. My problem was that my contour never fit evenly on both sides of my face. Although I didn’t know the solution, I found a new way to contour apply that allowed me to emphasize both sides of my face.

“All my clients and photoshots have had some element of the Kate Moss hack throughout the years.” Martin says that she thought it was a great time to share it. She has been a makeup artist for over 25 years. Her TikTok viral video, which had nearly one million views at the time of this post, encouraged other creators to try the hack.

The first time @Rawmakeup attempted this trick, her first words were “This is a really frightening placement.” After trying to find the exact spot myself for the first time, I finally understood what she was referring to. The rest was history once I understood what she meant.

I used a small amount of Dior Backstage Concealer 5N to cover my jawline. It was just below my corners. This is an area I hadn’t explored before with contouring. I smiled to confirm that I had correctly placed the product. I used the Iconic London Precision Duo Contour Brush to blend my cares and hoped for best.

What is in your makeup bag? This method can be used with cream, powder, cream or even a bronze stick, depending on which product you prefer. After I had blended the product, my cheekbones really stood out. It also made my round face appear more defined. This contouring technique is more versatile than my previous one. It allows you to add a bronzed look to your skin without being too heavy handed. If I feel the need to look a little more snazzy, I blend a bit of concealer under the contoured areas.

The key takeaway is to understand the best contour placement for your face shape. There will always be a contouring method that suits your individual needs, regardless of whether you are square, oval, heart-shaped or triangular. This trick was a huge success on my face, and many other TikTok users’ faces.

Consider the highlights of your face and experiment with new techniques. My makeup routine now includes the “Kate Moss contour” technique. My contour is flawless and I can flaunt it. You can try it for yourself. You might be pleasantly surprised.