The Top Grandad Collar Shirt Male Brands in 2022

The Top Grandad Collar Shirt Male Brands in 2022

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Many people overlook grandad collar shirts in favor of their collared counterparts. You might wonder what the use of a shirt with no collar? A grandad collar, also known as a band collar, shirt is the perfect choice if you want to change up your casual wear or dress down your tailoring.

They are comfortable and easy to wear. They can be worn as a collared shirt or polo and look great with a variety of styles from casual and smart to streetwear-inspired. These are some tips to help you choose the right style for you.

Here’s everything you need: From the perfect fit to the top grandad collar shirt brands,

Purchasing considerations


Fabric is everything when it comes to shirting. Fabric can make the difference between a formal shirt and a casual shirt that you would wear with jeans. This holds true for grandad collar shirts as well. Fabric should be considered when adding one to your wardrobe.

Grandad collar shirts, like their collared counterparts, are available in a variety of materials. It’s important to determine where and when you will wear it first before making a decision. Is it a shirt that you will casually wear with chinos and shorts in summer? Are you looking to style it with more structured tailoring for smarter occasions? In either case, you’ll need a completely different shirt.

You should choose lighter fabrics that are breathable and have lots of texture, such as linen, Oxford cotton, or tencel. Dress shirts are best made in flat fabrics such as poplin cotton. This complements the formality and sophistication of a suit.


When deciding where and when to wear it, remember to consider the fit. The fit should be comfortable if you plan to wear it casually. An oversized cut with slightly dropped shoulders, a boxy center and loose fitting sleeves will work well over jeans or worker pants.

However, shirts that are worn in formal settings should be cut more slimmly. A shirt that shapes your top half while not restricting your movement is ideal. This shirt will look great when worn with tailored trousers.

The details

All grandad collar shirts may not be made the same. Other than fabric and fit, there are many other factors to consider when buying your grandad collar shirt. Some casual versions might have a chest pocket which gives it a workwear look. While others might have straight hems, it is great for untucked.

The more formal a shirt is, the less fuss it has. It’s better to wear it with a blazer if it has a plain front, simple buttons, and a classic, curved hem.

The Best Grandad Collar T-Shirt Brands

Luca Faloni

Luca Faloni is the place to go for grandad collar shirts. They can be used with tailoring just as well as shorts in summer. The Italian brand sources only the best fabrics, including cotton and soft linen, and makes them in northern Italy. This guarantees high quality and perfectly-fitted garments.


Uniqlo is a great budget option. This applies to any piece of clothing, including grandad collar shirts. There are many options for cuts and finishes. You can find linen in both summer and winter, and you have cotton options all year.


Cos is an excellent choice for a more design-driven approach. Cos is a Swedish brand that is known for its minimalist approach to wardrobe staples. Look out for shirts with relaxed silhouettes that can be worn casually or dressed up with trousers and loafers.

TM Lewin

Although TM Lewin is best known for its formal shirting, which can be a great option to wear for work, the British high-street chain also offers casual wear.

The grandad collar shirt is simple in design, but made from luxurious fabrics that will last for many seasons.


We love Pangaia’s signature sweatshirts made of heavyweight recycled cotton. But, its shirts are just as well-designed and beautiful. Expect oversized fittings and soft, aloe-treated linen that feels and looks great on the skin, thanks to its grandad collar styles

Sir Plus

Sir Plus is a master of relaxed elegance and specializes in wardrobe staples made from excess or leftover fabrics. You should also look out for unique yarns such as cotton-cashmere which transforms the simple grandad collar shirt to a luxury investment piece.


The capsule collection of the Italian casual wear brand offers everything you need, from sophisticated basics to well-cut blazers. The grandad collar shirts, which are often available in unique fabrics like cotton seersucker or denim, are also well-designed.


Boglioli is well-known for its lightweight, exceptionally-made tailoring. The Italian brand may even be the best in ready-to wear suits. It also produces a variety of shirts to accompany them, including grandad collar styles. These shirts are made from sturdy fabrics such as wool flannel or light cotton poplin.


Incotex offers a relaxed version of the grandad collar. They specialize in flattering fittings in lightweight fabrics and are great for wearing untucked with chinos or minimal sneakers.

Brunello Cucinelli

Brunello Cucinelli is the best luxury brand when it comes to extravagant luxury. Brunello Cucinelli’s shirts are all made in Italy at the factory. The fabrics are sourced from top-quality mills around the world. This guarantees a high level of quality.