Dating Expert Shared The Truth About Double-Texting

Dating Expert Shared The Truth About Double-Texting

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It would be difficult to find someone who has mastered the art of dating. It can be nerve-wracking to plan for a date, particularly if it is your first date or you are still getting to know someone. As if the date was not stressful enough, texting etiquette requires careful navigation. This is a topic that may be more important for younger generations, who may not be used to technology and cell phones as a default part of dating.

There are many topics that can be highly debated about how we communicate with our crushes via texts. One of them is “How often should I text someone during the courting/dating process?”

What is double-texting?

Doubling texting is, in other words, texting more than one person before they reply to you. This type of communication involves a period of time between two or more texts sent from the same person (via Zoosk). It sounds innocent enough, right? It can be a very off-putting behavior and many people believe it to be. A double-text can be seen as desperate, anxious, or even attention-seeking. It usually happens when someone is unable to wait for their response.

Maria Avgitidis is the CEO of Agape Match. She says that if “they don’t reply to your text after you send it, they will dictate when you respond.” Elite Daily reports. It might be the key to deciding whether there will be a next date.

Experts believe double-texting is not a bad thing if done in the right contexts

Do not be discouraged if you are pondering all the times that you have double-texted. Experts suggest double-texting may not be so bad. In fact, it might be a good habit that can reveal some very compelling information about your crush.

Jennifer Mann, a psychotherapist who is also a media advisor for Hope for Depression Research Foundation believes double-texting’s negative reputation might not be entirely justified. Mann stated that double texting is a common way to build relationships and communicate with others. Mann said that there shouldn’t be any generalized rules. “It’s okay to double-text your crush. It all depends on the context and what it is. Sweet!

However, this doesn’t mean that you should double-text everyone on your contact list. Elite Daily suggests that you ask a few questions before you double-text someone. These include how long ago it has been since you last texted them, what you sent them last, how long you have been dating, when you last saw them online, and a few other factors. Once you have answered these questions and feel comfortable with your answers, double-texting is possible.

TikTok user compares double-texting and economics

When you decide whether to double-text someone, another important question to consider is how invested are you in that person. TikTok user Ali (also known as @findingmrheight) further explores this idea and has a podcast with the same name. She calls herself a “dating & relationship coach”. She boasts more than 160,000 followers and is a real coach.

She explains in the videos how she double-texted someone, and her reasoning. This is a case of “economics and love colliding.” The video explains that when someone doesn’t respond to your texts, there are two options. You can either assume that they didn’t reply or you can assume that they are ghosting you. Ali explained that your level of investment should reflect your tolerance for risk. This is where economic philosophies are useful. Because she doesn’t know this person well, her level investment is low. She’s not at risk of losing anything by following up with him.

However, this is not a foolproof strategy and ghosting can still be a danger!