How to Dress Up Your Little Black Dress

How to Dress Up Your Little Black Dress

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The LBD, also known as “the little black dress”, is a staple in anyone’s wardrobe. It can be worn by everyone, from the fashion-forward fashionista to casual one and to people who see clothes as utilitarian. A black dress is essential for every occasion in your wardrobe. It is necessary for a date. It is necessary for a wedding. It is necessary for your little sister to graduate from grade school. It is also necessary for funerals. No matter what the occasion, a little black gown is appropriate for it.

Because the little black dress is versatile, it can be worn in many different ways. You can dress it up or down or even sideways. You can make it more fancy by adding high heels or a lot of jewelry. If you wear it with tights, it can be semi-casual. There are many street styles to choose from. You see what we are referring to? There are endless possibilities with the LBD.

Your LBD is as unique as your DNA. It all comes down to how you style it with accessories. Its styling can also make it appropriate or fit for what you do while wearing it. These are some new ways to spice up your little black gown.

  • Layer the necklaces

Do you want to rock a simple black dress, like a breezy slip dress or a little black dress? You can. You can pair it with a variety of statement jewelry. Layer multiple necklaces with a choker in a thin, 90s-style style. It doesn’t have to cost a lot. Forever 21 and other retailers have many affordable, trendy necklace options. Don’t be afraid to add necklaces that you haven’t worn for years and are currently buried in a drawer. Re-arrange them. You can use Rihanna’s inspiration as she is the king of multi-necklaces at the time this article was written.

  • Stack your bracelets

You need to consider your wrists if your little black dress is too high or has multiple necklaces. You can stack a lot of thin bangles across both your wrists. A simple LBD can be transformed into a high-fashion look by adding lots of bracelets. You can mix materials and shapes. We highly recommend visiting Etsy to stock up on a selection of affordable customizable bracelets. P.S. : Double up on rings if you feel adventurous. Two rings can be worn on each finger, one above the knuckle and one below. Topshop is known for its wide selection of adorable ring options.

  • Get tough

A simple black dress can be made more masculine by adding a leather jacket or bomber to it. Demi Lovato is a great example of this. You can make major street style with a pair of combat boots, but the better. You can also ditch the jacket and look great with your favorite boots. Fashion is more fun when you are able to focus on your contrasts. This is why a leather jacket is always a good choice with the LBD.

  • Tights, tights, tights!

When the temperatures drop and you don’t want to expose your skin, thick, black, opaque tights are a great way to make a little black dress transition into fall. While you can get away with shorter sleeves, tights will cover your legs and allow you to show off your legs. Zooey Deschanel, always wears black hosiery with her girlish dresses. Tights are a cute and modern fashion choice. They are designed to keep you warm. Fashion and function are always a winning combination.

  • Baby, glow!

You don’t need to wear thick, black tights if it’s warm outside. If you do, you can show your legs in a little black dress. What is the best way to draw attention to your legs? Glow, that’s how! Use a body oil or moisturizing lotion to give your legs a shimmering, hydrating glow. FarmHouse Fresh Agave Nectar Body Oil is the best for gleaming legs. There is no reason to have dry, pasty skin when your LBD hems are short.

  • It can be paired with a denim jacket

A denim jacket can be as essential as a leather jacket but is more versatile and casual than a jean jacket. You can add casual style to your feminine look by choosing a tailored, fitted or cropped cut. A denim jacket can be purchased at Macy’s, Old Navy or Target to go with your little black dress.

  • Take into account your fabric

You can also dress up a little-black dress by adding accessories or planning ahead. Consider the fabric. If your fabric is unique enough, you can skip the accessories altogether. A faux leather LBD is a great option — Zara and ASOS often offer affordable options that were straight off the runway. The LBD will stand alone because of the material. Emma Stone was our black leather LBD inspiration at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards. The black leather mini she wore was ruched and sleeveless. It is our favorite Stone look. The perfect pairing for her elegant frock was her porcelain skin and steely, smoky eyes.

  • Go for the Gold

Metallic, gleaming golden is the best choice for black. All gold accessories can be worn with your little black dress. You can go with a molten manicure and match your accessories. This is a great way to look serious.

  • Blaze of glory

A blazer can be a timeless accessory that is both elegant and practical. For an additional contrast, add an oversized jacket to your little black dress. A preppy blazer can be worn with a LBD with a full- or tiered skirt. This will create a masculine contrast. You can also top it with an LBD with similar lines, and you’ll have a polished presentation. You can also use a blazer for important meetings or job interviews.

  • An “it” bag

An “it” bag is the perfect accessory to a little black dress. Spend a lot of money — or “invest in”, as we prefer to use the word — on an “it” bag. It will be your forever companion and can be used for many seasons. You can even wear it with your LBD. The “it” bags are typically made by luxury brands and are quite spacious. You don’t need to worry about accessories when you have an LBD and one of these purses.