These 11 electric razors are the best for a clean, smooth shave

These 11 electric razors are the best for a clean, smooth shave

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Hatteker, who took inspiration from many a beard trimmer’s approach to electric shaving, has created a multitool that can perform multiple functions. There are four floating heads that can be used to shave the face, including a precision trimmer and a nose trimmer. These are all as effective as a more targeted alternative. It’s not, but you get a lot more bang for your buck.

The 4-in-1 is waterproof, which makes it easy to clean and maintain. You can also use the comfort foam to wet shave, if desired. The USB charging cable is easy to use and doesn’t require any special plugs or frayed cables. The built-in smart charging technology allows for up to an hour of usage per charge. It takes only an hour and a quarter to fully charge the device. Although this shaver does a lot with very little money, it’s not the most beautiful. Although we wouldn’t call it ugly per se, the thought has crossed our minds a few times.

BRAUN SERIES 5 50 – B1200S

Worst part about owning a shaver? It’s having to open the foil and remove months worth of hair and other debris with one of those small brushes that come in the box. Braun’s new Series 5 razor won’t make it any easier, but the Easy Clean system can help you to avoid this. You can use specially-designed openings to rinse the shaver’s head from underneath. This will get rid of any accumulated stubble. Although it might seem like an insignificant feature, we promise you will be grateful for this one when cleaning time comes.

These waterproof capabilities allow you to use the Series 5 with foam or in the shower. This is great for sensitive skin that is more susceptible to cuts and nicks. You can grab your favorite bottle of sensitive shaving gel and you are good to go. Braun’s EasyClick system allows you to swap out your main shaving head for a variety of compatible accessories. These include a precision trimmer, beard trimmer, and body hair trimmer. It’s useful if you only need one tool for grooming.


Since years, the OneBlade has been a favorite of ours. The Pro version retains all the great features of the original but adds style and functionality.

The all-black exterior is attractive, but the built-in LCD allows you to check how much battery life remains. A charging dock also makes it easy to top up. You can also take advantage of the smooth performance, including the included face shaver and body styler as well as an adjustable stubble trimmer.


Although it may not be the most flashy or attractive Panasonic electric razor, that doesn’t matter when you consider its close, smooth shave and very affordable price.

It boasts a dual-foil system that promises a close and irritation-free shave. The pivoting head provides maximum comfort. You’ll love this product, provided you can tolerate the slow charging.


This Braun Series 3 model is not only a great shaver, but also a good value for money. It has many features that you would expect from more expensive models, including waterproofing and fast charging in just five minutes. Its design is sturdy and functional, with good grip and a pleasant weight. It won’t win any electric razor beauty contests, but it’s not impossible. We would like to believe they aren’t. Perhaps the Red Dot design award is the closest thing to it. Anyway, we’re rambling.

The Series 3 is a utilitarian product that allows you to enjoy your morning shave without having to worry about whether it will slip out of your hands, give you a nip or force you into endless rolls of toilet paper, Homer Simpson-style. This foil shaver is great for anyone with a budget.


Remington’s OneBlade competitor is ready to take on Philips by offering a blade that will last five years without needing to be replaced. This is a lot more convenient than the OneBlade recommendation to replace it every four months.

The Omniblade from Remington is convenient, but it should deliver similar results. It even has three trimmer guards in case you need them to do basic stubble shaping. It’s durable, cheap, and long-lasting. The fact that it runs on AAA batteries makes it a great travel companion, even though its 30-minute runtime is quite short compared to other competitors.


When you travel, simplicity is often the best option. You don’t want to have to worry about packing all the bells, whistles, and/or losing an expensive grooming tool while on the road. This Philips electric travel razor is a compact and portable option. The sleek design of the Philips electric travel shaver features two floating heads. A compartment houses two AA batteries. It can last up to an hour on one charge. This charging method is a great option because you won’t have to worry about losing your cable. As we discovered, AA batteries can be purchased from anywhere in the world, including Peru and Bali.

Although it is a simple object, its minimalist design is adorable. Take a look at it. It has two little cutting heads and a simple, round body that provides a comfortable grip. What else do you need? You don’t need a charging station, cleaning station, extra cutting head, sensitive skin tech or a charging base. This makes it even more clear, doesn’t that? You can spend more if you feel you aren’t getting all the features you want. This is the best option if you need something that will do the job or an inexpensive and cheerful spare.


The Remington R4 Style is so enticing, you might as well write “My first razor” on the box. Although it sounds insulting, we think you’ll find it hard to disagree with. You know what? That’s okay. You’ll be able to forgive Remington’s designers for cutting costs in the design department and offering a functional, non-nonsense shaver that’s affordable for everyone. This is an excellent electric razor that can be used by anyone who needs it.

Keep in mind that it won’t be able to cut through very long or strong hairs if it has been growing for more than two days. Although the R4 Style’s exterior is strong enough to be handled, its plasticky design is its biggest weakness. This is both in terms its grip and in its ability to wet shave. It’s difficult to argue with this price, especially if your preference is for the black-and-red colour combination.


Although it may not be the most expensive Braun razor, the Series 7 smart shaver is still a worthy alternative to the Series 9. Its premium design aside, the main selling point of the Series 7 shaver is its built-in sensors. These sensors can detect the density of your beard and adjust the power accordingly. This makes it more efficient, which in turn extends the battery life. It also reduces irritation. Because you only use the power necessary, more hairs will be picked up per stroke at levels that aren’t too high, which can reduce irritation.

It can be used for both wet and dry shaving. The 360-degree flexible head is able to adapt to your face, making it more comfortable and efficient. Braun’s EasyClick system allows you to attach handy tools like a precision trimmer and lasts for three weeks. This package is appealing, especially when combined with the SmartCentre which charges, cleans, and lubricates all at the touch of a button. The Series 9 is a must-have.


One razor may not be enough for a man with facial hair that is more complicated than it is simple. Wahl’s 10-in-1 Aqua Blade is the perfect solution. It will not allow one hair to escape your morning grooming routine, but it will suffer from excessive use. This multi-purpose device can have many attachments, including a foil shaver.

Although it isn’t as well-engineered as the Philips and Braun electric shavers, the beard trimmer accessories provide the ultimate in versatility for the man who doesn’t have a favorite style or just wants to experiment. This shaver is waterproof, so you can experiment with whatever style interests you. It also includes a rotary head, which will keep your nose and ears in check. This is a great addition, especially for older men. Although the bulky and large design doesn’t win any points, it’s worth it for the many functionalities you get for your money.


Shower shaving saves a lot of time (we’ve heard a rumour that pro-wrestler-turned-actor John Cena does his entire morning routine from the shower to save precious minutes that could otherwise be spent hitting the gym racks), so it’s a dream to think you can become similarly punctual with Remington’s top-spec waterproof shaver. The shaver is completely waterproof and the ergonomic rubber handles prevent it from sliding out of your hands while you clean your hair. The three blades are sharp and flexible. You can shave for up to 60 minutes. With the USB charging port, you can get five minutes back. This is a feature that’s often overlooked, yet it’s becoming more popular as people seek extra convenience.

The stubble styler is what we love about this razor. It creates a buffer between the blades and your jaw, making it easier to maintain a 3-day stubble look. A pop-up trimmer is available for more difficult areas of the face, and there’s even a case to carry your travel gear with you on your adventures. That’s a lot of bang for your buck.