5 Career Tips to Help You Land Jobs and Climb the Ladder

5 Career Tips to Help You Land Jobs and Climb the Ladder

25.11.2021 Off By manager_1

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Practice makes perfect. But nowadays it’s all about networking, interviewing and negotiating a raise. However, the same career advice that works well for one person or one profession may not work for another. In the ten years that we have been covering the job market, we  have accumulated a few tips that have proven to be our go-to no matter what boss.

1. Don’t limit yourself to your job description

The genius “power twins”, Tricia and Antoinette Clarke, gave us some advice: “The number 1 toxic behavior at work” is “following your job description.” This means that you might have been hired to do x and y, but unless and until you challenge yourself to go beyond what’s expected, (try m and n, q!) you won’t experience long-term growth or progress. It’s all about being proactive and not reactive. The Clarkes say you can’t be too comfortable.

How do you get started? Just talk to your your supervisor or a colleague about things in your organization that’s falling through the cracks—then come up with one way you can help, even if it’s not part of your job description.

2. Everybody Needs a “Brag Sheet”

Brag sheets are a list of your most significant and best professional achievements that you can use to update your coworkers and during big talks (your annual review). Meredith Fineman is the author of Brag Better. Master the Art Of Fearless Self-Promotion.

What should go on your sheet? Perhaps it’s a PowerPoint presentation you whipped out of the park. Perhaps it’s a happy customer who promised to return. No matter the accomplishment, write it down. This will make it easy to pull up and use as necessary.

3. It’s OK to have a two-page resume

Are you ready to rock your world? You don’t have to worry about fitting your entire resume on one page if you are looking for a senior-level job. ResumeGo found that recruiters prefer two-page resumes to review candidates for managerial-level positions. This doesn’t mean you should be boring. You can still spill the beans onto the next page after you have reduced the font size, adjusted the margins, and cherry-picked all the words.

4. To get the one you want, you don’t have to name a salary

You should not hesitate to respond with “negotiable” if you are asked about salary requirements on a job application. If the question is raised during an interview, ask the hiring manager a question. Maria Dunn, Head of People and Culture at Managed By Q says, “Say, What is the budget for the job?” Managed By Q builds tools that improve workplace experience. (Most of the time, the interviewer has an idea and can share it with you.

It’s okay to change the number later if you have already given it. Chandra Turner, CEO, Talent Fairy, suggests that you simply say, “Now that my understanding of the responsibilities for the position is better, I feel that $X fits more closely with what I should be making.”

5. Create an “Inner Circle” of career confidantes

A work wife is essential. A colleague, past or present, who always tells it as it is. It is important to have someone who will be your biggest cheerleader, even when you make mistakes. The long-term secret of success is not a single mentor. It’s a team of advisors that you can call depending on what type of advice you need. You can have the career you want with a team like this.