These 5 Jeans Styles Will be the Top Trends in 2022

These 5 Jeans Styles Will be the Top Trends in 2022

06.12.2021 Off By manager_1

woman wearing black off-shoulder top and blue denim bottoms

The spring/summer 2022 fashion show will be full of denim. From couture-worthy looks to casual looks, you could call it the 2020-effect. In particular, the past year has seen a shift from the traditional skinny jeans to wider-leg styles and even low-waists. Although it can seem daunting to try something new with denim, give it a shot and let us know how you feel. Many fashion teams highlighted five trends we will all be wearing next season. These jeans say “We are back” and “and ready to do something new.” Aren’t you?

  • Low and Loose

This relaxed trend is a departure from high-waisted skinnies from years past. We have to admit that low waists work better for some people and can be worn with cropped tops or heels just as well as classic ones.

  • Patchwork

Denim-on denim patches are reminiscent of the traditional Japanese style called boro. This type of patchwork was very popular in the 19th and 20th centuries. Brands are increasingly using this sustainable technique to re-work vintage pieces and old fabrics into new finds. They can be worn as your favorite pair of jeans, while elevating the look with a tee and staple jeans.

  • Embellished

These jeans are a great way to have fun. These jeans will make a bold statement on a night out with your friends. These new styles are a lot more sophisticated than the Bedazzlers.

  • Head-to-Toe

Britney and Justin have held this look too long. It’s time for Britney to take back the Canadian Tuxedo. This classic look is timeless! We love the tailored versions that we saw at Rejina Pyo & YSL.

  • Dresses + Skirts

We feel like rom-com stars because of this 90s-trend revival. For now, we are excited to layer denim frocks on top of turtlenecks and wear them alone in spring.