These 6 Trends Were Huge at Fashion Week

These 6 Trends Were Huge at Fashion Week

15.12.2021 Off By manager_1

Victoria's Secret models

Fashion Week’s digital direction allowed designers to explore their creative potential. This resulted in thoughtful video presentations that covered everything, from the realities of 2020 to the cultural roots and brands led by Black creatives. There were many collections that were so unique, but there were a few common trends in fall fashion that stood out.

Globally, most people are still working at home, with large gatherings taking a pause. Fashion trends also continue to follow this trend. Fashion Week is more than sweatpants. Designers are exploring the realm of relaxed luxury. There were also other trends like how Pantone’s colors look in action and how you can incorporate denim into your outfit.

Here are the top trends you should be following in the next months, as reflected in the Fashion Week’s latest collections.

#1 Sheer/Net

Peek-a-boo elements are a popular theme in the past few seasons. Cut-outs were the dominant trend in 2021. The next seasons will see a mix of sheer mesh and netted styles. Frederick Anderson embraced the trend, while Theophilio chose a netted top that was reminiscent of the Rastafarian Jamaican flag. Frederick Anderson favored sheer tunics and mini dresses.

#2 Bursting with Yellow

Pantone chose “Illuminating,” a pale yellow, to be one of its colors. But it was the New York Fashion Week designers who brought this hue to life. This sunset tone is the key to bringing back your wardrobe. It can be found in everything from floor-length dresses to jackets at A. Potts to cocktail-ready gowns at Dur Doux to pinstripe knits by Victor Glemaud.

#3 The New Denim

Designers have a knack for making ordinary things extraordinary when it comes to ready-to wear. This year, unexpected denim pieces are the star of the fall season. This trend can be translated in many ways including a mini dress, patchwork pants, and wide-leg, 70s-style, wide-leg trousers.

#4 Everyday Silk

Designers are trying to find the right balance between “lockdown-friendly” and “back-to-normal” styles. Luxe fabrics like silk and satin have become the ultimate middle ground. Silk and satin were traditionally associated with evening wear (think robes) or loungewear (think dresses). Now, they are combined with matching palazzo pants and matching sets to make pieces that provide comfort but also feel elegant.

#5 Keep it coordinated

Matching sets are a popular choice, whether it is for skirts or sweats. A.Potts’ Fall 2021 collection featured a lot of matching sets, with loose-fitted trousers and oversized pullovers. Negris LeBrum opted for a more formal approach with a sequined suit and a tweed jacket and shorts.

#6 Fur is the new fad

Although designers recognized the practicality and comfort of current fashion, they hints at a future filled by maximalist, extravagant fashion. Faux fur elements, both real and faux, were the prevailing trend. There were jackets with animal prints, scarves, and vests. There are many options available for you to do all of the above when the time is right.