These 5 hair dryers are the quietest for a relaxing at-home blow dry

These 5 hair dryers are the quietest for a relaxing at-home blow dry

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We are sorry to be so obvious but hair dryers can get loud. It can be really loud. This is why we recommend our tested and trusted edit to help you find the best hair dryers. You’ll be able, for the most part, to have a conversation with someone while you dry your hair.

While the best hair dryers are the most widely used, they are not quiet. How can you tell which dryers make less noise if you don’t have the opportunity to test them before buying? Celebrity hairdresser Michael Douglas, notes that a brushless motor makes dryers quieter than traditional AC motors.

He explained that this means that the hair dryer has fewer moving parts, which results in less friction and less noise. It makes the hair dryer decibels quieter on average, which is quite significant. Direct current (DC) motors also use less energy so they are more efficient and cost less to dry your hair. These dryers are among the most quiet on the market and have our approval.

We tested several hair dryers that were marketed as quiet. We compared them to each other to determine which one was the quietest. We didn’t just want volume to be a high-scoring category, but we also wanted them to be excellent dryers in every other category.

  • How loud it was at both the lowest and fastest speed settings
  • Price
  • Heat settings
  • Speed settings
  • Attachments
  • Any exceptional advanced technology or features

Before we get into our edited list of the best hair dryers, it is worth noting that quieter hair dryers are generally more expensive due to the advanced technology that goes into making them. They are also lighter and compact which makes them the best travel hair dryers. This increases the value-for-money aspect.


Best quiet hair dryer overall

Although it was close to the top spot in our edit, which included dryers with volume ratings, this dryer came in at the lowest level at 76 decibels. This dryer was created by Michael Douglas, a celebrity hairdresser. It looks and feels very premium. The color options are also trendy with olive green and dark teal available.

Let’s now get into the details about how quiet it works. It is quietest when it is running at the lowest speed. This is due to its brushless motor. It is also very compact and light. We love how fast it switches between the coldest and hottest heat settings.

One minor complaint is that the button must be pressed and held for a while to turn it off. A diffuser can also be purchased separately but we prefer it when it is included as standard. It really doesn’t matter what these two things do to affect our overall opinion. It makes your hair feel great and looks amazing, just like you would expect from a top-rated hairdresser.

The quietest hair dryer without a noticeable whistle tone

Beauty Works’ product is extremely quiet and lightweight. It comes in a classic white-and-gold color scheme. We loved the low volume and that it didn’t make a whistling sound like other quieter hair dryers. This is a great feature if you find this annoying.

The circular LED display at top of the dryer is a great touch in terms of user experience. You can see the exact temperature (60, 90 or 120 degrees celsius) as well as the speed setting. However, once the dryer has finished drying, it will continue to display “OFF” until it is unplugged. The dryer will shut off automatically if the vent at the back is blocked or exceeds 150 degrees.

Although the dryer includes two nozzles as well as a dust bag, the compatible diffuser must be purchased separately. This is a bit disappointing considering the higher price. Overall, the ultra-light, ultra-quiet hair dryer did not disappoint. It dried quickly and gave a smooth finish. We also voted it one of our top picks for hair dryers for fine hair.

The best quiet hair dryer with a lengthy warranty

The impressive credentials of Bio:Ionic’s Smart-X dryer is another super quiet option. Although it claims to dry hair 75% faster that competitors, it uses enhanced air pressure and not excessive heat. However, the highest setting of heat is still quite hot. It also balances the temperature and air 100 times per second, ensuring consistent drying.

What about the user experience? The dryer is noticeably powerful, and your hair feels soft. However, we aren’t sure if the drying time was significantly faster than top-tier dryers. It is, however, quicker than average. It feels premium and we really enjoyed using it.

Another techy feature is the lock function. Once you have programmed your settings, the tool will remember them for you next time you turn on your dryer. It also has a self-cleaning function and a light that indicates when it is time. The US guarantee of 10 years covers this dryer, so you are covered for many years if you decide to invest.

Hairdressers love these hair dryer

The Hershesons family is behind London’s most luxurious salons. They also offer a range of great hair-styling products. Hershesons also has The Great Hair Dryer. This electric blue device is a stylish and elegant addition to their line. The sleek metal case comes with a leather-look handle and three attachments: two concentrated diffusers and one diffuser.

It’s small and powerful, but it is quiet and light at 300g. This makes it great for traveling. However, it packs a lot of blow-dry power. The tool has three heat settings plus a cool shot and three speed settings. It also features oxy active technology, which enhances shine and preserves color.

It’s easier to change settings and knock buttons on dryers that are smaller than usual. This is fixed by adding a lock button. You can simply program the settings you want and then forget about them until you are done. It performs as expected from a hairdresser’s brainchild. Our senior beauty editor has named it one of the top hair dryers for curly hair.

The best quietest hair dryer for curly hair

The Dyson Supersonic is easily one of the most popular hair dryers. Its innovative engineering made it stand out from the rest. It is famous for being quieter than a standard dryer, even at its highest speed setting. An engineer at Dyson tells us the unique design of the handle makes the motor quieter. To reduce the high-pitched whistling, the fan of V9 Digital Motor was slightly modified.

Although the Supersonic can be used for any hair type, we felt it was best for curly hair. The expertly designed airflow is gentle on curls when combined with the accompanying diffuser (which comes with this dryer as a standard). Although the attachment could have been larger, it has many tiny holes that evenly distribute air to give you great definition and volume. It’s one of our favorite diffusers for curly hair. It’s the perfect pairing to style curly hair. We know from personal experience that it gives you defined curls and the right amount volume. We’ve never seen flyaways flattened like the flyaway attachment.