These are my top picks of face masks for glowing, summer skin

These are my top picks of face masks for glowing, summer skin

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Gen Z is to be credited for half of my polarizing conversations. Low-rise jeans are back in fashion, as is the return of claw clips and spaghetti straps, which have been the ultimate summer savior. All my childhood beauty icons are back in fashion thanks to the teens/early 20s set. And because I watched Blue Crush more than I care to admit, glow-inducing Summer face masks are now at top of my beauty “to buy” list.

It’s a great thing that my obsession with surfer-chic. Fresh-faced makeup is often called the “clean look” and, while I don’t agree with the Coastal Grandmother aesthetic of beauty, these endless repetitions are reminders that there are certain beauty looks that will never go out-of-fashion, no matter what decade.

Summer is when the sun shines through the clouds and we all want that natural, radiant glow. The old-fashioned skin tricks like DIY concoctions and tinfoil tanning are no longer the best. What’s in? Keep it simple, summer face masks are your best bet for glowing skin.

Skin health is an ongoing endeavor. It’s not just about topical. It is important to drink water, get your vitamins, and perhaps even have a facial or preventative treatment. Summer is my time to shine. Yes, I want that glowing glow from within. It takes some effort but the journey to my summer skin goals will be half the fun.

After years of trying to achieve that summer glow, I have a routine that works for me. Even with the stress of summer, the skin we desire is possible. Here’s your ultimate guide for summer face masks that will give you the glimmeriest summer ever.

What are the benefits to using face masks?

Simple skincare routines can make a difference. Summer face masks are a great option if you want to target specific problems quickly. Face masks don’t work miracles. They do have some amazing properties. Face masks can be a fun, affordable alternative to expensive salon treatments.

Are face masks really worth the cost?

What good can a product do if you only have it on your skin for ten minutes? It’s amazing! Face masks are known to increase the penetration of active ingredients into the skin. This is evident in studies. Face masks provide a concentrated amount of active ingredients for your skin that is greater than any other products. You shouldn’t leave masks on your skin for too long with actives such as thick occlusive oil or exfoliating acids. A mask is the middle ground, combining the best of both worlds.

What face mask is the best for summer?

Your skin is subject to a lot of stress in the summer. More time spent outdoors can mean more pollution, and more sweating can cause congestion (not to mention sunburns!). All of these issues can be quickly addressed with summer face masks.

Listening to your skin is key to understanding what it needs and how to respond to it. Face masks are quick and effective for your skin’s needs. They also help to maintain good skin health. You can use face masks for every occasion, or to cleanse your skin after a long day of sun-damaged days.

These are the Best Summer Face Creams for Glowing, Healthy Skin

Best Hydrating Face Masks

Heat equals hydration. Summer is a good time to drink more water and give your skin the same treatment. Use cooling, soothing, and hydrating masks to combat dry skin. You should look for moisturizing ingredients such as ceramides and circa.

  • Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

What’s in the name? This water mask is just as silky and luscious on dry skin as it sounds. Apply this overnight mask before you go to bed to permanently plump your skin.

  • Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin(tm) Facial Barrier Mask

Sheet masks are either adored or hated. This all-star, ceramide-rich beauty is a star. It’s easy to store in the refrigerator, and you can put it on while you relax at night. Then, take a deep breath and enjoy the compliments for the next day.

The Best Detoxifying Masques

A detox mask is a great way to start fresh this summer. These gentle, but effective detox masks will help you get rid of all the dirt and impurities on your skin.

  • Alder New York Clarifying Facial Mask

Charcoal is one nature’s most potent detoxifying agents. It is combined with willow bark, zinc and clay to create a creamy mask that glides onto the skin and leaves it virtually poreless.

  • Kinship Mint Mud Deep Pore Detox Mask

Have you ever tried the Aztec clay mask made of bentonite clay? It is very similar to the Aztec bentonite clay mask, but without the irritation of moisture. This gentle, but powerful mix of bentonite and kaolin clay helps to balance your oil levels while naturally exfoliating your skin. It is cooling and antibacterial thanks to its minty scent.

The Best Acne Masks

Face masks can be a powerful, targeted treatment for acne. This is especially true in summer when excess sebum and sweat can buildup on your skin. Clarifying masks can help reduce oil production and inflammation.

  • Peter Thomas Roth Therapeutic Sulfur Mask

The cult-favorite, mud mask isn’t very fragrant (unless you love the scent of sulfur), but it’s loved by many. This combination of the acne-fighting and astringent properties, as well as clay, creates deep pores cleansing.

  • Under Your Mask, Illuminate Clarifying Mask

Beneath Your Mask was created by a woman who wanted to heal her skin from lupus. This clarifying mask is effective in clearing acne and fading hyperpigmentation, without stripping the skin of vital nutrients. You can also increase collagen and shrink pores.

The Best Nourishing Facial Masks

Make sure your skin is getting the nutrients it needs to repair its skin barrier, hydrate and retain its elasticity, and fight environmental stressors. Superfoods and antioxidant-rich masks can help your skin stay healthy for the long-term.

  • Golde Clean Greens Purifying Face Mask

Golde incorporates superfoods in their products to promote holistic health. Clean Greens Face Mask works like a green smoothie on your face. Expert tip: For extra nourishment, mix the powder with Manuka honey.

  • Klur Supreme Seed Purification Mask

Your skin may be overworked. This is a soothing, weekly mask that will nourish your skin and draw out any accumulated dirt and congestion.

The Best Exfoliating Masques

Exfoliation is a favorite part of my skincare routine. It is also the most satisfying and immediate. I feel instantly transformed by a good physical or chemical exfoliator. It is tempting to do too much. Avoid the temptation to use harsh, everyday products and exfoliate too often. Instead, try an exfoliating mask that targets targeted resurfacing.

  • Renee Rouleau Triple Berry Smoothing Pear

Renee Rouleau, a renowned esthetician, makes some of the most sought-after skincare products. This peel removes oil and bacteria from the pores, preventing and clearing away blemishes. It also instantly calms surface redness and irritation. It can be used before your cycle to prevent cystic acne.

  • Tata Harper Clarifying Mask

Do you feel your skin duller before an event? Last-minute plans? The Tata Harper mask combines both chemical and physical exfoliation. You can instantly reveal a radiant complexion by buffing away any debris and skin that has been damaged. This mask also makes your skin soft and smooth for makeup application.

Best Brightening Masks

You can achieve the perfect glow by using products that are rich in antioxidants such as vitamin C. Also, exfoliants will help to fade any dullness. You can get a lot of these active ingredients, so a mask is a great way to reap the benefits without compromising your skin barrier. It’s hard to imagine anyone not wanting to appear illuminated by a ringlight.

  • Tatcha Violet C Radiance Mask

You can look great in self-care selfies with a mask that does both. It’s iconic! It’s a great way to instantly give your skin a glow with vitamin C.

  • Ranavat Flawless Veil – Resurfacing Saffron Mask

This mask was inspired by the beauty rituals of Indian royalty and is luxurious yet effective. Saffron, a powerful natural brightening ingredient, is combined with AHAs, enzymes, and a unique blend Ayurvedic botanicals for a brighter complexion.