Buy these 10 best drugstore mascaras for fluttery, thick lashes

Buy these 10 best drugstore mascaras for fluttery, thick lashes

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There are many options available for you to choose in drugstore. You don’t need to spend a lot to get remarkable results with mascara.

The best mascara is a must-have beauty product, and that includes SPF. Mascara is a product that can open your eyes, refresh your skin, and give you fluttery, full-length lashes, even if your natural ones don’t have them. Although luxury mascaras can help you achieve these results, drugstore mascaras are also full of winning formulas.

You have many options for mascara, just like you can choose the best foundation or concealer from a drugstore. It helps to know what to look out for. We’ve tested and recommended the best options to get you one step closer towards finding your next miracle formula.

There’s a drugstore mascara for every lash-related need. This guide was based on a variety of budget mascaras. We evaluated their lash lengthening and volumizing properties, as well as the color options and nourishing ingredients. Each mascara was tested for durability. We used them for at least one day. Those that didn’t smudge easily were the best. We also evaluated the wand shape and packaging to see if there were any unique features, such as smudge-proof tubes or high-tech bristles.

The best drugstore mascaras overall

This CoverGirl pick will give you volume that lasts. This iconic orange tube is well-known in beauty circles for making each lash look thicker, fuller, and more voluminous with only a few swipes. There are three shades available, more than any other formula in our collection, so you can customize your lashes. You have the option of black or voluminous lashes that look great for night out, or a wearable brown that looks natural and is perfect for daytime.

This formula is very durable, so it’s great for those who want a long-lasting option that doesn’t budge during Happy Hour. However, we found that the mascara was a bit more difficult to remove than other mascaras. To ensure that the mascara does not stick to your skin, use the best makeup remover and the best micellar waters.

The best luxury drugstore mascara

This mascara by W3LL PEOPLE, which is non-toxic and clean, is a great choice if you want to make a change in your beauty routine. Although it is a bit more expensive than other options in our guide, we believe it’s worth it. It is a plant-based product and does not contain any ingredients that can irritate sensitive skin such as aluminum, petrolatum and parabens. It instead uses a mixture of lash-nourishing ingredients (think castor oil and sunflower oil) and is very forgiving when it comes time to remove it.

Although it has a shorter wear time than other formulas (we only got it to last a few hours before it started flaking), it is still a great option for those with sensitive eyes who need a more gentle formula. It also delivers enviable thickness and fullness even for the smallest of lashes.

The best drugstore mascaras on a budget

This mascara by Essence is a high-end formula. This social media-famous brand is well-known on TikTok. We can see why after using the Double Trouble Mascara.

It is the double-sided applicator that makes it so clever. The applicator has a dual-sided design with one side being an elastomer and the other a fiber. We were amazed at the results of the dual-applicator. It gave us long, curled lashes. They were also separated and perfected. This formula won’t give you a lot of volume, but it won’t leave your lashes with too much flutter. You’ll have enough to last you all year if you stock up on both the regular and waterproof formulas.

The best drugstore mascaras for curling

The Maybelline Volum’ Express Colossal Curl Bounce Mascara will transform your straight lashes into a stunning curl. The brush is thick and easy to use. It has a curved body that allows you to create volume and long-lasting curls.

Multiple coats are necessary to achieve the desired effect, especially if you have droopy lashes. However, our lashes did not clump or stick together when we applied the formula. If you want a set of defined, high-quality lashes, it’s worth the effort. The affordable price means that you can stockpile during your next drugstore visit guilt-free.

For fullness eyelashes

This L’Oreal product should be your first choice if va-va-voom eyelashes are on the agenda. According to L’Oreal, it makes lashes seven times longer and is vegan.

How did it perform during our testing? It didn’t take long to use the tube; the formula worked quickly to give fullness and definition while also separating our lashes which can be prone to sticking together. The darker shade gives a stunning false lash effect if you have luminous lashes. Since it is more suited for fall and winter, we did not find it to be as flexible as it was when we tried to use it to make summer makeup looks in warmer temperatures. For true volume, ensure that you let each coat dry completely before applying the next. It’s worth the wait, we promise.

The best mascaras for waterproof use

You don’t care if your makeup needs to last for the whole day, or if you have sensitive skin and are prone to smudging. Waterproof mascara is an essential product that you should have. Neutrogena’s waterproof mascara is a favorite, with good-for you ingredients such as hyaluronic and vitamin E to condition hairs, and keratin for restoring brittle hairs.

This formula instantly made our lashes appear plumper, longer and more defined in just a few strokes. This mascara is a great choice for enhancing the length of lashes and putting healthy ingredients into them. This waterproof mascara was harder to remove than most. It can cause mild irritation to sensitive skin, so make sure you are aware of this.

Best drugstore mascara primer duo

This duo by Honest Beauty is a great primer for mascara. The other end contains a lash-lifting primer that makes it easy to apply mascara and extends its wear. The duo comes in a single tube, which makes it easy to transport and do quick touch-ups on the go.

It’s important to apply layers of mascara when using a two-step product such as this. This will prevent clumping. The primer can be used with any mascara formula, not just the one that comes with it. We enjoyed this tip and recommend it to others. This mascara does not contain any of the 3,500 potentially irritating, harmful ingredients such as silicones, parabens, or mineral oil. It also contains moisturizing jojoba esters that condition and moisturize the lashes.

The best drugstore mascaras that last long

Rimmel is a good choice. It claims that it can last for 36 hours. We didn’t test it to its maximum limit, but we found it really stays put after it dries. This product didn’t show any flaking or smudging, even when tested on hot days.

It also contains conditioning ingredients such as shea butter, biotin, and glides on easily for a clump-free application. Although we had to apply multiple coats in order to achieve the desired volume and length, it will be a positive for those who prefer buildable formulas that can be customized to suit the occasion.

The best drugstore mascaras for lengthening

No7’s Lash Extension Mascara is a great option if your lashes lack length but have volume. It is not made with fiber, so it won’t smudge or flake. The formula also doesn’t have too much thickness, which means you can layer it without worrying about clumping.

It was also easy to apply and didn’t require us to worry about pulling out our lashes accidentally. This is a great option if you are looking for something subtle that will enhance your natural lashes as well as add length. We think it’s worth a try, especially at a price of less than $10

The best drugstore mascaras for lower lashes

It can be difficult to know how to apply mascara to your lower lashes. But with Pixi’s Lower Lash Mascara it is easy to apply mascara onto your tiny lashes. The mascara’s conditioning formula, which contains nourishing vitamin E as well as lash-protecting panathenol, is what makes it so easy to use.

This concealer was easy to use and didn’t leave any marks. Its water-resistant formula ensured that it did not smudge, smear or smudge even during hayfever-induced runny eyes. The formula was drier, so we could build layers without clumping (and not have the product dry between coats). However, if your lashes are naturally dry, brittle or fragile, you might prefer a flexible texture or nourishing formulation.


Experts have narrowed down the two most important factors to consider when searching for the best drugstore mascara.

  1. Take a look at the applicator. Margina Dennis, a makeup artist, says there are three types of mascara wands: silicone (which allows for separation), nylon (which can be used to create volume and length), or plastic (which is flexible and easy build upon). Dennis says that while short bristles can control volume, long bristles are more effective at separating. For lengthening, choose a sparse bristle. If you want to build volume, a dense brush will deposit more product. Robert Sesnek, a celebrity makeup artist, explains that a curved wand shape gives a longer effect and an hourglass builds volume. He suggests using a round-shaped brush to apply the outer and inner corners and a pointed shape for separation and lengthening.
  2. Take into account mascara ingredients. Some mascara formulas include good-for-your lashes ingredients. This allows for beautiful lashes as well as healthy lashes. Sesnek recommends that you look for ingredients that nourish and condition your lash hairs. Natural oils like sunflower oil, jojoba oil and shea butter are all good options. Look for mascaras that contain isododecane and paraffin wax if you are looking for waterproof formula.