TOP 12 Long-Lasting Lip Glosses if You Are Going to Travel

TOP 12 Long-Lasting Lip Glosses if You Are Going to Travel

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Sticky lipstick is not always the best option. You might need a lighter or moisturizing lip gloss. These options will give you a high-shine lip gloss that won’t fade!

The Best Lip Gloss that Stays on

Many women love to carry travel lipsticks, but there are times when you need something lighter and less heavy. Gloss is the answer!

A sheer lip gloss is formulated to give you moisture, color and glossy lips. It’s low-maintenance, but still looks elegant and professional.

I don’t take lipstick with me, but I do bring a tinted gloss and a pencil for my lips. My lips are moisturised and look plump for day-to-night transitions. Brands have made lip glosses less sticky and more long-lasting. Take a look at our top picks for shiny lip glosses that will last all day.

  •  Too Faced Extreme Lip Injection

I love plump lips. My favorite lip gloss is Too Faced. It has a lip volumizing formula. It keeps my lips hydrated even when I travel from one site to another or am at conferences all day. It’s subtle enough to not make me worry, and I don’t feel the need to apply too much.

One user said, “Nice lip plumper, love this color,” while another raved about the shiney gloss. “I have used Too Faced lip injection plumper before, but not this pink that smells like bubblegum. It’s beautiful and it smells great. It has a lovely pinkish-yellow color and gives off a lot of plumpness.

Be aware that you may feel a slight tingling sensation in your lips when you apply, this is the result of the plumping effect!

  • Glossier Lip Gloss Shine

All beauty influencers seem to have glossier lip gloss on their lips (pun intended!) They rave about how shiny and long-lasting this gloss is. To make your lips soft and smooth, it’s enriched in vitamin E as well as jojoba oil. There are three colors available: Glossier red lipgloss, a holographic shade, and the best clear gloss.

This vegan and cruelty-free lip gloss is rated highly by users. However, some people complain that it can be sticky. One reviewer says, “My new favorite gloss! It’s amazing! It shines beautifully and hydrates my lips. Although it is quite expensive for a gloss, it is so well worth it!”

  • MAC Shiny Pretty Things Mini Lip Glosses

MAC lip gloss sets are small enough to fit in your handbag. They come with four lip gloss colors, and each color is mini-sized. They are also cruelty-free.

One user raves about the lip glosses set: “I want them all in full size now, they are amazing! They are better than lipstick or other gloss. They work well with lipstick.”

Check out the website to see the full range of MAC lip gloss colors.

  • FENTY BEAUTY Lip Gloss by Rihanna

This Fenty Beauty lipgloss will give your lips the ultimate shine. These glosses are rich in shea butter and come in six beautiful tones. They also have a non-sticky formula. Users love the peach-vanilla fragrance of this gloss! They also love how it lasts.

Fenty lipgloss is loved by users. One user shared, “It doesn’t have those sticky tacky, old-school gloss properties.” This gloss shines beautifully and makes your lips feel fuller! It is amazing! My lips never felt dry.”

  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss

Anastasia lipgloss are a fan favorite. They deliver a high shine look in a creamy formula with a delicious vanilla fragrance. It will be difficult to choose the right color from the numerous Anastasia gloss swatches. There are many neutral and pink options.

The gloss’s glossy colors and moisturizing properties are loved by users. However, some users have complained that it is too glittery and should be avoided if you don’t like sparkle. One user shared, “I love this lip gloss. It stays on my lips for so long and is extremely silky. The smell is amazing.”

  • Stila Beauty Shiny Lip Gloss

These Stila shiny gloss tubes will make your lips shine like stars with their iridescent light. They add volume to the lips without creating a stinging or burning sensation like other glosses. There are many gorgeous, long-lasting colors available (including a blue gloss that sounds strange but can be used over lipsticks).

One user said, “This gloss is the best I have ever used. Because I have small lips, I’m very picky about lip products. Glosses tend to feel sticky or fade in five seconds. It is extremely hydrating and stays put for hours. The pleasant smell is also a big plus.”

  • ColourPop Ultra Glossy Lip

ColourPop lip gloss is a smoothing and nourishing product that will give your lips a high shine. Although it can be applied in a flawless layer using the brush applicator, some people find it to be less smooth than a doe foot applicator found with glosses.

ColourPop gloss is loved by many. They love the variety of colors and the shiny finish. It’s gorgeous and I receive compliments on my lips all the time!

  • e.l.f. Cosmetics Plumping Tinted Gloss

This elf lip gloss will make your lips feel fuller and more plump. This gloss is vegan and cruelty-free, thanks to its coconut oil and vitamin E emulsion.

This lip gloss has a plumping effect that is mixed with users. However, if you can deal with it, the colors are great and last a long time.

One user explained that this product has the right amount of color payoff and shimmer. It is not too sticky, cheap, and it offers enough plumping action. It’s definitely worth it.”

An elf clear gloss is also available. If you prefer a tinted version, For a more natural look, you can try the elf gloss natural shades for a tinted gloss.

  • NYX Professional Lip Gloss

NYX lipgloss is the best drugstore gloss. You can get buttery soft lips for a small amount of money. It glides on smoothly and provides good coverage.

These lip glosses are loved by many. One user shared, “I love these butterglosses so much! They are creamy and very moisturizing. They are so good! Highly recommended!”

  • New York Color Big Bold Lip Gloss

Another favorite lip gloss for plumping is the NYC one. It has mild tingling action. It is loved by users for its light, non-sticky formula and vibrant colors.

One shared, “This is my favourite lip plumper. They have great colors. There is no flavor. However, it does possess the initial sting of lip plumpers.”

  • Sephora Favorites ‘Give Me Some Shine’ Lip Gloss Collection

This Sephora lip gloss set is a great option if you are still having trouble choosing the right lip gloss brand. Sephora has gathered five of the most renowned brands and put them together in a collection. You get full-sized NARS, Fenty, and Too Faced lip gloss clear colors, as well as full-size NARS and Fenty products. All at an incredible price!

This set includes a gloss for every occasion. The cute box makes it a great gift idea for makeup-loving friends.

This Sephora lip collection has received a lot of praises. One user said, “This set, is just beautiful.” Each piece is beautiful and generously sized. It is a great value because of the full-sized items. This was a gift for me and I am absolutely thrilled with it.

You can choose the tubes you want to take with you on your travels.

  • Chanel Rouge Coco Glossimer

Chanel lip glosses exude luxury and are rich in rich, nourishing ingredients like coconut oil, vitamin E and an exclusive Hydraboost Complex that provides hours of moisturizing.

The curved applicator is perfect for precise application and even coverage.

This lip gloss is loved by fans for its non-sticky texture and wide selection of colors. One user shared, “You can’t go wrong with Chanel lipgloss. It doesn’t stick and lasts for quite some time. It’s easy to apply and the color is stunning.”