10 most desirable sustainable swimwear brands you should know

10 most desirable sustainable swimwear brands you should know

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Plastic pollution is one the most pressing environmental problems facing the planet. Each year, 8 million tonnes of plastic reach our oceans. There are many ways that you can help save the oceans. One way is to change your purchasing habits. This guide will help you find the best sustainable swimwear brands.

Lycra and nylon, which are synthetic oil-based fibres, have been used for years in bikinis and one piece swimsuits. They don’t biodegrade and require a lot of energy and water to produce. They contribute to an increase in virgin plastics on the planet, as well as contributing to the growth of microplastics that clog up our beaches, poison marine life, and infect the food chain.

Many swimwear designers are taking steps to reduce this tide of destruction by using sustainable and recycled materials and innovating manufacturing methods. Econyl(r), which is a regenerated nylon yarn, is a popular option. It is made entirely from recycled products. This not only helps to remove deep-sea marine plastic waste but also reduces the amount of oil, water and energy required during manufacturing.

Let’s take a look at swimwear’s role in fighting plastic pollution.

Mara Hoffman

Hoffman is known for her retro, flattering shapes, and she has been doing so for 7 years. Each swimwear item is made with recycled nylon or recycled polyester. The solid pieces are made from Econyl(r), while the textured styles are made from Repreve. This fibre is made from upcycled plastic bottles and would otherwise end up in landfills or in our oceans.

Talia Collins

Talia Collins, a stylist and Vogue Paris alumni, founded the label Riviera Chic. The sustainable swimwear collection, which features timeless silhouettes and colours, is designed for women who are concerned about the environment, their clothing and how they will live after it has been worn. Econyl(r) is used to make the range. 1% of every sale goes to Healthy Seas to clean up our oceans of marine litter. To make each piece extra special, you can personalize it with custom embroidery. The hair accessories are also made from cut-off fabric that was left over from production.


This sustainable swimwear brand was founded in 2016 by Georgia Thompson. It is influenced by Georgia’s love for the ocean from the designs to the production. Each swimsuit is made from Econyl(r), and comes in a variety of sophisticated colours, including a subtle Papaya peachy, Avocado green, and crisp white. You can also complement your beachwear with Econyl’s collection of dresses, skirts, and cropped tops that are all made from sustainable materials like Lyocell Tencel(tm) and linen. You can get a swimsuit by placing an order. The tag is made from seed paper, which you can use to plant your own flowers.


Nothing is wasted when it comes to Oceanus swimwear. The bold brand is made from Econyl(r) and uses only biodegradable embroidery. It also does not use animal derived materials. The brand also aims to reduce waste by reusing any beading that has been damaged or defective. They use cut-offs from previous swimwear productions as well as leftover stock from past collections to create face masks and small accessories. This means that you can shop their swimwear, including retro embroidery and sparkling bikinis tops in geometric prints.

Jade Swim

Jade Swim, a US sustainable swimwear brand founded by Brittany Kozerski (former fashion editor and stylist), is known for its minimalist designs with UV protection. For a sleek, clean fit, all pieces are made with responsibly sourced organic and recycled materials. Many styles are made of Econyl(r). The brand’s collection is designed to go from the ocean to the beach bar. Its strong silhouettes and vibrant colour palettes reflect the LA-cool production base. All leftover fabrics are upcycled, and all purchases are packaged in recyclable or biodegradable bags.


Arielle Baril launched her brand in May 2019 and has been working tirelessly to create a sustainable swimwear brand that inspires confidence in women, while also saving the environment. Zero-waste offers a limited collection of contemporary designs in crinkled fabrics. Each piece is made-to-order so that there are no wastes and only what is required. All styles, including asymmetrical one-pieces and Rio inspired high-cut styles can be customized to your specifications. This ensures the perfect fit everytime.

Hunza G

Hunza G, British swimwear brand, was originally launched in 1984. It has seen a revival of popularity since then, thanks to Georgiana Huddart’s creative direction. The label is favored by fashionable women in sunny places across Instagram. The brand’s distinctive crinkle fabric, which is made in the UK and transformed into swimwear, is kept small and local. The brand also uses excess fabric to make small runs of headbands or scrunchies. Furthermore, the swimwear comes in recyclable, biodegradable and recycled poly bags. Hunza G also donates a portion its profits to Street Smart.

Casa Raki

Josefina A.Theo, an Argentinean fashion photographer, founded this London-based brand. She was inspired by her childhood in Uruguay. After many years of working for brands like Net-a-Porter, Matches Fashion and Matches Fashion, she decided to change her career and start her own luxury label. The result is her refined and elegant take on sustainable swimwear. All pieces are ethically manufactured in a Portuguese female-only couture factory using high-tech, but environmentally-friendly fabrics such as Econyl(r), and a renewable yarn from castor beans. You can expect minimalist one-pieces as well as mix-and-match bikinis with modern silhouettes in bold block colours.


Ayla’s feminine, playful designs conjure up happy memories of holidays and cocktails at the beach. The label was founded by Kirsty Ames, a London-based founder, and Heidi Sommerau, a collection of which is influenced by the Caribbean islands. One-pieces and bikinis feature striking clashing colour frills, metallic thread detailing and soft tie-dye patterns. Their sustainable swimwear collection is made entirely from recycled fibres. However, their sarongs use Cupro, which is a byproduct of cotton that would otherwise be thrown away.


Patreece Buteras, an Australian designer, founded the collection in October 2019. The environmentally conscious pieces flatter and shape the body and have already been loved by celebrities like Elle Macpherson and Karlie Kloss. High performance active wear for water is designed for swimmers, divers, and sun loungers who are able to mix and match swimsuits and separates that can be light, warm, stretchy, and soft. All of the range is made from Repreve. Every purchase comes in 100% compostable, zero-waste shipping bags.