20 Best Eyeglasses Men Can Buy in 2022

20 Best Eyeglasses Men Can Buy in 2022

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A pair of solid eyeglasses is the perfect accessory to instantly make you look smarter, more refined, and even more stylish. Optic lenses can have a profound impact on your style, whether you are channeling a dashing Clark Kent or a more quirky Harry Styles. Eyeglasses have been made by eyewear companies like Persol, Ray-Ban and Moscot to the top fashion designers like Gucci and Tom Ford.

There is no need to use traditional optical frames. Blue light blocking glasses are becoming more popular as our daily lives shift to a digital interface. One thing is clear: More screen time means more strain for your eyes. To improve your eye comfort and sleep quality, your ophthalmologist might recommend a pair of glasses.

If this is your first purchase of eyeglasses, don’t be discouraged. We recommend that you stick with a trusted brand, classic style, and an authentic brand. These 20 eyeglasses are the best for men. They are available in four styles that will suit everyone: round, square, circle and circle.


The wayfarer shape is a classic in readers. It was created by Ray-Ban 1956.

  • Ray-Ban RB5375 Optical Glasses

Ray-Ban frames show that icons can be imitated but nothing beats the original.

  • Warby Parker Chamberlain

Warby Parker’s modern take features a strong bridge, and a modern translucent finish.

  • Oliver Peoples Ryce Optical Glasses

Oliver Peoples, an optical brand from California that is a California legend, makes one of our favorite wayfarers.

  • Tom Ford 55mm Square Light Blocking Glasses

Tom Ford’s iconic lenses are a tribute to the man who set the style standards. They feature Tom Ford’s distinctive temple design.


The sophisticated nuance of rounded frames is in the middle between square and perfectly circular shapes.

  • Persol PO3092V Eyeglasses

Persol frames are perfect and round, with the brand’s iconic arrow and Meflecto pressure-reducing technology.

  • Quay Eyewear Evasive 54mm Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Quay’s Blue Light Blocking Clubmasters provide style and protection at an affordable price.

  • Illesteva Saratoga Opcal Glasses in Mercury

New York-based Illesteva’s Saratoga frames, which are made with a square frame and rounded edges in a modern translucent gray finish, is easy to use and very well-done.

  • Izipizi #A

Izipizi, a French manufacturer of eyewear, makes fashionable lenses in a variety of colors and finishes.


Aviator frames were originally designed for pilots. They have become an iconic piece of eyewear.

  • Ahlem Caire Navigator Frames

Ahlem’s navigators were handcrafted in France and electrodipped with 22K gold.

  • AX Armani Exchange Az1029 Metal Aviator Eyeglass Frames

The matte metal frames by Armani Exchange are fashionable and light-weight, but they will not damage your skin or your wallet.

  • Izipizi #K Reading Glasses

We love Izipiki’s subtle navy blue and rubberized finish on its aviator readers.

  • Quay Australia Poster boy mini 56mm Optical glasses

Quay Australia’s vintage-inspired optics have a shiny-gold finish that will appeal to those who prefer a more subtle style.


John Lennon, Steve Jobs and others were the first to make famous today’s trendy circular lenses.

  • Timo Weiland Zenni Laze Glasses

Timo Weiland is a well-known tailor, and his Zenni collection offers elegance at an affordable price.

  • Moscot Petie Glasses

Moscot is another eyewear icon. Its sophisticated, chic lenses were designed by Zack Moscot, fifth generation designer in New York. They are made with handcrafted Italian Acetate.

  • Garrett Leight Wilson Glasses

Garrett Leight’s Wilson glasses have a relaxed elegance that is rooted in California’s California-based DNA.

  • Ray-Ban 51mm Ray-Ban Light Blocking 51mm Round Opcal Glasses

Ray-Ban’s round wire frames made in Italy are an universal way to communicate cool.


Vintage-inspired frames that are slightly larger than normal give off an intellectual and eccentric feel. They will let you channel your inner Harry Styles or A$AP Rocky.

  • Gucci GG0469O

Gucci’s are known for their new maximalist approach.

  • Bottega Veneta Square Frame Opcal Glasses

Bottega Veneta is a brand to be on the lookout for, and these heavy opticals are no exception.

  • Persol PO3246V eyeglasses

Persol frames combine the brand’s heritage acetate and a modern metal temple. They are a testament of the brand’s durability over time.

  • The Book Club Just Imagine Victorian Bae

These frames are exaggerated by The Book Club and made from recyclable, BPA-free plastic. They also feature the brand’s trademark blue light lens technology.