TOP 8 work bags for men

TOP 8 work bags for men

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“What stylish work bags can hold a lot of stuff like the laptop?”

It can be difficult to find the right work bag that is both stylish and functional. There is no one-size fits all solution. It is highly dependent upon the needs of those who are carrying it.

If you commute by bike, a tote bag with a single handle is not the most practical. If you are surrounded by executives at high levels, a backpack may not be the best choice.

My private clients are not celebrities who have assistants with their coffee and phones. These men are just like you and work in co-working spaces or offices. They need something that can store their laptops and gear, but doesn’t look like an intern from college.

Here are 8 bags I have shared with my clients who use them for their personal styling needs. They range from executives who want to impress, men who cycle to work every day, and those who need to look good.

The Filson Leather-Trimmed Twill Briefcase

It is a great workhorse in offices that have a casual business vibe. It’s the “raw denim” of bags, timeless, functional, and reliable. The water-resistant rugged twill will keep your tech gear protected, while the leather trim reads “work” and “bike messenger”.

The interior can accommodate laptops up to 15 inches and has enough pockets to store your chargers, pens and other office necessities.

Which color should you choose? It all depends on your personal style and mood. Black is the safest option, and it’s a great choice if you are more dressy. Olive or tan are great choices if you prefer a tee, jeans, and boots style. Filson also offers a variety of options for those who work in wet environments or want extra protection.

The Best “Grown Man Bag”: Metropolitan Slim Brief by coach

An all-leather bag is the perfect way to show your “grown man taste”, whether you are a founder or just looking to dress for work. The Coach Metropolitan slim brief is an incredible bargain at $595. It’s made of beautiful calf leather, which is the most expensive type of cow hide. This bag could easily sell for 10x its price.

This is the best entry-level leather bag that you can buy if you want to stand out from the crowd of tech bags and backpacks in a stylish way.

It is big enough to fit a 15-inch laptop. There are additional zip pockets for your phone and important documents. The invisible outer pockets, which are secured by magnets, are my favorite feature. They allow for quick access to passports, subway cards and plane tickets.

Which color should you choose? Both black and rich brown can be timeless and versatile, but it all depends on your personal style. Simple style hacks: Take a look at your shoes. The black briefcase is a great choice if you have a lot black shoes.

O’Hare leather-trimmed organic cotton-canvas tote bag by Want Les Essentiels

I’m a tote guy. Backpacks make me feel like someone is going to hit me, and crossbody straps on messenger bags are not something I love.

My problem with past totes was their lack of functionality. These were mostly canvas bags that you can buy in stores. They had no compartments, closures, or protection. This bag has all the features I love about totes, but with the internal functionality and organization of a laptop bag. You will find 4 large interior pockets and a removable shoulder strap.

If you are like me, and you prefer vertical bags that can be carried, Want Les Essentiel’s upgraded bag is worth considering.

Which color should you choose? If you’re looking for casual work environments, try their tan, grey or print versions. If you are looking for professional offices or business casual, choose the more conservative option with dark brown, navy or black.

Variations: Want Les Essentiels has a variety of totes. They offer the tote in both techy, water-repellent nylon and a luxurious all-leather with the same internal functionality.

Aer’s Daypack: The Stylish Backpack For Guys Who Bike to Work

Recently, work backpacks have received a bad reputation. I understand. Many backpacks make you feel like you’re in college, or that you’re on vacation in Europe. Backpacks are great for those who ride to work by bike, where there isn’t room for a tote and a messenger is too heavy. There are many stylish options.

Comfort and water resistance are the two most important aspects of the ideal work backpack for men who ride bikes. The Day Pack by Aer has you covered.

The bag is made with 1680D Cordura ballistic nylon, a water-resistant exterior and a comfortable and upright design. It also features a mesh panel that allows for airflow and a padded mesh panel. Translation: No more sweaty back as you get on your way to work.

The padded interior can hold a laptop of up to 15.6 inches. There are pockets inside to store everything, including your charger, spare keys, and bullet journal.

The strap crosses over the sternum and provides extra stability.

Berluti’s Volume MM Leather Backpack is the Backpack That You Can Wear With a Suit

Do you prefer the convenience of a bag to carry your clothes? Okay, fine, but let’s make sure it matches your sophisticated, tailored style and is leather. Berluti, a Parisian bespoke footwear brand that has been crafting leather shoes since 1895, is my favorite all-leather bag.

This gorgeous Made in Italy backpack features a classic design and the same artisan construction that you would expect from the finest shoemakers in the country. There are a few pockets inside that can be used for small items. It doesn’t have any compartments specifically for laptops, so I suggest getting a laptop sleeve. Incase’s new magnetic sleeves with zippers are my favorite.

The Tech Pack by Aer is the Best Bag for Gadget Lovers

It’s difficult to tell the difference between Aer’s Tech Pack and Aer’s Day Pack at first glance. The Tech Pack offers almost a liter more storage (16.2L capacity in Tech Pack vs 15.4L in Day Pack), along with additional features like a quick-access laptop pocket, YKK Aquaguard waterproof zips and a side handle that allows you to carry it as a briefcase.

It’s like a King Size Snickers. The Tech Pack has all the same features as the Day Pack but more.

The best work-to-gym bag: Fit Pack 2 from Aer

Okay, three Aerbag recommendations in one guide. They know what they are doing, that’s all I can say. The Fit Pack 2 would be the result of a cross between the Aer Day Pack 2 and a duffle bag for the gym.

The Day Pack’s compartment closes to the body. It features a breathable mesh panel and a padded laptop bag. There are also storage compartments for your accessories.

To access the front-loading compartment, lay it flat like a gym bag.

You can store your gym clothes in the 18.8L storage space. A ventilated shoe compartment is located at the bottom. It can store your Nike Metcons (upto size 13).

This bag is perfect for cross-training, crossfit, and any other short trip.

The bag to celebrate that promotion: Plume 12h briefcase by Hermes

It can take as much as 48 hours to make a single Hermes bag, and it shows. This is something you will appreciate when you reach new heights in your career. It is important to recognize hard work and keep your notebook and laptop safe in a Plum 12H Briefcase.

The Plume 12H is made from calfskin, which Hermes is known for. It is beautiful, soft and extremely difficult to use. A single slip can cause the tool to mark skin and render it useless.

Hermes watch strap makers have been training for many years. They learn from master craftsmen to be able to make their own straps. They continue to refine their craft until they are able to create one of Hermes’ signature bags.

It is an investment. You deserve it, just like a well-crafted cocktail at the end a long day.