We predict Popularity for these ’80s Fashion Trends

We predict Popularity for these ’80s Fashion Trends

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Fashion trends from the 1990s and 2000s are experiencing a revival like nothing else. But it’s not the only time period that is seeing a revival. Fashionistas are making space in their wardrobes to incorporate iconic fashions from the 1980s. We are naturally on the edge (regarding our phones) as we wait to see which throwback pieces completely come back around.

The nostalgia factor was a big part of the appeal of the ’90s and early-aughts fashion trends. We have fond memories of bucket-hats and butt fashion. Naturally, the 1980s has more of the same. Even if the decade was not lived in reality, you will want to experience it again. Color, comfort, and playfulness are the key elements of fashion in the 1980s. These are all things we love right now.

Think about it. The ’80s brought legwarmers and fishnets, as well as electric colors and the naked gown. They also made a case to use leggings-as pants and included shoulder pads in every blazer and blouse they could. It wasn’t just clothing that was historic. These women are the ones we look up to today. The ’80s gave us Princess Diana’s revenge dress and signature turtlenecks-under-sweaters moments, as well as Madonna’s corsets and tulle and layered jewelry. Molly Ringwald and Demi Moore challenged gendered dress norms. Lisa Bonet promoted a cool, eclectic look.

There’s an ’80s style for everyone if you look deep enough. We recommend looking at the archives of celebrity looks from the time to get inspiration. However, we also reached out to some fashion experts to get their opinions on the ’80s trends that we will be seeing the most in the coming months and how they should be worn in 2022.

Glam Rocker

The 1980s were a glamorous decade in music and entertainment. Joanna Angeles, head stylist at Tobi, says that platform shoes, metallic staples and leather fabrics are essential to recreate the glam-rock look. She also recommends lots of glittery accents.

Angeles says that lace, statement belts and gloves are all necessary to take the look to the next level. In the 1980s, less is more. Making a statement is the best way to go.


Angeles believes that a mini skirt with sequins would be the best choice for a girls’ night out, happy hour or just because.

For an added touch of glamour, pair with boldly colored pointed toe pumps and a button-up in flowy white. Add chunky gold jewelry.

Blazers with shoulder pads

Christina Jaide, co-founder and CEO of JLUX, revealed that her favorite style from the 1980s is an oversized blazer, with large shoulders.

Jaide says via email that “they’re too good for me to let go of.” If you’re looking for something too big and have a smaller frame, consider a slimmer waistline. A belt will make sure your body is in the forefront of your look!


Teresa Jaide, who is the other half JLUX, said that a bodysuit was a fashion trend from ’80s and can be worn for any occasion. It’s especially appropriate when used as a foundation piece.

She tells us that a top can be worn with a bodysuit if you want to look slimmer and tuck it in. Your look will stay intact if you have the extra support. Pair your bodysuit with wide-leg trousers, or even a flowing skirt. Your look will be balanced by the tightness of your bodysuit.