14 Affordable Jewel Brands Every Minimalist Must Have on Their List

14 Affordable Jewel Brands Every Minimalist Must Have on Their List

04.10.2021 Off By manager_1

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There are many minimalist jewelry brands on the market today. A seemingly endless number of minimalist jewelry brands have also appeared on the market recently, each piece more stunning than the last. This is due to their Instagrammable appeal, which encourages you to reach for your wallet and buy the latest necklace or ring.

Unfortunately, many of these brands aren’t wallet-friendly. Jewelry is an art form and often handmade with high-end materials. There are some affordable, minimalist jewelry brands that are made from quality metals and still look great. These pieces are just as elegant as more expensive ones but at a fraction the cost. They are also as Instagram-friendly than the more expensive pieces. Minimalist fashion lovers are the best when it comes to finding affordable jewelry. These minimalist styles have fewer sparkles and other accessories, so you can spend less on expensive precious stones and intricate details. The bottom line is that minimalist jewelry designs can be affordable if you are looking for a more economical route. Scroll on for the complete list of 14 jewelry brands that you need to add to your jewelry shopping cart.

  • Miranda Frye

Miranda Frye has styles that can be considered statement-makers, but there are many pieces that have a minimalistic vibe. There are many pieces that can be worn with minimal effort, such as delicate bracelets with tiny pearls and slim stacking rings.

  • Above Average Studio

Above Average Studio offers pieces that are simple in shape but have the luster and color of a pearl or a subtle stone. The current selection includes chic, understated pieces you will love to wear again and again. Sets of elegant pearl necklaces and earrings that are swoon worthy will be a staple in your jewelry collection.

  • Somme Studio

Somme Studio, an Australian brand, offers a variety of clean, modern silhouettes as well as delicate, vintage-inspired pieces. You’ll love it for many years, no matter what item you choose.

  • Jewels & Aces

If you are looking for modern, everyday earrings, Aces is the place to go. The majority of the pieces, including studs, hoops, and ear jackets, are currently under $100. These duos will allow you to seamlessly transition from work to weekends, so it’s worth buying a few pairs.

  • Edge of Ember

Edge of Ember, a sustainable brand, makes jewelry from recycled metals and ethically sourced gemstones. It also uses lab-grown diamonds. You can find everything here, from friendship bracelets and pendants to wedding rings and diamond-adorned engagement rings. If you are looking to get rid of old pieces responsibly, the brand also offers a jewelry recycling program.

  • Seree

You can incorporate jade into your jewelry collection if you are looking for a minimalist, non-detracting stone. The classic green jade color is available, but seree in New York City offers the elegant and smooth stone in other colors such as golden yellow or milky white. Seree is a women-led company that sources materials from Asia including Myanmar and Xinjiang.

  • Melinda Maria

The Los Angeles jeweler is known for hand-crafting pieces using semi-precious gemstones, simulated diamonds, as well as high-quality metals in the 18k gold. You can expect to pay between $29 and $185 for an enamel ring or a necklace with gold plating that is lavishly decorated with simulated diamonds. Melinda Maria is a celebrity favorite, with A-listers like Taylor Swift, Michelle Obama and Jennifer Lopez.


Chari Cuthbert, a Jamaican jewelry designer and self-taught jeweler, creates pieces that feel both minimalistic and luxurious. There are a range of affordable pieces in gold, as well as more expensive pieces such as diamond necklaces. You can also purchase a higher-end piece of fine jewelry from BYCHARI if you like the affordable designs.

  • TAI

TAI is the place to go if you are looking for birthstone or zodiac pieces that won’t break your bank. Tai Rattichai is a Santa Monica jeweler that offers the best 14k gold plated pieces at a reasonable price. Her Zodiac Constellation necklace is currently on sale for $55.

  • IceLink

IceLink’s website features a wide range of affordable pieces that offer a bolder approach to minimalist jewelry. These designs are a reflection of the Armenian heritage of Andy Sogoyan and Suzy Sogoyan who run IceLink. There are many gold pieces with the Armenian alphabet, as well as pendant necklaces that represent the strength and unity among the Armenian people. The brand also offers jewelry for men.

  • The Divine Individual

Do you want jewelry basics that are both high-quality and inexpensive? Divina Rae, a SoCal-based Black-owned brand, has curated this brand. Divine Individual has a wide range of products, including hoop earrings and gold layering chains. They also offer custom pave pendants and engagement rings that can be used for many occasions and styles. Pro tip: The label also offers beautiful belly and body chains.

  • Gorjana

Do you love to layer? Gorjana’s delicate necklaces are worth a look. These simple designs can be worn together and will not break the bank. Prices start at $65, with an average of $65. What about your ears, wrists, and fingers? You can also find timeless silhouettes with a feminine touch from the brand.

  • Astrid & Miyu

Astrid &. Miyu’s pieces are both delicate and striking. The London-based jewelry brand offers a range of elegant signet rings and simple-to-wear necklaces as well as timeless hoops. While some styles may cost more than $100, most of the items are well within the budget.

  • Modern Citizen

Modern Citizen is known for its high-quality, affordable clothing. But, if you haven’t visited the jewelry section, then you are missing out. Modern Citizen offers a wide range of unique pieces, which, while minimal in number, will likely cause your friends to ask “Where did you find that?” To make the wow effect even more powerful, mention the price you paid.