I break these 3 fashion rules now. P.S. Thank you, Tiktok

I break these 3 fashion rules now. P.S. Thank you, Tiktok

27.04.2022 Off By manager_1

I Am bold neon signage at night time

TikTok advised me not to wear it, so I did. This is what happened.

TikTok is the most prolific place to spread new trends in the world of fashion trends. From opera gloves and Barbie bags to teeny-tiny blink-and-you’ll-miss-them Ugg boots, the video-sharing app has become a hotbed of fashion trends. You’ll find videos encouraging viewers to adhere to a set fashion code of conduct, in addition to the constant stream of new trends.

Pink and red are the main culprits, which is a combination that, according to Jacquemus, is bound for stardom. Double denim is another favorite combination on the catwalk. Sandals and socks, which are unfortunately making a comeback to fashion’s forefront. However, being told not to wear something never made anyone not wear it.

As I watched TikTok videos telling me to avoid red and pink, and to not wear sandals or socks, I realized that the fashion rules of TikTok no longer apply to me. I decided to actively search out what it was telling to avoid to find out how offensive they were. They were actually quite the opposite.

The spring/summer collections of pink and red TikTok fashion trends are big news. These two bright berry shades might be a problem for TikTok, but my two-piece outfit, which includes a Tommy Hilfiger cardigan, and Serena Bute pants, sings. Many users have endorsed the return of this unlikely combination. Most notably, @liv.ishak. His colour-blocking pink/red video is just a hint of what the trend could look like for anyone who wants to try it.

Double denim is expected to be one this year’s breakout trends. Double denim is back, even though some TikTok users aren’t happy about it. The Damson Madder denim pair is a must-have for denimphobes (of which I am one). TikTok user @rissapona has converted and recommends pairing a boxy jacket with square-shaped jeans in the exact same tonal hue.

Socks & sandals are a favorite of TikTok’s. Sandals paired with socks is one of the most debated trends on TikTok. This is a good idea, but there are some caveats that you need to be careful about not looking like you’re following the men in your life. You can embrace ever-so slightly platformed sandals (the larger-than life leopard numbers are Nodaleto) and even slightly kitsch socks to truly embrace the #Kidcore vibe. TikTok user @sierrasky is one of these creators, promoting the controversial pair on the app. It’s so wrong it’s actually right.