These are the Most Useful Google Search Modifiers You Should Use

These are the Most Useful Google Search Modifiers You Should Use

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Google is likely used multiple times per day by users. This includes searching for nearby restaurants and finding answers to common questions. Google will usually give you the information you need, even if your search term isn’t exactly what you were looking for. There are some things that can be improved when you use Google for research purposes, particularly for work.

When possible, use Quotation marks

You are looking for a specific author, long phrase, lyrics or idiom? Google may show results that only match a few words but not the whole phrase. To force Google to show only results that match the phrase, use quotation marks around it.

For example: “iPhone 12 release date”

To exclude misleading words, use dashes

Sometimes, a specific word can cause problems with your search results. You can subtract a word from your search results by adding a dash.

For example, statue -of liberty

Google tabs are the best search tool

Many people are always forgetting that Google is more than just text search. It’s easy for people to forget this. You can also use Google Maps, Google Images, and Google Books. To switch between these modes, use the tabs at top.

To include synonyms, use a tilde

You want to increase your search results? To find related terms, use a tilde symbol after a word.

For example, programming ~class (This way you will also see results for programming classes, colleges, courses, etc.).

Look for the exact file type that you need

This is particularly useful when searching for documents online. Type the search phrase and then add “filetype.pdf” at the end. You will find PDFs. This format is also used to find PowerPoint presentations, Word documents and Excel sheets.

Example: Holidays in China filetype:ppt

Locate citations linking to a page

Although this is a very obscure tip, it can be used to help you locate pages that link back to a particular page. To find citations in a college essay, you can use the “link” format.

For example: link:

For words that you are unable to remember, use an asterisk

Sometimes lyrics can be difficult to remember. An asterisk is a good choice. Google will treat this as a wildcard, or a blank. It’ll show you search results that take into account the gaps in your knowledge.

Example: strawberry * forever

Search for similar websites

This search trick is important for everyone: If you find a website that you like and you want to find similar websites, you can ask Google to do the hardwork using the “related to(site address).” search term.

For example:

Google allows you to perform site-specific searches.

The search function on websites is not always very good. Google indexes web content so you can search websites reliably using Google. The next time you need to search for a site, use the term “site: (website link).”

For example:

Two places provide results

Are you trying to find results for two terms? You might be looking for shows on Amazon Prime or Netflix. The pipe symbol (that vertical line) allows you to do this. It tells Google which “or” it should choose.

For example: Netflix|Prime

You can search within a range of numbers

You can narrow down your search results by using Google to do online research. To search within a range of numbers, you can use two dots.

Example: Academic studies 1920..1935