Fashion Insiders shared Most Important Wardrobe Essentials

Fashion Insiders shared Most Important Wardrobe Essentials

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Each season, our favorite fashion retailers receive a new selection soon-to-be-best-sellers. There are so many trends and products for summer 2022, it can be difficult to choose what to add to your cart. In our New Arrivals series we talk to the editors and buyers at our favorite shopping destinations to discover their top picks for wardrobe essentials.

Our desire to embrace the hottest fashion trends for spring/summer is increasing as temperatures rise. You don’t have to give up your layers and jackets just yet. With the unpredictable weather, it is easy to refresh your wardrobe by switching to bright colors, one of the most popular fashion trends in 2022, instead of wearing whites.

“This spring it’s all in the bold colors.” Shopbop’s Fashion director Caroline Maguire says that you should think cobalt blues and neon greens as well as bubblegum pinks. These bold looks are sure to be a fashion statement this season.

Workwear and tailoring styles will appeal to the more minimalist-minded. Lisa Aiken, Neiman Marcus Fashion Director, says, “There is a renewed focus on a blazer, as well as newer ideas such as the vest or tailored Bermudas shorts. The blazer is a wardrobe staple that transforms any outfit into something more polished, regardless of whether it’s worn over a slip dress, denim, or a tee. There has been a lot of progress in silhouette, from a boxier fit and a stronger shoulder at Saint Laurent to a longer, more fitted silhouette at Gabriela Hearst.”

Cut-outs, party dresses, mini skirts and corsets will be more common as we approach summer. “After long periods of feeling covered up and hidden at home and seeking comfort, there is a new sense freedom that is shaping our freedom in how much are we exposed,” Celenie Seidel (Farfetch’s Senior Womenswear editor). “Sheers, micro-microminis and a variety of lingerie-inspired products tell us that skin is in.”

Find out what experts from the largest fashion retailers have added to their spring must-haves.

Bold Colors

“There has been a shift in perspective. People are excited to get dressed up for spring. Strong pops of color were a big part of this season’s fashion show. Bold, vibrant colors stood out, especially when styled in unusual ways, as shown on the Valentino runway”. — Lisa Aiken, Neiman Marcus Fashion & Lifestyle Director

Glamour of the 1980s

“The slinky catsuits and the throwback costume jewelry at Saint Laurent are a perfect example of the glamorous glam of the 1980s. It’s the ideal spring escape.” — Celenie Seidel, Farfetch Senior Womenswear Editor


Cut-outs are always a hit, especially during transitional seasons like summer. Cut-outs are great for shedding layers as everyone is so covered up. There is a style to suit everyone, whether you are looking for shoulder or waist cuts-outs. This style is bold, confident and sexy. Customers love it. — Tracy Margolies, Saks Fifth Avenue Chief Merchandising Officer

Creative tailoring

While tailoring is an important part of the work wardrobe, spring 2022 sees it updated in unexpected color, texture, and print. The relaxed silhouettes of the silhouettes are complemented by the full-length trouser, which pairs well with a soft blazer or statement shirt. Accessory and footwear are also included in the mix. There are modern, architectural sandals and bold colors in handbags. Statement jewels can be added for smart embellishment.

Wear colorful knitwear

“Our customers love to add color to their wardrobes with sweaters. Knitted skirts also resonate, as Gabriela Hearst’s pleated tie dye cashmere maxi skirt in the Spring ’22 campaign “Go for Bold” — Libby Page Net-A-Porter Senior Editor

Strappy sandals

I love to wear lace ups on chic sandals. You have two options: lace them up gladiator style or wrap them around your ankles once. This extra detail elevates any look. Caroline Maguire, Shopbop Fashion director


Miaou and other brands offer cool corsets in interesting prints that can be worn every day or out. — Lauren Yerkes, Revolve Chief Merchandising Officer


“Fringe is making a comeback in this season’s cocktail and evening looks. We love Proenza Schouler’s showstopping fringe gown.” — Divya Mathur, Intermix Chief Merchant

Party Shoes

Everyone is ready to have some fun this spring. Shoes that have bright and vivid colors, embellishment, texture or woven texture are attracting customers. You can pair the party shoe with any summer dress or jeans for a touch of sparkle and fun. — Tracy Margolies, Saks Fifth Avenue Chief Merchandising Officer

Mini Dress

“Mini skirts have been the subject of a lot more attention than short, sweet mini-dresses. These mini-skirts have a feminine look and can be adorned with fun embellishments, or a puffy shoulder.” Caroline Maguire is Shopbop’s Fashion Director