These are the Top 6 Hair Color Trends for 2022

These are the Top 6 Hair Color Trends for 2022

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2020 was a year that we were able to experiment with hair colors. This exploration was continued in 2021. Either we went for warmer tones, or we chose the most popular color of the year: red. We tried out more current trends, such as peekaboo highlights or skunk hair.

We are glad to have so many options for what the new year will bring. Here are six of the most popular hair colors for 2022, ranging from platinum blonde to rich chocolaty.


Blondes still have more fun, as Billie Eilish, Jamie King, and Miley Cyrus have proven. The classic shade will be updated in 2022. “Platinum was once only for blondes with cool tones, but you can now wear it in buttery tones,” says Laura Gibson, a hair stylist and artistic director at RUSK. It’s great for those who want to make a bold statement but also keep it professional. You might need to book several appointments to achieve the right color, especially for natural brunettes.

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The Y2K beauty trends of 2021 were all the rage, so it’s not surprising that they will continue into 2022. One particular trend? Brighter babylights. Rubyna Kim, a stylist and colorist at Style Seat, says that babylights add subtle dimension to your hair. “I recommend darker caramel or golden highlights as they are subtler but more vibrant on hair.” Kim says that it’s all about adding shine to your hair and warmth for the new year.

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This warm hue was a trend we knew would grow in popularity when it was seen on celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, and Lily Aldridge earlier in the year. “Ombre has been a popular trend for a while. Many of my clients love ombre and request subtle changes to make it more current for the new year,” says Tracey Cunningham who is a celebrity hair stylist in Los Angeles. This update makes it look natural and lasts longer by focusing on the ends of the color, adding dimension to any hair shade.

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Slowly, we’re seeing more brown tones emerge–including the reigning color of the year (aka red). Kim says that auburn hair can be used to achieve a rich chocolate brown color with an undertone copper or cherry. This will add radiance and richness. This color is extremely seductive and sexy. Warmer shades are also easier to maintain because they have more natural pigment. This makes them more affordable.

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There are two types of blonde: there is blonde and there is blonde (make a correct accent!). It is bold and dramatic, and it offers a modern interpretation of being a silver Fox in 2022.

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Clayton Hawkins, celebrity stylist and Tangle Teezer brand ambassador says that natural colors are about being more real. He says, “We want our hair to look more natural, luxe, and organic as we head into next year.” The variety of brown colors is on the rise, from deep chocolate to honey shades. A hair gloss is a treatment that gives your hair shine and enhances the natural color. Hawkins recommends darkening your hair with low light or a darker wash if you have blonde hair.

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