These 10 blenders are the best for making smoothies, soups and sauces

These 10 blenders are the best for making smoothies, soups and sauces

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Blenders that are top-of-the-line offer the best performance and programs, as well as a variety of accessories that can be added later to enhance your machine’s functionality.

To help you decide which models are worth the space in the kitchen, we’ve tested models at different price points. These machines make it easy to whip up soups, sauces, and ice.

You might be looking for an appliance that can perform a greater variety of food preparation tasks, such as mixing and grinding coarser ingredients. We have a guide of the best food processors. However, many high-end blenders could easily take on the role of a food processor.

We tested the top blenders available and created everything from icy cocktails to soups packed with vegetables, to pancake batter. We evaluated how fast each blender blended, how smooth it was when the product was finished and what functions were available to help make the task easier.

Here are top blenders that you can currently buy. They range from budget-friendly models to high-end models that offer a lot of features and amazing accessories.

We compared the different blenders’ approaches to blending fresh and frozen fruit. We also examined how smooth each blender’s final smoothies and sauces were, and how long it took to make them.

These are the areas that we focused our attention on:

  1. Ease-of-use – how easy was it to set them up? We also examined how easy it was to clean and pack each machine.
  2. More attachments and modes are available on higher-end models. We evaluated their utility and if they were worth the extra cost.
  3. Performance–most important, we evaluated how each blender blended brittle, hard and soft fruits, and how quickly they made the final product. We also looked at their noise levels.
  4. We tested several blenders to determine if they were worth the money. We evaluated whether the higher-priced models were worth it.
  5. Design–we measured the space required for blenders in the kitchen, and then compared it to how they looked.

The best blender to do it all

Vitamix Ascent A2300i, also known as the A2300 in America, can make soups, smoothies, and even grind – making it one the most versatile blenders available. The two-liter, lightweight jug has great capacity. It was easy to blend, and we loved it. Just drop the jug on its 1400W base and clip the lid. Then, hit the start button to choose from 10 speeds.

The Vitamix did a great job in our tests: it made flawless smoothies, hot soup, and crushed ice. The Vitamix even has a recipe book that will inspire you with baby food, frozen desserts and nut butter recipes. It also gives you the settings you should use for each recipe. Although there aren’t any pre-programmed settings, it’s easy to use and you might not even notice them. We love the Vitamix Ascent A2300i for making easy, fuss-free meals. It’s also a great gift for couples moving into a new place.

The finest luxury blender

Sage, also known as Breville in the USA, is well-known for making the best coffee machines. They also have a great blender. The 2400W Super Q, one of the most expensive in our guide, is a powerful two-liter 2400W Super Q. It blitzes quickly and uses noise-suppression technology. Although it is not whisper-quiet the sound it makes is less noticeable than blenders with larger motors.

An LCD display is a noteworthy feature. It allows you to see the speed you have selected, set a timer, and keep track of how long a program will run for. The Super Q was able to perform all of our blending tasks efficiently, making fiber-free smoothies and crushing ice quickly. It also blended soups that were hot, if not as hot, as the Vitamix.

This is the best blender to give as a gift

A KitchenAid mixer is a status symbol. However, if you don’t use it often, the Artisan K400 blender can be purchased. You can get it in many glossy colors and looks great. This makes it one of the most desirable wedding gifts.

This blender is not only beautiful, but it also performs well. It can make smooth smoothies and perfectly crushed ice in a matter of seconds. You can also make soups and sauces, as well as doughs and frozen desserts with the many functions and speeds offered by this blender. Although the 1200W machine’s glass jug has a smaller capacity (1.6 liters), it can still be used to make soups, sauces, doughs, and other desserts. It can be difficult to clean the heavier jug by hand. However, there is a self-cleaning dial. This blender is great for the price and looks amazing in any kitchen. Although it is a bit expensive, there are many KitchenAid deals.

The best budget blender

The NutriBullet Blender Combo offers a lot of value. The blender can blend hot liquids and is full-sized at 1.8 liters. Three cups are available for mixing and storing. A tamper to make frozen desserts, and a 1200W motor. Although it is louder than other models, it was consistent in our tests. It produced perfectly blended smoothies, smooth soups and snowy ice, which were perfect for cocktails.

You can be confident that this NutriBullet can do everything. It would be ideal to have more options for speed and programs. However, this NutriBullet is a great all-rounder that’s affordable. Price is an important factor when deciding between a NutriBullet and Vitamix.

The best blender to make smoothies

We couldn’t resist. Another NutriBullet has been added. There is no better brand when it comes personal blenders. This blender is compact, affordable, and small enough to make smoothies for one. Although there aren’t any fancy programs or bells and whistles, the magic of the blend is undeniable.

With the push-and-blend and function, even the most difficult fruits and vegetables can be reduced to smooth liquid with the sturdy blades. The lack of buttons means that you must be present throughout the entire blending process. It can also mean that it can take a while. Also, it is important to make sure that the lid is not just removed when twisting the beaker off of the base. Otherwise, you might end up with a lot of mess. You should also change your blades once a year because they can get stiff from repeated use.

This would make a great gift for an 18th birthday or Christmas present for teens who are headed off to university and need something small for whipping up cocktails.

The best soup blender

A Ninja is a great hot and cold blender that will save you space. This blender can handle hot vegetables, unlike many others. It also has a heating element that allows you to make your favorite soup recipes without worrying about it overheating or cracking. Your soup will be ready in just minutes when you add your ingredients and your liquid choice.

Some people prefer to use hand blenders to make soup, but we love the convenience of being able to cook everything from one large jug. It made the most silky soup, even though we had a high-end soup maker. This is only one of the many tricks it has. You can make smoothies and cocktails in less than a minute using a variety of programs. The Chop setting was used to chop up carrots and onions, then we used the Saute program to begin our cooking. There’s also a section for making ice cream from frozen treats. The best thing about this blender, other than the self-cleaning feature, is the ease with which it sits on the base.

It’s worth searching for Ninja blenders that are on sale throughout the year if you like them.

The most stylish blender

There are kitchen appliances with all the bells and whistles, and then there are those that make your space smart. Although the bells and whistles are fun to use, most people end up using the basic functions of the blender. This makes the fancy Smeg offering worth your time.

This retro-style blender is one of the fastest at crushing ice with its specialized function. The smoothie function made it easy to make the smooth drinks you’d expect from a Californian health bar. Although it only has four speeds, it packs a lot of power. However, the Vitamix option is more powerful. The pulse function was also useful for cutting up vegetables. The only problem is the smaller capacity of the jug than with other models. However, it’s lighter but still strong and makes it easier to use than other blenders.

This compact, beautiful package is available in many lovely colors, including black, cream, and three pastels: blue, green, and pink.

The best blender to make smoothie bowls

This one is for you if you are someone who likes to make smoothie bowls every morning in an effort to prove that smoothies are healthy. Smoothie bowls have been a popular breakfast option in the past decade. This is why the Ninja Smoothie Bowl Maker was created.

The popular model is specially designed for smoothie bowls. It also comes with a bowl attachment so you can make your own bowls. The machine also allows you to make spreads or nut butters. You can use the various programs to make smooth liquids or thick pastes.

Compact blenders are the best

The Magic Bullet blender is ideal for people who live alone or in smaller spaces. The 120V machine has a remarkable 250W power rating to blend, whip, chop, and dice. The Magic Bullet is small in size, but it comes with many accessories that you will need storage for. The package includes a tall and short cup, as well as two lip rings, two resealable lids and a to go lid. All of these accessories are dishwasher-safe.

The Magic Bullet is a great choice for protein shakes. The Magic Bullet is also great for making baby food. However, we found that it was less adept at cutting ice and freezing fruit to a fine consistency. You’ll still get a decent price for a single-use blender, especially if your drink preferences are portable.

Best blender for crushing ice

The Kenwood Blend-X Fresh, which is small enough to fit in a small kitchen corner, is a compact blender that can do everything you need, including making milkshakes and batter. Although there are no pre-set programs on this model, it has some clever tricks. It works well with the ice-crush button, which turns cubes into snow. The removable blades make it easy to wash by hand.

The jug’s height doesn’t affect its capacity. There’s still 1.5 liters of work space in the 2-liter pitcher. Its 650W motor is not as powerful as it could be. This means that you will need to spend more time cutting food into smaller pieces in order to get the product to circulate properly. It was also quite loud, even at lower speeds.