These cool accessories will make you feel cooler

These cool accessories will make you feel cooler

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You may feel hot, uncomfortable, or both, due to rising temperatures, sweaty workouts, and even hot flashes. We are yearning to be in our youth, when spray fans were more common.

Although it was fun to be a kid with tiny, battery-powered fans constantly working and getting in our hair, we knew that we were onto something. They worked! Even paper fans — can you recall how great it was to sit next to someone who was a paper fan in the hope of cooling down?

We are now searching online for portable fans, as well as other accessories and cooling gadgets. In this heat, paper fans won’t cut it.

Brands have designed a variety of discreet gadgets that can cool you down, such as cooling bracelets or refreshing sprays.

You can beat the heat by adding accessories to your outfit, in addition to lightweight cooling clothes. Here are our top picks for cooling accessories that will make you feel comfortable and cool, even on the hottest days.

Cooling Accessories

Ostrich Pillow Cold and Hot Eye Mask

Even though it’s summer, we still wear face masks to protect ourselves from Covid. Under those N95 masks, it’s hot and sticky. We’ve created a mask that does the exact opposite to stop this misery. This mask wraps around your eyes, and provides instant cooling sensation. It can be stored in the freezer so that you have instant relief when you return from work.

Cooling Bead Necklace

This necklace isn’t made of diamonds but it will make you feel icy. We had to. The beads are made of a freeze-able gel, which stays cool for around 30 minutes once you have put it on. This gives you some sweet relief from the hot weather. You can also add the matching bracelet if you want to really go all out. Who doesn’t love a set?

Kitsch Ice Roller

This device will provide a quick boost of energy and icy relief for your skin. This roller is made of a metal cylinder, which evenly cools your skin while you are using it. It can help reduce swelling, tension, headaches, and relieve tension. We won’t judge if you take it with you on very hot days. This is an excellent tool for de-stressing and can be used in stressful situations.

Chill Pal Mesh Cooling Towel

Are we the only ones who think that summer scarves are counterintuitive. This summer scarf won’t make you sweat. This delicate piece of fabric uses the power of evaporation for cooling your body. For relief from extreme heat, you can simply dampen the towel and wring it out. If you like the look and feel of a summer scarf, wrap it around your neck.

Portable Neck Fan

This headphone-looking-contraption instantly cools you down and makes you look supermodel. The device sits at your neck and blows air around your face. It gives you the perfect, untied, windswept and cool-off look that Cindy Crawford would envy.

Bladeless Handheld Fan

This is a far superior hand fan to the one you had as a child. This fan is essentially the Dyson version the old dollar store spray fans. It has a sleek, bladeless design that feels and looks high-tech. This can be carried in your purse or jacket pocket and can be used for up to three to six hours before it needs to be recharged.

Kinfield Sunday Spray

Cooling mists are refreshing on hot summer days. But what if they were good for your skin too? Kinfield’s cooling mist will not only provide some relief from the heat but also contains aloe, cucumber, and spearmint that will moisturize your skin and give you a light scented pick me up. Are you still a spray fan? You can fill it with this spray, instead of water. You’re welcome.

Neck Ice Pack

This long ice pack will give you a warm hug. The handles on the ends make it easy for you to wrap yourself in an icy hug. This is the perfect cuddle buddy for hot days. It can be worn under clothes and nobody will ever understand why you aren’t sweating.

Embr Wave 2 Bracelet

This high-tech bracelet uses biofeedback from your body to keep you cool and collected. The bracelet can be pressed to deliver cooling sensations to your wrist when you feel hot. It can also provide warmth when you feel cold. This will keep your teeth from churning in cold restaurants or offices. It would be great if there were a button that could deliver every emotion.

Mission Enduracool Bracelets

These bracelets could be your Wonder Woman accessory, protecting you from all the heat that nature can throw at you. Although they may not look as stylish as Wonder Woman’s bracelets, it is possible to be Amazonian super heroes. These superpowers can be activated by getting them wet. You can then wring them out and feel how cool they feel against your pulse points.