These 12 Leather Sneakers will Upgrade Your Wardrobe

These 12 Leather Sneakers will Upgrade Your Wardrobe

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brown Nike sneaker on yellow textile

No matter what your sport interests, sneakers are an essential part of every day life. There’s a sneaker that’s right for you, whether you’re a sneakerhead with a lot of kicks or a casual wearer who loves a good pair of sneakers. Sneakers are a big part of the fashion industry. They are predicted to reach $102 billion by 2025.

When you are looking for a leather sneaker, it can be overwhelming to see all the options. We consulted Marissa Pelly, a stylist, to help us find the right leather sneaker. Pelly has collaborated with stars like Nicky Hilton, Bailey Bryan, and her work is featured in magazines such as Hypebeast and Cake Magazine. She is an expert in streetwear styling and has some of the most creative takes on Instagram. Pelly understands the challenges of selling sneakers.

Sneakers have never been more in-demand, and there is a lot of excess. Fine-tuning purchases is crucial. Thinking like an editor can elevate your closet and improve the environment.

There is so much choice, Pelly shares her tips for sneaker shopping. Pelly says, “Definitely, comfort is the most important thing. Sneakers are likely to get worn all day.” Consider a slim silhouette that can be dressed up and down, in a color that you like. And remember that kicks are versatile.

She says that she loves sneakers and tailoring throughout the year. “A relaxed fit suit with a pair of sneakers is my go to look when working with clients. In winter, I almost always wear a warm sweatshirt set that highlights the colors in my sneakers. Sneakers can be used to enhance any look by adding color to a palette.”

Keep an eye out for stylistic advice and read our selections of the best leather sneakers to suit your style and practicality.

Nike Air Force 1 ’07 Basketball Shoe is the Best Overall

No surprise that a Nike sneaker is included on this list. Because of its $100 price tag, the Air Force ’07 was a great choice. It’s also a classic style. This sneaker is everywhere, unless you have been living under a rock. This sneaker is universal, regardless of your style. This Nike sneaker is available in both men’s sizes and women’s sizes. It also comes in an almost endless number of colors and patterns. The best thing about this Nike sneaker is its slim silhouette and versatile styling.

Most versatile: adidas Originals Stan Smith Sneaker

This list’s most versatile sneaker should not surprise anyone. The Adidas Stan Smith sneaker was a key design that triggered the sneaker revolution of 2010.2 These sneakers were a bold statement in sportswear and still look great with any style. These sneakers aren’t made of real leather but they have an environmental benefit as they’re made from 50% recycled materials. For a lower price, you can have the leather look at a better price.

Best Budget: Superga 2750 Naplngcotu Sneaker

The brand that was once known as the Italian vacation shoe that you could buy in Rome for 40 euro has now been transformed into a modern shoe brand. Superga is my favorite brand for everyday, understated sneakers that I can wear with any outfit at any time of year. These shoes are comfortable, even after a long day of walking around the city. The leather uppers can be cleaned easily if they get scuffed.

Best Designer: Alexander McQueen Oversize Sneakers

It is no secret that Alexander McQueen, the designer, and fashion house are both fashion pioneers. The brand has also contributed to the development of sneaker trends. The London-based fashion brand Oversize Sneakers has been a leader in platform sneakers in recent years. These luxurious, goatskin and calfskin-adorned sneakers are available in a range of accent colors at your heel.

Best High-Tops: Veja V-15 CWL Sneakers

Veja is gradually taking over the classic sneaker market in Paris and New York City. The V-15 Suede-Trimmed Perforated leather high top sneakers are a great choice. These sneakers have a rubber sole that measures one-inch and come in a mixture of white leather and light-taupe caf suede. They are the perfect way to make a fashion statement when you’re out and about.

Best Everyday: Soludos Ibiza Leather Sneaker

Soludos is a new name in sneakers. In recent years, Anna Wintour, Vogue editor in chief, has expressed her admiration for the brand’s footwear. The Ibiza sneaker is now a staple shoe. You can find the Ibiza sneaker in black, white, wine, blue, platinum and bisque sizes 5-11. The brand suggests going half-size larger.

Best Slip-Ons: Bottega Veneta Quilt Slip-On Sneakers

Although they aren’t the most common, these quilted sneakers make a great addition to this list. These sneakers are made of 100% lambskin in Bottega Veneta’s natural colors and feature a slip-on design for easy fitting. This is a chance to stand out from the white leather sneaker you see everywhere.

Heron Preston Vulcanized Sneakers Low Top are Best for Work

These sneakers are versatile and a great choice if you’re in search of a pair that is high quality but affordable. These sneakers are perfect for any season, and can be worn with almost any outfit, no matter if you’re running errands or commuting to work.

Roger Viver Viv skate crystal-embellished leather sneakers

Roger Vivier, a luxury shoe brand that specializes in Italian leather sneakers, is the perfect choice for those who want to spend a lot. These Viv Skate sneakers are adorned with crystals. These sneakers will make you stand out, as well as the jewelry that will be on your feet. These kicks are made of Italian white leather and have a chunky, high-heeled heel for added height. They’re a great addition any fashionista’s wardrobe that reflects a little bit of sportiness.

Favorite Celeb: Golden Goose Super Star Low Top Sneaker

Golden Goose is a great option for fun sneakers that combine fashion and comfort. These are one of the most versatile sneakers available, despite the fact that they come at a higher price than others on this list. These shoes, inspired by skater culture and celebrity sneakerheads, are a hit with celebrities and sneakerheads alike. They have a worn-in leather exterior and pre-scuffed. The sneaker is suitable for everyday wear with a terry cloth lining.

The House of LR&C Icon Sneaker in Nappa is the best casual shoe

A relatively new brand is the best place to find casual sneakers. The House of LR&C was founded by Ciara, a music star, and Russell Wilson, her NFL player husband. They offer a wide range of footwear and ready-to wear options. These sneakers were handcrafted in Italy and feature a 100% lambskin leather upper and full leather lining. They also have a light sole. They are also shipped in environmentally friendly packaging.

Birkenstock Bend low leather sneakers are best for walking

Birkenstock is not a brand you would think of for shoes, but they also make comfortable sneakers. Bend Low also features the same shock-absorbing cork-latex technology as their sandals. The shoes are breathable and can be worn for hours, making them ideal for tourist trips or other unexpected adventures.

What to Look for in Leather Sneakers

  • Versatility

Look for sneakers made of leather that match your existing wardrobe. The most popular style trend of 2010 was leather sneakers. Almost every brand makes its own version in a variety of colors and versions. When shopping for the perfect pair of leather sneakers, remember to consider comfort and what you already have.

  • Maintenance

You should also think about how you treat shoes. You might consider calf hair or suede sneakers if you are comfortable caring for your sneakers. If you want to just slip on your shoes and go, regardless of the weather or season, a leather with waterproofing technology might be the best option. Vegan leather is also available for those who want the leather look, but with the same values.

How can you clean leather sneakers

It’s easy to care for leather sneakers once you have found the perfect pair. A Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is one of the best ways to clean your sneakers. Use the eraser to remove dirt and other debris. Leather can be damaged by moisture. Leather is waterproof up to a certain extent. After cleaning your shoes, dry them thoroughly.

You can make your own homemade scrub paste if you prefer a natural way to clean your shoes and remove stubborn stains. Mix equal parts baking soda, water, and a soft brush to remove dirt and set-in stains. Once your shoes are dry, you can put them back on.

Are leather sneakers able to stretch?

Leather sneakers can stretch, but don’t be alarmed. They won’t shrink to the point that you have to change your shoe size. You don’t have to worry if the sneakers feel tight right out of the box. After a few uses, your sneakers should feel comfortable and snug to your feet. It’s also possible to take your leather sneakers to a professional leather goods repair shop.