Spring/Summer Capsule for Men

Spring/Summer Capsule for Men

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We don’t recommend just following fashion trends. We are proud to do the opposite. If you want to add a little bit of flair to your wardrobe or spice up your regular staples, it’s worth looking at what’s happening in the confusing world of clothing.

This isn’t a list with flashy, disposable trends. Instead, we have decided to concentrate on future classics that are currently in high demand. These are the trends we would wear – they can be easily incorporated into your current rotation and will stay stylish for many years.

These are the most fashionable men’s fashion trends for this year, ranging from the return to military style to the continuing relaxation of silhouettes.

Key Spring/Summer Trends

Polo Shirts with Button-Through Design

For summer, polo shirts are a great choice. Polos can be worn with anything, from the tennis-inspired, classic pique style to the modern, open-collared polos.

Buttons-through polos are the rage this season. Button-through polos look a little more formal thanks to the placket that resembles a traditional shirt. They are great for dressing up your weekend wear or adding a touch Riviera flair to your suit.

Varsity Jackets

For over a century, Varsity jackets were fashionable. They are short in the body, with ribbed edges and cuffs. This jacket is part of a preppy style. Think jeans, penny loafers and crisp white tees.

They are a great way to add colour to your summer wardrobe, as they were designed originally to display the insignia of American baseball and American football teams. They are being sold by a variety of brands, including Dior and Louis Vuitton, but vintage shops have some of the most desirable varsity jackets.

Utility vests

Workwear has been around for a while and is not likely to go away anytime soon. Flannel shirts and heavy-duty combat pants work best in the winter and fall.

How can you keep your summer workwear on point? Utility vests are the answer. This kind of vest has multiple pockets and zip closure. It is usually reserved for hikers, fishermen, or smugglers from faraway lands. It’s great for adding a touch of style to your summer rig.

Oversized Cardigans

Cardigans have always been a negative stereotype due to their stuffy connotations as well as the fact that they are the preferred knitwear for your grandmother. Designers have reimagined the cardigan for spring/summer, with an oversized silhouette that any 90s grunge kid would love.

The cardigan can be worn with a shorter length and dropped shoulders. It is perfect for warm spring evenings.

Slouchy Suit

Oversized has been a major fashion trend in the past few years. The rejection of the slim, skinny fit that has dominated menswear for many years is almost complete. Tailoring is no exception.

The slouchy suits are longer than the average suit and have dropped shoulders, a relaxed waist, and an unstructured fit. You can wear it differently. It looks great with light knitwear, tees, and sneakers, more than smarter shirts or shoes. If you’re looking to elevate the style stakes, it’s perfect for wearing to a dinner date, team drink, or fancy dinner.

Wide-legged Shorts

Short shorts are a favorite choice of many. Fendi, Zegna, and a host of other high-fashion tastemakers are not for you. If their shows are any indication, they were not impressed. We will see the return of longer and wider shorts this season, echoing a larger shift in menswear that has been ongoing for some time.

It is important to get it just right. You should aim for the top of your kneecap to be at least 2 inches. Choose tailored styles that can be worn with casual or more formal pieces.

Black tailoring

It is not easy to wear all-black clothing and it often looks inappropriate at funerals. You can do it well, as Paul Smith and Dunhill demonstrated in their spring/summer shows.

It’s best to wear it as casually as possible. For a look that is as much a James Bond villain as Sicilian mobster, pair it with black knitted polos.

Technische Sandals

Technical sandals aren’t likely to disappear anytime soon, in line with the popularity of hiking clothes and the rise in gorpcore fashion trends. These sandals are a more practical alternative to leather sandals. They often have rubber soles and waterproof nylon straps that sit around your feet for a snug fit.

They’re great for long walks, going to the beach, or just relaxing at home.

Tonal layering

Summer is a time to be bolder, but the top designers around the globe are all about neutral and tonal styling. Pick a color and stay with it.

It’s easy to dress up in the morning by using cool greys, warm stones, or deep blue. Then, create your look around them.

Tablecloth Shirts

The tablecloth shirt is a relatively new trend that we love and can’t get enough. These elegant, patterned shirts, which are made from or inspired by vintage tablecloths and other materials, are what we want to wear this season. The tablecloth shirt, which is usually white with a colourful, intricately hand-stitched pattern, makes a statement.

Pair it with slip-on sneakers and mid-washed jeans, and you’re ready for the next trend.

Washed Denim

Raw or dark denim are a staple of menswear, but it becomes less practical when the temperature rises. This season, there’s a solution. It is lighter in color, casual and can be worn with just about anything. In the spring/summer menswear collections, mid-wash denim was all over and it seems like it might be here to stay.