Some Ideas To Make Relationship With a Toxic Girlfriend Better

Some Ideas To Make Relationship With a Toxic Girlfriend Better

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Are you dealing with a toxic girlfriend? We can’t help but know what to say. It’s likely that you feel like a walking disaster. We get you. We want you to have a smooth love relationship. However, we also want to make sure you are well-informed about toxic people. We are not suggesting that you give up on your love life and abandon all hope. We are here to help you navigate a relationship with maturity and compassion from both parties. Before we dive into the details, let’s first understand its inherent meaning.

What is the definition of a toxic girlfriend?

Unknowingly your girlfriend could project a negative aura around you. You may find yourself dealing with her negative personality on a daily basis. This girlfriend is a master at everything, from finding the most ridiculous reasons to pick a fight to showing narcissistic traits, to doing it all.

Now that we know the basics of what it is, we can move on to understanding their various traits and answering your question “Is my girlfriend toxic?” Let’s look for them and see if we can identify them.

Here are 10 Signs That Your Girlfriend Is Toxic and How It Can Harm A Relationship
  1. Fake Apologies – If at All Given: This girlfriend will not apologize for her actions. In the rare event that she does apologize, however, she will not mean it. She will only make you feel sorry to escape the fight and let the world know that she is sorry.
  2. Victim-card – Oh my, the victim card. This one is the best, but let’s not forget about the others. This girlfriend has all the poisonous traits and she plays the victim to hide them all. To make sure that no one questions her wrongdoings she uses her tactics to pretend she is the only one hurting. You feel terrible, she makes endless mistakes, and then raises the victim card. And so it goes!
  3. All Take and No Give: This girlfriend can make it seem like the relationship is one-way. She will happily accept gifts, attention, and time from you. But she won’t reciprocate or give if she doesn’t have to. While she will always want your attention and time, when it comes to giving it to you, it’s clear that she won’t.
  4. Dishonesty and lack of transparency: A toxic girlfriend is one who is not always honest with you. She excels at lying, deceiving, and betraying. She will be sure to get every detail about you, but she will never reveal anything about her own.
  5. Defense Mode – Her prized possession: This girlfriend will never admit to her mistakes. So that she can cover up her mistakes if she is caught lying to you or keeping a detailed excuse story, she will always have one ready.
  6. Highly manipulative: A girlfriend who is full of toxicity already knows how to manipulate people. It’s no surprise that she will use her manipulative skills to manipulate you. If she makes a mistake, or is caught lying to you, she will not only apologize but also send you on a guilt-trip for questioning her. It’s terrible. Yes.
  7. Keeps you on the leash: Your girlfriend takes great pleasure in controlling your entire life. You might hear them use a more sweet tone or a harsher voice to track your movements. As you will find yourself constantly trying to keep your distance, you might end up juggling between calling her to tell her why you are late and finding a taxi at midnight. You’ll forget what life was like outside of a relationship, because you won’t have any.
  8. She lacks compassion: She doesn’t care about anyone. If you’re in distress and expecting sympathy, don’t expect it. No matter how many times you try to express your pain, she won’t listen.
  9. The Blame Game: She will twist and turn difficult situations, and place the blame on you when things go wrong. She’ll make even small mistakes look like big ones and make you feel terrible for almost nothing. She loves to blame others like crazy.
  10. Resolved Issues are a Way to Win Arguments. A girlfriend like this one tends not to forget about your mistakes. In every argument, the mistakes that were made earlier will be remembered. This is usually when she’s on losing side in a fight. This is her way of using you as a weapon.
How to deal with a toxic girlfriend

If your relationship is causing you extreme pain due to your girlfriend who is toxic, it is not healthy. In this instance, you need to figure out how to remove all negative aspects from the relationship. Let’s take a look at these methods:

  • You can meditate to calm yourself: Your girlfriend’s behavior is bound to frustrate you. You will lose your sense of calm. In the race to get your rightful respect back you may also end up saying things you didn’t intend, which could lead to a breakdown in your relationship. Meditation is a good idea. Focus on your hobbies. Perhaps you can go on vacation to clear your mind. If you’re struggling to communicate with your girlfriend, this can help. Talk to your girlfriend at the right place and time once you feel better.
  • Get professional help: It is possible to knock at the door of couple counseling sessions and learn how you can salvage your situation. Relationship experts can help you find a solution to all your conflicts. In these integrated sessions, you will gain essential insight into the issues and how to fix them.
  • Acceptance: You will find many people who are tied to a toxic partner. Most people find it difficult to accept the fact that they are in a complex relationship, even though they know what their situation is. This is where things can go wrong. After you recognize that your relationship is toxic, you can begin to put aside all of your hurt feelings and start working towards fixing it. When you realize that you are in an uncomfortable relationship, tell yourself so. The toxicity in the air can also cloud your judgment and vision, making it harder to spot the red flag. Take a moment to examine the relationship. When you know, you’ll be able to tell. For. Yes. You shouldn’t hesitate to accept this.
  • Tell them the Truth Instantly: You can’t just sit back and suffer. The love that is the foundation of a relationship is supposed to bring you happiness. You can’t stay in a relationship without experiencing some setbacks. But, you won’t be able to enjoy joy. You deserve happiness. Let them know what you think of them before it is too late. Let them know how you feel when they hurt. Sometimes they may not realize that you are hurting by their actions towards you. Keep the relationship open and let them know that they are hurting.
How to Stop Being a Toxic Girlfriend

You are one of the toxic girls, or a toxic ex-girlfriend, and you landed here to learn how you can stop being one. It takes courage to admit one’s faults and make corrections when needed. We are here to help you if you have let go of all your negative pride. To achieve your goals, you should read and adhere to the following points:

  • Offer space: Your sweetheart needs some space. Offer it to them. Let them do what they want. This will help you both to remember all the great times you shared, which will ultimately bring you closer as a couple.
  • Attain Calmness: You are in a healing phase. You have also suffered tremendous damage from toxic substances. Meditation is a great way to find that calm. Find your calm, meditate, and you will find it. You will see the light in the dark and be able to thrive in your relationship.
  • Identify Your Mistakes. Although it may seem like apologizing should always be the first step in a relationship, doing so without knowing your past actions will not help. To avoid repeating the same mistakes, you must first identify what you did wrong. You will need to relax, then sit down and begin to identify all the ways you hurt your loved one. You can then plan for the future once you have done this.
  • Apologize: It doesn’t matter how old the fault was. However, it’s not too late to apologize now. This will help your boyfriend realize what you mean, and make it clear that you are ready to end the bad parts of the relationship so they can move on with a positive outlook. You should also apologize for any mistakes you make.

It is important to remember that you were together for a reason. The reason is “Love.” This love will help you both heal slowly and bring back all your affections. Get up and start it. Get started as soon as possible!