Here’s everything you need to know about Dermaplaning

Here’s everything you need to know about Dermaplaning

22.06.2022 Off By manager_1

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Skin is everything when growing up. My mom used to complain about how she was not taught how to care for her skin. Instead of using sunscreen, she would apply baby oil to her skin and then roast in the sun. She wanted to pass the daily skincare habit to me. I was blessed that I didn’t have any severe skin issues.

As a teenager, I became interested in the industry and spent a year in Seoul. There aren’t many treatments I won’t attempt at least once when it comes to skin care. I will peel, exfoliate and apply serums and sheets masks to achieve that glowing, young, radiant skin everyone is talking about. We skincare enthusiasts are fortunate that spa procedures are becoming easier to do at home. I was intrigued by dermaplaning, which is a new and exciting technique.

What is dermaplaning?

Being a regular TikTok scroller, it was common for me to see people dermaplaning on the internet. However, I was too scared to try it. It was said to make hair thicker, longer, and it could cause scarring. Slowly, however, my curiosity grew as more and more friends tried it. They bought the tool from their local drugstore. It seemed simple enough. Gently dragging a razor or scalpel across your skin to remove the peach fuzz. If I didn’t try it myself, could I be called a beauty lover? It’s not possible. I had recently simplified my skincare routine, and I was missing the excitement of trying new products. This was the perfect time to experiment with a non-chemical treatment, which wouldn’t affect my other skincare routines.

How do you do it?

The Schick Hydro Silk Dermaplaning Wand was my choice. It is a slim, straight, unintimidating razor that has a very smooth edge. I followed the instructions in the box and the many YouTube videos that I had watched to prepare. I was careful to clean my skin and held it taut at 45 degrees. Then I began by rubbing my temples and moved inward towards my nose. The most satisfying experience I have had in years was watching the peach fuzz, which I didn’t know I had, disappear from my face.

I kept going with the same technique on both my cheeks, under my nose, and down my forehead. Be careful not to touch delicate eyebrows. It was so easy, quick, and comfortable that I was surprised by how smooth, soft, and smooth my skin was. Even my areas with very little hair benefited from gentle exfoliation.

After I had cleaned my face, I rinsed it with water. Then, I applied moisturizer and my usual nightly facial oil. The texture of my skin had dramatically improved just by cleaning it. I was able to see a completely different face when I looked in the mirror. It looked cleaner, brighter and more smooth. I can assure you that your soft, new skin will be irresistible.

What were my results?

Dermaplaning is a routine I have been doing since day one. It helps to keep dead skin cells off my face. I no longer feel the need to use a chemical exfoliant, other than oil, moisturizer, and cleanser. This is the only exception to my need for a chemical exfoliant if I have an eczema flare up or an acne breakout. It’s also not recommended for people with rosacea. The best part is that my normal hair growth has not changed. This tool cuts hair at the skin level. It doesn’t alter the number of hair follicles and the speed they grow back.

What is really amazing about this whole story is the impact dermaplaning has had on other aspects of my routine. My skincare products absorb faster and my makeup applies smoother when I wear it. I actually use less of it. Multiple people have commented on my glow from Zoom calls. This is a great addition to any healthy skin care regimen. You’ll want to start glowing now that summer is upon us. But remember: Don’t forget your sunscreen.