This is What it’s Like to Have Lip Injections

This is What it’s Like to Have Lip Injections

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Although some might attribute our fascination with injections to Kylie Jenner, in reality, we have been moving in this direction for a while. We’d say our collective obsession with “no makeup makeup” was a key factor in our collective desire to #wokeuplikethis. Even though we all know that we did get some help from outside sources. You wouldn’t know the difference.

The industry has complied. Women (and men) are looking for tiny enhancements that average people wouldn’t notice. It is not the goal to stop the clock (and, in turn, your face), but to slow it down, to refresh and enhance your features, rather than replacing them completely. This is how you will know if you have done a good job. We spoke to Nicci Levy (the founder of Los Angeles’ injectable destination Alchemy43), Jenna Piccolo (a physician’s assistant at Alchemy43), and Corey L. Hartman (an Alabama-based dermatologist and founder Skin Wellness Dermatology).

What are Lip Fillers?

Hartman explains that lip fillers involve injecting a filler material in one or both of the lips with a needle and cannula. The most popular fillers for lips are hyaluronic, collagen, and lip fat. However, most lip fillers today are made from hyaluronic or similar ingredients to hyaluronic acids.

Hartman also noted that people are choosing a classic, understated lip that aims at restoring and hydrating rather than enlarging and augmenting. He says that Hyaluronic acid is the best choice for this look. Dermatologists also love it, as “it is well-tolerated by patients.”

Hyaluronic acid can give you a natural fill, while Radiesse and other collagen-boosting fillers can give you a more voluminous fill. Hartman says both are not invasive and can be used in conjunction with filler procedures.

Lip Fillers: Benefits

Lip fillers offer many benefits, not only for their aesthetics.

  • Provides natural-looking volume
  • Evens out lip shape
  • Fullness and plumpness
  • As you age, it helps to restore your lips’ natural shape
How to prepare for lip fillers

Hartman suggests thoroughly researching your dermatologist before you consider lip filler. He also recommends that they have extensive experience with lip filler and are able to handle any complications. Do you want to improve the shape of your cupid’s bow or fix an uneven top lip? Do you want to achieve a soft volume or subtle hydration? There are many options to improve your pout, from the type of filler to where it is injected.

Your practitioner and you can also choose the right filler to achieve the desired results. Juvederm is a hyaluronic-based product and one of the most sought-after. It comes in different thicknesses. Restylane Silk, which has a smaller particle size, has seen a rise in popularity since it was approved by the FDA. This allows for subtler effects.

What to Expect during the Procedure?

The injectable will usually contain lidocaine, which acts as a local anesthetic. It will take some time for the lidocaine to kick in because it is being injected with the filler. The first few injections can be the most painful. There will be some pinching and pain in your skin. The numbing agent helps to offset this.

Possible side effects

Let’s get to the bottom of the matter: the pain level. Hartman states that despite the application of a topical numbing lotion in advance and the use of ice packs during treatment, there is no way to hide the fact that the procedure involves needles and cannulas. Hartman notes that the lips are vascularized and full of nerves so it is difficult to make it pain-free. The swelling can vary depending on the filler used and patient, but can last anywhere from one to five working days. Blumps are also common and can often be treated with arnica or bromelain as well as vitamin K and ice.

It can take up two weeks for swelling to disappear depending on the treatment. However, most of it will fade within 24 to 48 hours. Piccolo and Levy advise clients to apply ice immediately following treatment. Arnica gel and pellets can also be used to prevent bruising. You should avoid exercising for 24 hours after treatment as it can cause blood vessels to clot and worsen black and blue marks. For the same reason, you should avoid alcohol, blood thinners, and ibuprofen.

The Cost

Prices vary depending on where you live and what injector you use. They cost between $500 and $1000. However, in areas such as Los Angeles or New York City that are more expensive, the price can be higher.


The real question is: How long can lip injections last? Piccolo says that first-time clients are more likely to notice their results disappear quickly. For lip injections, this could be anywhere from four to six months. It also depends on which type of filler you use, as some are more “fine” than others. They give a more natural look but dissolve faster. Piccolo points out that many people who start with finer fillers such as Restylane Silk end up switching to more powerful fillers, like Juvederm.

Piccolo states that you can extend the time between filler appointments if you want to maintain your fillers. Experts believe this is because of a natural buildup of collagen with each injection. Doctor says that most lip injection clients need to be refreshed every 12 months or less after their first few treatments.

You can request to have temporary hyaluronic acids fillers such as Juvederm or Restylane removed if you are unhappy with the results. Your practitioner will simply inject an enzyme which dissolves the filler. It’s important to wait for swelling to subside before making a decision. You’ll likely notice more volume in the days following treatment. You should wait at least 48 hours before you make a decision. Also, remember that dissolving filler can cause serious medical problems (just as with injecting). Before you receive injections, talk to your doctor about the dissolving process.

Cosmetic procedures such as lip fillers can improve your appearance if they are done properly. They can improve your lips shape, give you more volume, definition and fullness, and look natural. They are minimally invasive but will require regular maintenance to maintain their appearance.