This simple heatwave trick will keep you cool, and it’s free!

This simple heatwave trick will keep you cool, and it’s free!

17.08.2022 Off By manager_1

There are many heatwave tips that will help you stay cool in the summer. This simple trick is the most effective and cost-effective. The UK is experiencing a heatwave right now. Many people are trying to figure out how to stay cool in hot weather and how to cool down without air conditioning.

It’s a smart idea to buy a fan or a paddling pool. However, there are other ways to stay cool in the heat. Experts recommend that you turn off all electrics to cool down your home.

The UK Government recommends that people turn off electrical equipment and lights that aren’t being used during heatwaves. What is the purpose of this recommendation?

Even though your electrics are not in use, they generate heat when they are plugged in. Even though it is only a small amount, this can make a big difference in a home that is already hot. A laptop charger or large appliance that generates more heat is not something you want in this scorching hot weather.

This is a great tip as it can save you money.

If you’re on a tight budget, there are many other recommendations that can help keep your home cool. The curtains and blinds should be drawn to reduce sunlight entering your home. This will help keep it cool.

Open windows can help to create airflow in your home and help keep it cool. A lukewarm, not hot, shower can help you save money on heating and keep you cool for longer.