New Skin Care Ingredient Found! It is 6000x More Powerful than Vitamin C

New Skin Care Ingredient Found! It is 6000x More Powerful than Vitamin C

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Vitamin C is the most popular ingredient in skin care. But there’s another new ingredient that has been shown to be 6,000 times stronger than this legendary ingredient. It’s called astaxanthin (pronounced as-tax-anthin).

Dr. Howard Sobel is a board-certified dermatologist who founded Sobel Skin RX, says “Astaxanthin is an antioxidant that is not well-known, but has many skin benefits. It can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve skin’s health.” We spoke with other top skin care professionals in the industry about the benefits of astaxanthin.

Astaxanthin: What is it?

Dr. Sobel explains that astaxanthin is a carotenoid found in wild-caught fish, shrimp, lobster, algae and other marine life. “Carotenoids deliver antioxidant protection while helping to reduce age-related degenerative diseases and skin conditions.” They’re also responsible for giving plants, algae, and fish their bright red, orange, or yellow color, which means your astaxanthin-containing products will likely have this hue, too. It is 500 times stronger than vitamin E and has a higher effectiveness than vitamin C. This antioxidant deserves to be a superstar.

Astaxanthin’s Benefits

Astaxanthin is a great choice for skin care due to its ability to prevent oxidative stress. This can be caused by environmental-induced free radicals. Our skin is continually exposed to free radicals like the sun, smoke and toxins. These can accelerate aging and cause oxidative stress, which can lead to discoloration, dullness and fine lines.

Astaxanthin is more potent than vitamin C and can be used to prevent oxidation. Joshua Ross, celebrity skin care expert and SkinLab founder says that oxidation is similar to the way fruit oxidizes and turns brown when it’s left out faster than if it’s kept in a fridge. Skin damage can also occur if it is not protected from the elements.

This ability to eliminate free radical damage also has anti-aging properties. Astaxanthin, according to Dr. Ava Shamban (board-certified dermatologist and founder at Ava MD Dermatology), improves the appearance and prevents the formation of new wrinkles. She explains that astaxanthin protects skin against UV damage and oxidation, so it protects skin from external factors that can cause its degrading.

Astaxanthin also has anti-inflammatory properties, which are beneficial for people with skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Ross says inflammation can cause skin to lose its collagen protection and barrier. This can lead to skin elasticity loss. The ingredient can be used to combat elasticity problems as well as improve skin health and function. Dr. Sobel says that astaxanthin inhibits COX-2 enzymes, which is one cause of inflammation. This can help to minimize inflammation, redness and inflammaging as well as other skin conditions like rosacea.

Astaxanthin: How to Use It

Astaxanthin can be obtained from food sources such as fish, shrimp, and crab, as well as topically applied with skin care products. According to several studies, you’ll see the best results if you use both oral and topical supplements daily. Dr. Shamban says that astaxanthin can be beneficial for all skin types, particularly those who have suffered from sunburns. Ross also recommends it for fair skinned people, as the ingredient provides ample antioxidant protection.

Ross warns that astaxanthin supplements can cause bleeding disorders, diabetes and other autoimmune conditions.

Astaxanthin can be found in many skin care products, including moisturizers and serums. It can be used in conjunction with most other ingredients. Dr. Sobel states that it works particularly well with products containing vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acid. It is always best to do a patch test if you have sensitive skin to rule out irritation.

We found 4 great product containing astaxanthin which you can easily find in the store.

  • Derma E Anti-Aging Regenerative Night Cream

You’re looking for a night cream that works while you sleep? Derma E’s night cream promises to plump and moisturize your skin with astaxanthin and vitamins A and E.

  • SKYN ICELAND Icelandic Youth Serum

This tomato-red serum is powered by astaxanthin. It brightens the skin, stimulates collagen and corrects sun damage. Use it morning and evening to combat stressed skin.

  • DHC Astaxanthin Collagen All-in-One Gel

This brightening gel is exactly what the doctor ordered. Astaxanthin, vitamin E and a hyaluronic derivative (sodium hyperialuronate), work together to protect the skin from free radical damage. You will notice a smoother, more hydrated skin.

  • Glo Skin Beauty Pumpkin Enzyme Scrub

You want both a chemical and a physical exfoliation. Glo Skin Beauty’s scrub is a good choice. It combines jojoba esters with pumpkin enzymes and astaxanthin to tighten the skin and increase cell regeneration.